Friedrich Niezsche was never anti-semetic, racist or against women. Of anything he is guilty of being slightly sexist because he got manipulated a lot by women and resented getting used. Which is why he said that truth was like a woman, she hides behind masks.

Nietzsche actually turned against Wagner precisely because Wagner was turning increasingly anti-semetic and Volkish. Volkish means herd like. To follow the will of the crowd, to appeal to the crowd. Nietzsche hated "volkish attitudes" which he thought were nolstagic and stupid. Hitler later used the idea of the "volk" to energize the Nazi propaganda machine. Cars were "volkswagons." Nietzsche hated all the early anti-semetic Nazis.

Nietzsche's books were rewritten by his anti-semetic sister after he died to sound more Nazi like and then he was used by the Nazis to spread their ideas. They distributed his books but copies that had been completely altered and re-edited. Nietzsche's ideas run counter to everything the Nazis believe in and stand for. Nietzsche was an enemy of the illuminati Catholic Church. He wrote extensively about the Church tearing apart its philosophical presuppositions.

For this the Catholic Church and the illuminati hated him. Nietzsche was extremely sick his whole life physically. He was wracked in pain, his stomach was always uneasy, he had migraine headaches, dizziness. These were not due to a frail constitution, it was because the entire illuminati were attacking Nietzsche at the direction of the Pope.

Nietzsche was writing just after photography was invented. The illuminati used pictures of Nietzsche to attack him paranormally. Nietzsche had magical powers and was very exposed as a person with paranormal powers. The illumianti used the new technology of the camera to increase their magical attacks resulting in Nietzche's health difficulties. This was the first time the technique was ever done so it was very effective. Afterwards when people understood how to defend against it better, the attack became a lot less effective, but the Illuminati uses the same sort of attacks on me daily.

The famous picture of Nietzsche with the big beard was staged after he had gone insane because the illuminati attacked him his whole life. He actually didn't go insane, they lobotomized him and then put a space maggot inside him while he was jailed for the last year before dieing.