Arnold Swarzenegga is an evil illuminati Jewish pedophile who was born in Hitler's backyard. Shwarz in german means "black". So Arnold's last name is literally Black Negga. Swarzenegga is a illuminati Jew who has black babies come out of his vaginas. Arnold has no dick or balls - he is a pussy with two vaginas.

Arnold is the son of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler had no dick or visible balls. Hitler did have undescended testicles withwhich semen could be withdrawn and used for artificial insemination. Hitler lived in South America (Argentian and Brazil) until he was 84. Via IVF, the Illuminati created many many Hitler babies.

Roger Federer is a Hitler baby. Arnold's one. Most of them are so mentally retarded they are kept out of the public eye. Out of 203 viable Hitler embroys, 98% of them are so retarded and have so many birth defects and genetic issues they are hidden from the public.

Swarzenegga was one of the Hitler babies the illuminati was most proud of. They started feeding Arnold steriods when he was 12 to give him his muscles. Since he was a child the Illuminati wanted Arnold to come to Hollywood America and become Governor of CA and then President of the US. He is their prodigal son.

Swarnenegga runs organized crime in California for the Austrian illuminati Catholics. His illegitimate son - Joseph Baena - is a royal illuminati child born of Austrian Arnold and the MS13. He represents the alliance between the Catholic MS13 which controls the drug trade in South America and Mexica and the Bavarian German/Austrian Nazis.

Even though Shwarzenegga has no penis, Arnold has undescended testicles like Adolf. He can have children by artificial insemination and IVF. All of his children are born through IVF. Joseph Baena wasn't a case of the maid getting fucked and having a bastard child. Joseph Baena was created in a petri dish via artificial insemination.

Scharzenegger is a gay idiot. He is a narcistic mental retard who was only Governor of CA because the illuminati controls CA and they put him in the Job. He is like Donald Trump - a total Hoax. How did CA end up with an aging action star who can't act running things? And Arnold thought he could be President of the US some day. The Nazi German/Austrians would have loved that.

Joseph Baena like his father is a dickless ball-less inbred Jewish pedophile. The MS13 look at him as their Kim Kardashian. That's why his popular culture profile is so high. The illuminati are spending billions to promote his image.

Maria Shriver is an evil illuminati Catholic from the Irish side of the illuminati. Her marrying Arnold was all about cementing an organized crime dynasty between the East Coast Irish Catholics and the MS13 in California (who are controlled by the Austrian/Bavarian Catholics.)

Maria Shriver is an evil Satanist who abuses and murders children - especially chidren with special needs. The special olympics was created as a front to abuse children with disabilities. That's why Maria Shriver and her mother were involved in running and creating the Special Olympics.

Joe Kennedy had his own daughter lobotomized. Rosemary Kennedy, the younger sister of John F. Kennedy, was mildy retarded and Joe her father couldn't deal with her. When she became slightly uncontrollable so he had her lobotomized. She was lobotomized at the age of 23.

Rosemary was an attractive woman who had learning disabilities. After she was lobotomized she became a target for illuminati scum around Joe to rape and abuse.

Eunice Shriver Kennedy was a sick ugly child who abused her own sister and also enabled her abuse by men around her. Eunice had always been jealous of Rosemary's beauty. Even before Joe had Rosemary lobotomizd Eunice Shriver used to play cruel tricks on her and attempted to endanger her life.

After Rosemary was lobotomized cruel Eunice - who always resented that she was born ugly - started pimping out Rosemary to dirty old illuminati men and pocketing the money for "spending cash" as she put it. Eunice was an evil woman and Joe Kennedy was an evil man who ignored the living hell that he had created for Rosemary.

The idea of the special olympics is a good thing, but unfortunately it was started by evil people as a front for child abuse and the abuse of defenseless people with disabilities. Eunice Shriver created the special olympics ostensibly as an honor and tribute to her disabled sister but really it was just another exploitation of her sisters disability to help the pedophile, satanic illuminati community.

The athletes in the Special Olympics are not competing in a real olympics. Even more than in the illuminati controlled Olympics, the Special Olympics is fixed. Many of the disabled athletes are actually disabled but just illumianti who want to win medals and don't think they can do it in the regular Olympics.

And the athletes are all targets of abuse or products of systems of abuse. The disabled have always been easy targets for pedophiles, child abusers and child murderers. The illuminati uses the Olympics as a way to reward this pedophile system. The people who engender the most abuse are given the most medals. The entire thing is a travesty of what it should be.

Maria Shriver has continued this abusive system. She is a pedophile and a satanist like her ex-husband Arnold Swarenegga. Maria ran the east coast Irish Catholic satanic illuminati like her mother Eunice before her and her Grandfather Joe Kennedy. Arnold and Maria marrying was always an odd-coupling. It was just an alliance of organized illuminati crime families.