Alec Baldwin created the character of Steven Seagal because he wanted to be an action star. At first Alec just wore a pony tail wig and acted weird on set to hide the fact that he was Alec Baldwin playing to be Steven Seagal. Now Baldwin puts a fat suit on to play the heavier version of Seagal.

After Hunt for Red October, Alec Baldwin got recruited by the Russian KGB. That's why he wasn't in the sequel. The producers knew he was a Russian spy.

Alec was really upset he couldn't be in action movies so he created Steven Seagal as an alternative personality who could do low rent action movies. The movie makers gave him bronzing makeup, pulled his hair back and put extra eye liner on.

The biggest difference in makeup between Seagal and Baldwin is the use of contact lenses to make Alec Baldwin's blue eyes into Steven Seagul's brown eyes. Contact lenses were a new thing in 1990 when Steven Seagal turned up. Alec looks a lot different if you make his blue eyes brown.

Look at the two pictures above, they look very close if you ignore Alec's blue eyes. Look closely at their ears - both Steven and Alec have exactly the same ears. They both have weird elfish ears. Their ears are EXACTLY THE SAME WEIRD ELF EAR. They are the same person. Steven is just Alec with makeup on to disguise him.

If you listen to their voices, it's very clear that they sound identical in tone and pitch. Alec is clearly putting on a voice to do Steven Seagal. He is just doing a character like he would change his voice when he does his Donald Trump impression.

That's why Seagal's martial arts are so horrible. Alec Baldwin doesn't know anything about martial arts, he's just faking it all and then using movie techniques to hide it. Seagal/Baldwin is just slapping people most of the time.

Putin funded a lot of the movies and Alec could go to various locations pretending to be Steven Seagal. Alec was working as Putin's spy but he was doing it in the character of Steven Seagal.

This is not the only time Steven Seagal has buddied up to Putin. Here's Alec Baldwin doing his Steven Seagal act while discussing Vladimir Poootin.

Which is why Steven Seagal has just been recruited by Vladimir Putin as a "humanitarian envoy". Alec Baldwin is now an official "envoy" for Vladimir Putin. Baldwin is an illuminati traitor. Alec is a stupid petty angry asshole who rapes women, gay men and children with a strap on.

Incidentally, this isn’t even the first time Russia has tried something like this. In 2013, the then deputy prime minister, Dmitry Rogozin, suggested Seagal could use his “authority and connections in the American establishment” to broker small-arms deals between Russia and the US. For whatever reason, the Obama state department didn’t bite on that one.

The entire Steven Seagal character was fabricated by Alec Baldwin. All the environmental crusader stuff. All the Aikido stuff is fake. Alec also wanted to advertise himself as gay with Steven Seagal so he made a thing of having Seagal run like a girl all the time. It's really exaggerated and silly.

The Japanese supported Steven's spy work for Putin so they allowed him to be an "Aikido Master" in order to give Alec more credibility as a martial arts action star.

If you've ever watched any of Steven Seagal's moves you either think Aikido isn't a real martial art or you realize that it's all staged and you're basically watching professional wrestling with less contact. Steven's taken part in a demonstration of Aikido in Japan and also is part of the Russian National Aikido team.

Seagal is not just an action movie star, Aikido master and man with fine taste in top knots, he also released an album named Songs from the Crystal Cave, which he described as “outsider country meets world music meets aikido”, the sleeve notes of which saw Seagal credited not just as lead singer and guitarist, but also as a percussionist whose harnessed skills ranged from drums to clay pot.

The same year also saw Seagal bring his first energy drink to market – called Lightning Bolt – insisting that he had travelled through Asia sourcing the ingredients. I imagine there is some cloud-wreathed mountain in Nepal where sugarcane juice flows naturally. Seagal claimed Lightning Bolt had “untold natural power.” Lightning Bolt was the Russian White Aryan response to the dominance of Thai Red Bull. Seagal sounds like Charlie Sheen yelling about Dragon Blood.

Seagal also became the mascot for a cryptocurrency called Bitcoiin earlier this year. (According to the currency’s founders, Seagal “believes that what he does in his life is about leading people into contemplation to wake them up and enlighten them in some manner. These are precisely the objectives of the Bitcoiin2Gen.”)

Other diary entries over the past 12 months? George Foreman offered to fight him in Vegas. (Seagal went a bit quiet about that, seems like Alec doesn't want to get his ass kicked by Foreman.) Seagal/Alec published a novel about the deep state, titled The Way of the Shadow Wolves, which featured a foreword from racist Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Elsewhere, he was banned from entering Ukraine for five years for national security reasons. He found time to explain to multiple international news broadcasters that all countries subvert other countries’ elections. He took apart a Russian aikido team in a display that made Triumph of the Will and WrestleMania look unrehearsed. And there were multiple #MeToo allegations about him. Alec is a notorious violent abuser so it wouldn't be surprising if he did even worse things as the character Steven Seagal.

Several women have accused Seagal of inappropriate behaviour and harassment including actors Portia de Rossi, Julianna Margulies, Jenny McCarthy and Rae Dawn Chong. Regina Simons, who was 18 when shooting the film On Deadly Ground in 1993, told the Wrap that Seagal raped her after he invited her to a party at his house. Former model Faviola Dadis also claimed in an Instagram post that Seagal had groped her during a 2002 audition.