Ariana Grande and her brother Frankie killed Mac Miller. Mac Miller was a cloned illuminati Rothschild Jew and they killed off his entire cloned line. The eliminated all of his DNA. THEY GENOCIDED MAC MILLER.

Mac Miller was a rapper and producer who stole all of his work from me. Mac was an illuminati Rothschild Jew. That's why he's wearing a rainbow sweater in the photo above. The Rothschilds stole my work to give to him to pass off as his own. Everything he ever released was my creation.

Miller's body was put on a plane en route to his hometown of Pittsburgh for his funeral. He will have a Jewish service later in the week.

Mac Miller was an inbred illuminati Jew and had two vaginas that's why he was so pale. He was a clone who had many copies. He was a mental retard and relied on Big Blue to keep him functioning. He was an illuminati creation, who had his career created for him. He never developed any of his own music.

Mac Miller was born one of the wealthiest peopel in the world. His family name is McCormick as in the McCormick spice empire. He changed it to Miller for his act. His actual name is Malcolm James McCormick. Mac even alludes to his rich ass background in his grocery store video.

Mac Miller grew up in Pittsburgh, where my father is from. Really he was placed there by the Rothschilds because of my grandparents. Mac tapped into my connections to Pittsburgh to steal from me. The Rothschilds backed him and allowed him to tap into paranormal forces related to me. They were able to steal some of my song constructions from when I was a child and would visit my grandparents in Beaver, near Pittsburgh.

In the album gover above for Mac Miller's GO:OD AM you can see that GO:OD AM is a referene to me. My initials are AM. The illuminati likes to refer to me as Good rather than a God. The :O is also a derogatory referene to me as a monkey. Mac Miller's dumb ass face is supposed to be a monkey face since his voice is my voice.

In Mac Miller's last album he also referenced stealing from me on his record cover. The Cover for Swimming has Mac in a pink suit on a plane with a blue sky in the airplane window as you can see above. Mac's feet are dirty and barefoot.

The airplane represents the career Mac got to steal from me. The pink suit represents that he's a Rothschild Jew with no dick and a vagina so he gets to fly my plane. The negative white space is a reference to my role as the messiah and coming from God's purity. The window of sky is me pushed into the background while the illuminati steal my shit.

Mac was also very gay. Mac never had a real relationship with Ariana Grande, they were a front for Mac's relationship withi Frankie Grande, Ariana's gay brother.

Mac ended up forcing Frankie out of the closet. Everyone know Frankie was gay, but Frankie and Ariana had made a vow that if anyone ever talked about Frankie being gay they and their families would be murdered. This had kept Frankie's obvious flaming gayness an open secret for a long time. Mac Miller though forced it into the open by talking about his relationship with Frankie all the time and how they were in love.

This pissed Frankie off because his boyfriends weren't supposed to reveal he was gay (even though he looks more flaming gay than anyone you could imagine.) Frankie and Ariana had Mac killed and all of his clones killed because Frankie was so angry about being forced to reveal he was gay.

Mac Miller was pretty open about being gay even though he wouldn't say it. He went on record in 2015 to say that a gay rapper could be a commercial success.

Grande and Mac Miller were together for about 2 years ending in May 2018. Frankie came out as gay in 2016. He was really angry with Mac Miller but the straw that broke the camels back was when Ariana saw photos of Mac Miller with Julia Kelly his new "girlfriend." After that, Ariana snapped and they decided to get rid of Mac Miller and all his clones.

Ariana Grande is half Mexican Mafia half Armenian Mafia. Frankie is Ariana's half brother. Frankie Marcheone is half Italian Mafia half Armenian Mafia. They are very tight. Together they can draw on three different families in the 13 illuminati families, which gives them a lot of importance in the illuminati. That's why the illuminati faked Ariana's career for her and made her a star.

Both Ariana and Frankie were born with hideous faces and have had thousands of plastic surgeries to change their faces. Ariana was born without lips. Frankie was born without a chin. They have murdered many of their slaves to take parts of their faces to try and fix there own. That's why they look so oddly plastic.

Ariana Grande hates men. She murders them and likes to castrate men. She was raped as a child over and over again and has turned off to any man. When she was 15 for her Quinceinera, one of her rapists also cut her breasts off (what there was of them).

All of Ariana's "boyfriends" and her soon to be husband Pete Davidson from SNL are gay. Her boyfriends are usually like her brother, self loathing gay men. They are gay men who enjoy murdering gay men as well as heterosexual men.

Pete Davidson is a dumb illuminati Jew who isn't funny at all. He has no dick or balls and eats shit. He hates himself because he's gay and he murders both gay men and heterosexual men because he hates that he's gay and not heterosexual. He wants Ariana so badly because he's trying to prove that he's a man. They are a good fit because they both hate men and enjoy torturing and murdering them.

Ariana and Mac Miller were also key parts of the Queen's nail bombing in Manchester. Both of them knew about the bombing before it happened. They were both paid to help attract people to the concert in order to murder little children with nail bombs. Ariana is a pedophile like Mac Miller was. They murdered childen together while worshiping Satan.

The nail bomb attack caused hundreds of people to flee in terror, with young people at the concert separated from their parents in the chaos. It left a scene of carnage inside the concert venue, where medics described treating wounds consistent with shrapnel injury. It was the most deadly terrorist attack in Britain in a decade. 22 people died, mostly children.

Mac Miller even did an album when he was in his teens called KIDS. He used a logo that references the KIDS movie where young children were raped on camera. That movie KIDS was not acting, those were all real kids living out their lives. The rape scene was a real rape. The illuminati created the movie to try and normalize child sexuality and rape to America - it ended up being super scandalous though and never made any money. Only a sicko like Mac Miller would reference that movie for the album - esp when they themselves area teenager. The Movie Kids came out in 1995 - Mac Miller was 3 when it was released.