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South Africa is a very bad place. A lot of bad Illuminati stuff goes on in South Africa. The tradition of Apartheid and Slave owning continues in South Africa.

Charlize's family is an offshoot of the de beers family. The Illuminati family who own all the diamonds. They are a sick family and Charlize is not acknowledged publically as being part of the family because her skin color is naturally super black.

Charlize => Sengalese Jewish man (dark) impregnated by a Swahili slave. Her hair is fake. Her real hair is dark black, kinky - (that's why she picked david olyenko as her slave - his hair is the same )

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Charlize was so evil the Illuminati made her do the movie Monster as penance. They wanted to force her to degrade herself by being ugly on camera for the whole movie. In exchange they gave her an Oscar. Charlize Theron is literally A MONSTER.

Charlize Theron owns David Olyenko as slave - she has him walk around naked on all fours like a dog. She throws him food and he has to pretend to catch it like a dog.

Charlize Theron goes to illuminati clubs were this is all permissable (lifestlies of the rich and famous). She'll have her driver take her to tyhe parking lot which is underground where no one can see and she'll walk out of hte car with david on a leash naked trotting out like a dog. Whgen they're eating dinner he has to lay on the floor like a dog. He pretends to bark like a dog for her whenever she wants

David is Charlize's top slave so he owns slaves himself. 100s of millions of slaves. David takes all of his anger at Charlize out on his own slaves. He makes white men and black men walk around like dogs too/. He puts them on leashes. He kills his slaves vicioulsy.