Freud stole all of his ideas from other psycho-analysts. His first book that made him famous was stolen from Jung who he stole his second book from as well.

After that Freud began stealing various younger psychoanalysts works and also murdering them. Freud was literally a pyscho serial killer who liked being famous. He was an extreme narcisisist who had no moral boundaries so killing people who he had stolen their works from only made sense to him.

Freud had a massive sense of entitlement born from his position in the illuminati. His family were all illuminati Jews who had made money by killing people and stealing from them. Freud was the same thing but on an intellectual level. He would steal ideas he thought were cool, pass them off as his own and murder the people who came up with the ideas.

Freud was well respected of course being the founder of pyschoanalysm so younger analysts would come to him to show him their works before publishing them hoping to get his insights into their work. Freud made much of helping Jung out to everyone in the profession even though he only allowed Jung to publish because he had already stolen from Jung so much and he couldn't kill Jung because Jung was also a member of the illuminati 13 families like Freud.

Jung was the only other figure who was ever protected to any extant against Freud's murderous and thieving ways. Jung was protected because he was also high up in the illuminati like Freud. Jung was gay (bisexual really) which made him exploitable which is how Freud was able to steal Jung's first two books from him. Freud had pictures of Jung having gay sex, he used that to blackmail Jung into submission. The entirety of Jung's life, Freud would attempt to use those pictures over Jung as leverage to keep him quiet and in line.

Freud was also an illuminati Hoax who was created to be the leader of a new way of thinking that would escape conventional morality and allow the illuminati to create a culture without morals - a post religious society full of psycho-analysts providing confession services to their patients. The illuminati intended this new pyscho-analysm to replace religion in Nazi Germany, italy, etc. Freud himself was of middling intelligence, he was told by other people what to steal for his books, Freud's onlyl real contribution to the scheme was to murder the people who developed the theories in a quest to become some sort of Jack the Ripper of Ideas.

This was just after Jack the Ripper had become famous in London. Jack the Ripper was a doctor who was a serial killer. Freud was aping Jack. Freud wanted to have a certain underground fear in Vienna related to him. Jack was feared in the London underground and known to walk the streets. Freud wanted to be feared in the intellectual coffee salons. He wanted to have a reputation as an untouchable killer which is essentially what Jack the Ripper was.

The reason Jack the Ripper got away with murdering was because he was a doctor and high up in the illuminati. He didn't escape prosecution because he was so successful at eluding the coppers; he escaped prosecution because the police wouldn't touch him because of his position in the illuminati. Unlike the typical thug on the street, Jack the ripper was a DOCTOR. The police understood that you don't arrest DOCTORS even if they slash up women and gay men on the streets of London. Freud wanted to be Jack but rather than being a DOCTOR he wanted to be a famous INTELLECTUAL a doctor of IDEAS - a grand theoriest, a PSYCHO-ANALYST. He wanted to be Jack the Ripper of Ideas.

The illuminati had been grooming Freud for this role his whole life - Freud's innovation was to graft the Jack the Ripper part onto it in his narcististic quest for fame. The illuminati's plan with psychoanalyism was to create a replacement for Christianity and Catholicism. By the early 1900s religion was on thin ice in many circles. Modernism had ended Christian dominance of ideas. Science had disproven basic elements of the Bible, evolution seemed sensible and provided an explanation for creation that didn't need God. Nietzche had announced to everyone that God was dead. No one took the Bible literally anymore it was "mere mythology." The Nazis wanted a new belief system to replace their Christian/Jewish/Catholic belief system. Psycho-analysim was their post-religious alternative.

Freud was chosen to be the "grandfather" of this movement in the same way that Wittgenstein was chosen to be the new Nazi philosophy and Hitler was chosen to be Hitler. All of them were inbred idiots who possessed some talents but were not functional really as humans. They were not the geniuses they were made into but merely people of middling talent and abilities. The entire illuminati was behind their fabrication and they were sold to the masses like products with advertising campaigns and public relations efforts by the illuminati news apparatus and control of intellectual thought. By the end of the 1st world war the illuminati literally owned Reuters and thus owned almost all the stories that could be published world wide. In a time when people were much more gullible towards the media and mass advertising, the illuminati were able to make these hoaxes like Freud seem to everyone like massive geniuses that should be revered for 1000 years as Hitler used to say. Really they were just inbred illuminati Jews who didn't have dicks, were pretty dumb overall though neurotic and had no morals. They were further raised to be told that they were GODS and they were going to rule all of humanity. Their egos were inflated by the illuminati's coddling of them leading to trouble dealing with real people and the real world. They were all losers.

Freud got away with it all the most because he controlled Jung and Jung gave him a lot of smart material. Freud was so stupid he had a speech impediment which made him embarassed to speak publicly. He rarely gave lectures because his speech was so slurred. Freud struggled to speak himself so he wanted to take the speech of others - that was his core neurosis.

Freud was a champion of NAZI ideas throughout his career. In 1939 Freud published his book on Moses -- Moses and Monotheism -- in which Freud argued that the Jews had murdered Moses in the desert and that's how he died. Further Freud claimed that Moses despised the Jewish people even though he was attempting to liberate them - in some weird psycho-analyst pretzel of inverted reasoning, Freud claims that Moses hated the Jews and that's why the Jews killed him in the desert.

While it is literally true the Jews killed Moses in the desert, Moses did not despise the Jews, he loved them. Moses was a king sent by God to help the Jews and liberate them from the Egyptians. The worst of the Jews turned on him because he wasn't 100% Jewish and murdered him. They were all lost and worried about dying and some kabbalah witches said if they sacrified Moses to God they'd be able to escape the desert, so the worst of the Jews turned on him and killed him. Freud's book is a partially true story the illuminati Jews had been sitting on a long time because it is very destructive to Judiasm as Hans Blumenerg pointed out in his work Moses the Egyptian (found in Rigorism of Truth). It essentially makes the Jews the murderer of their own prophet.

So why does Freud chose 1939 of all times to decide to reveal this secret? Obviously he's trying to help Hitler justify the acceleration of the Holocaust going on in Germany at the same time. Freud is literally publishing a book designed to kill Judiasm from the inside out. A philosophical idea bomb. A book designed to present Jews in the worst way possible - as murderers of God's prophet - and he's doing it in 1939 while Hitler is murdering millions of Jews in Germany and elsewhere in Europe and Africa. That's some pretty evil shit and it tells you how evil Freud was as well as how much of a Nazi tool he was.

Freud grew up whithin a nihilistic horizon - he grew up knewing that Niburu was coming in 2025 to wipe out the illuminati. In the 1880s, Thomas Eddison and Alec Eiffell had communicated with Aliens on the top of the Eiffel Tower and during their conversation the Aliens made it quite clear that there was no way to avoid the prophecies about Niburu. The illuminati had known for thousands of years of Niburu coming but they thought they could always fix it change it. They were especially hopeful during the modern period leading up to the 1900s. So many new technologies had been invented they thought they could escape their fate. But when they talked to the aliens they realized that there was no way they were going to escape getting annihlated.

This made the illuminati very nihilistic - why try and be good if you're doomed to die in 150 years? Freud even mentioned that in a Vienna Conferrence. Freud said "My single motive is the love of truth. You can unconcernedly tell people the worst. If we were told that a comet will destroy our planet in one hundred fifty years, nobody would let this announcement disturb him from enjoying his breakfast. The death of each of you is certain, mine obviously in a shorter time, and yet you do not let yourself be disturbed by this." (Rigorism of Truth, p36).

This is a really odd statement when you think about it. If you found out a comet was going to destroy earth, even if was 200-300 years in the future that would be disturbing. It wouldn't be the end of the world (not yet anyway) but it would be acknowledging your world ending. That is a disturbing idea. To Freud and the crazy illuminati with all their inbred mental illness maybe that doesn't seem disturbing, BUT IT SHOULD! Earth has been around for thousands of years, we all presume that it will continue to be around (which it will by the way, Niburu won't destroy Earth, just the illuminati on Earth - their world).

Many of the analysts that Freud stole from were Jews. At the Second Congress of Psychoanalysts in 1910 Freud was barred from the meeting after he tried to install a system via Jung where Jung would approve all the writings of psychoanlysts, like the Pope has the right to determine the voice of the Catholic Church. Freud literally wanted to make his new church of Psycho-analysts like the Catholic Church where there was an orthodox view and anyone else was forbidden to speak - if they did they would be called heretics. Freud chose Jung as the front because he controlled Jung via the blackmail material and all the analysts hated Freud because he stole from them.

The Analaysts refused Jung/Freud's suggestion and Freud was barred from the meeting while they all discussed the situation. When Freud found out he was barred he said, "Most of you are Jews and hence not suited to winning friends for our new teaching. Jews must be content to be fertilizers of culture." After that conference, Freud had Jung murdered and replaced with an imposter. The imposter was the president of the Congress of Psychoanalysts the rest of his life while Freud controlled him like a puppet.

Arthur Koestler (who wrote the 13th Tribe exposing the illuminati Jews as really caanites and not Jews) interviewed Freud during WWII to try and get his opinion on the Nazis and the Holocaust. Freud's response is a shocking admission that Freud is a Nazi himself. Freud's response was "Well, you know, the Nazis are acting out the agression pent up in our civilization. Something like this was inevitable, sooner or later. I am not sure that from my standpoint I can blame them."

Hans Blumenberg astutely observes this really means "Unfortunately, I find myself in possession of a ptheory that puts me in the awkward position of being unable to pass censure of what, according to this theory, happenened inevitably and will happen again at any time." (Rigorism of Truth, p38) Freud's nihilistic theories that reject conventional morality are also unable to pass any moral judgement whatsoever on anyone including the Nazis. Freud has no theoretical way to condemn the Nazis and this is not by chance. Freud's intellectual theories are designed to make the Nazis and the holocuast permissable, to make them logical, to ensure they keep happening, as Blumenberg astutely notes.