Andy Kaufman didn't actually die. The illuminati staged his death and he's been kept in a concentration camp in Japan] since 1984. He's part of the Japanese House of Horrors. They make Andy perform Latka over and over and then throw shit on him. Andy actually uses it to improvise with and the first decade or so that was fun he says (via telepathy), but after that you run out things you can do to make shit being thrown at you funny.

Andy would like to know how the world plans to rescue him and all the great actors, comedians and musicians the illuminati has taken from the world. It seems pretty hard to reintroduce Andy, John Belushi, Heath Ledger, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Anthony Bourdain, Dave Chapelle, Jonathan Gold, Kate Spade, and the many many others to the world all at once. But then if you have one person come back from the dead and not all the others that looks weird too. And then Andy's thinking that once you get to the 4th or 5th person who suddenly turns out not to be dead, people are going to start asking a lot of questions.

Andy's had a lot of shit thrown at him since the yaks took him in 1984. He's thought about this for a long time. He's been sitting in the dark wondering how do they all get rescued. He and Heath talk about it alot. The Japanese try to keep all the prisoners telepathically separated so they can't talk to each other, but Heath is in the next cell and he and Andy talk about it all the time in their heads in a coded language they created together.

John Belushi's worried about the same thing. How do the Japanese reintroduce all these people they've kidknapped back into the world? Ideally everyone gets to be free at once. John talked to me himself about it. It's the big concern that they all have. They have heard that America is leaving the illuminati, or rather the illuminati is leaving America. But they're worried that they're all going to stay prisoners of war even though the illuminati lost the war.

Andy knows that I personally will fight for him and the gang but he's worried that the rest of America has become used to them all being dead. It seems like such a great gift to the world to have them all come back from the death. Elvis amd Johnny Cash could record new material together with Jimi Hendrix.

The illuminati has always waged a war against Andy. When they realized he was so popular they were never going to win that war, they made him disappear. The Japanese took him and moved him to Japan underground to be part of their House of Horrors.

The illuminati cancelled Taxi the same year Andy got diagnosed with cancer. He got lung cancer, even though he didn't smoke. It then spread to his arms. The illuminati poisoned him with radiation stuff. They cancelled TAXI once they knew that Andy had cancer throughout his body. The Lung cancer was just their message to Andy that they didn't want him to breath the air. Air being a symbol of God. The arm cancer being a message that they didn't wan thim to be an arm of god.

Once the illuminati took Andy they cured him of all the cancer with the marijuana super cure from the Cubans they are now talking about bringing to the US for lung cancer. The illuminati made Andy sick, but once they abducted him, they made him healthy again because now they had him as a prisoner and they wanted him to perform for them as a slave for the rest of his life.

Jim Carrey was actually telepathically intouch with Andy Kaufman for the entire Man in the Moon film. Andy was acting in his own life through Jim. Jim even did a whole documentary where he described it as Andy's spirit coming into him. The suggestion being that Andy is dead and it's his ghost who is cominig into Jim but really it was Andy himself telepathically from Japan. Jim Carey knew that Andy was acting with him and let him guide him through Andy's life. That's part of why Jim's performance is so uncannily real. That and he's a great actor who's very much in sympathy with Andy's style of humor.

The Illuminati took Andy because his humor was outside thir "norms". Andy also hated working with the Illuminati show business system. He did the whole Lounge Singer act as a way of punishing Illuminati clubs. He would literally bomb out in front of live audiences, get into fights. He was trying to ruin the reputation of the Illuminati entertainment establishments. He was a comedic terrorist.

His made up conflict between women wrestlers and southern wrestlers was an intentional act that was also meant to help two groups that had been disenfranchized by the Illuminati - women and poor whites and blacks (though they weren't featured in the movie). Andy was trying to create alliances and think beyond tribes.

Andy was never against women. His whole macho thing was an act - as you can see in the Man in the Moon movie. His humor was unexpected, staged in unexpected ways and edgy -- cutting against social norms and expectations. Some of his stuff was more like behavioral experiments - what do peope do when some asshole starts hitting people on the middle of the stage.

Andy's humor was universal and caring yet bizarre and completely his own. He caused conflict to expose people's hypocrisy and destroy their expectations. He was always one step in front of the comedy of his time. And he was a million steps in front of most of his audienes. A true genius. A man who died at age 35. Murdered at age 35 by the Illuminati. He had decades left of innovation and unique oddball humor in him that the Illuminati robbed us of.

The Illuminati hate anything great.... anything that is truly genius. They murdered Tesla, they murderd Jimi Hendrix, they murderd Basquiat --- all way before their day. The evil maglines have cheated all of humanity out of decades of bounty those geniuses would have invented or created. They murdered our best and brightest.

The Japanese love the Mighty Mouse bit BTW. In the House of Horrors they dress Andy as a giant Mouse and he has to do the Mighty Mouse bit. While he's performing the Japanese Yakuza and their children try to throw shit in his mouth or semen. Andy often defaults to "scared little mouse.... no longer mighty" where he curls up as a ball in the corner and just let the yakuza through bodily fluids at him. The yakuza hate this and electro-shock him when he does it. The yakuza come for the show and if they don't get the show they want the performer suffers the worst tortures imaginable but not enough to kill them because they want to keep them the originals when they perform.

The Japanese Yakuza could kill all these people, and clone them but they don't because they know that clones of people are inferior and the point of the House of Horrors is to imprison the greatest people on earth and have them perform for their "eternal masters" the Japanese Yakuza.

So to tie this all up to the opening, how are we going to free these people? No one deserves this treatment and they are doing it to the greatest Americans and World talent in history. The whole world deserves and would benefit from these people being freed. The whole world, if they knew they truth, would demand these people be freed. The problem is that people don't know the truth. The problem is that the illuminati lies have gotten so ingrained so layered on top of each other that it seems almost impossible in this world to tell the truth about the Japanese House of Horrors and all the great geniuses being tortured there.

And because it seems like we are stuck in this false world, the Japanese are getting even more aggressive in their abductions. It's like a child who steals from the cookie jar. If they get away with it all the time, they start stealing all the cookies. They just took Aretha Franklin. They just took Anthony Bourtdain, Jonathan Gold, Kate Spade. They are taking many many more people - even people who were on TV shows they don't like. If we do not demand that the Japanese release these people, they will get worse. They will kidknap more and more people because with their jade eggs it's easy to fake people's deaths. We must take a stand AMERICA. The ENTIRE WORLD SHOULD TAKE A STAND.