Hannah Arendt didn't have any vagina, she was an illuminati Jewish hermaphrodite. She was also a big time Nazi apologist who's work was an attempt to work past the failure of the Nazis and apologize on behalf of the illuminati. She also wanted to help found and legitimize Israel for the illuminati Rothschilds who had organized the Holocaust and created Hitler as their Fuhrer.

Israel had been promised to the Jews by the Nazis during the 1930s in Germany in the build up to the Holocaust. The German Nazis including Hitler didn't want to have to kill all the Jews, they wanted to move them to Palestine and create Israel. England controlled Palestine at the time so the Germans wanted them to kick the Arabs out for them and make room for the jews of Germany and France and Italy.

England refused to agree to this situation so the next solution, the FINAL SOLUTION, was the Holocaust. That's why the Final Solution was called the final solution, the first solution was to create Israel as was done after World War II. After the Jews had been murdered in the Holocaust, England felt guilty enough to give Palestine to the remaining Jews which fulfilled the Nazi promise to the Jews that had preceeded the FINAL SOLUTION. Israel is a Nazi country and is run by Nazi Jews. It always has been.

Zionism began as a Nazi movement - it was the movement to make Israel real so they could all leave Europe and go to the Middle East. Zionism was a propaganda system set up to relocate jews out of Europe to the Middle East and plant them around Jerusalem so that the illuminati could take over parts of the Middle East. The illuminati hates muslims because Muslims aren't illuminati and large areas of Earth are controlled by Muslim nations.

Arendt's writings on Eichman were meant to justify the illuminati Jewish foundations of Israel. Specifically her work on Eichman is a foundation for a post-World War II Nazi order. Arendt's conclusion to the book is essentially that the Germans were an evil people who fell for a banality of evil that lead to the most horrific outcome imaginable: the Holocaust - mechanized, industrial scale genocide. A genocide so inhumane it relied on the first IBM computer to help with logistics while people were gassed and burned.

Arendt theorizes that what happened in the Holocaust is that normal people did extremely evil things because they were worried about their own families because of economic anxiety and the fear generated by traditional social orders falling apart due to Modernism. Men worried about their families were forced to become "adventurers" and these adventurers end up willing to become "criminals" if they are pushed into dire enough situations. The criminals are the ones who carried out the Holocaust.

While essentially describing a journey that could happen to any nations people, Arend focuses on how the Germans experienced this journey and acts as if this lesson only applies to them. Arendt escape-goats the Germans themselves for the Holocaust by saying they are too prussian making them prone to following orders without challenging them. This is a true problem and it is the reason the Germans first became Nazis and engaged in a project so hideous as the Holocaust but the underlying logic of ANXIETY->ADVENTURER->CRIMINAL->HOLOCAUST applies to America and England as well as any other country. Donald Trump is American Fascism in reality - preying upon people's economic anxiety and racism to take away their rights and imprison people on our border. Arendt created room for things like American Fascism (where she lived after the War) by making the Holocaust a GERMAN PROBLEM, not a problem of humanity.

Arendt also essentially blames the Jews because she says they were a "pariah" in their own country. The Jews were outsiders, so they invited the abuse and eventual genocide is Arendt's logic. She even makes a big deal out of Kafka's alienation exhibited in works like the Metamorphisis as indicative of a general Jewish alienation from European culture.