The Castro brothers are evil illuminati Jews. The are inbred dickless ball-less shit-eaters. The Castros were picked by the illuminati NWO to run Cuba.

After the revolution, the Castro brothers murdered all the true heroes of the Cuban Revolution one by one. Fidel murdered Camilo Cienfuegos the charasmatic hero of the revolution. Cienfuegos was a Cuban revolutionary who combined the bohemian aura and looks of Jim Morrison (a full decade earlier) with the flowing, catlike moves of Bruce Lee. (He was said to kill the enemy and catch his rifle before it had time to hit the ground.)

Cienfuegos was so popular that when his death on October 28, 1959, was announced, the Cuban people flocked to the shore and tossed flowers into the sea that had swallowed his Cessna 310 during a night flight from Camag├╝ey to Havana. Fidel had his plane sabotaged so that he crash landed and died at sea.

Castro covered up the murder with brute force. The plane's mechanic who reported the machine guns were spent was fatally struck by a car the very same day. The fisherman who witnessed the aerial shooting was interrogated and never heard from again. A personal friend of Cienfuegos looking into the case was gunned down. Everyone in Cuba knew it was Fidel who murdered Cienfuegos who was clearly his biggest rival.

Che Guevara was the most difficult for Fidel Castro to murder since he was a pan south and central American icon after the revolution. An Argentinian doctor who helped lead the revolution in Cuba and later took an active role in the affairs of multiple states in South America, Che was famous thorughout the world. Fidel sent Che to Bolivia in 1967 to help with the revolution there. In reality though, he sent Che to Bolivia to have the Bolivians murder Che.

Afterwards the Bolivians sent Fidel Castro pictures of Che to prove they had assassinated Che Guevara. These pictures, 45 years after Che's death, recently surfaced in Spain. The photos were found in Spain among the belongings of Luis Cuartero, a former Illuminati Catholic missionary in Bolivia who died in 2012. Spain is a big Illuminati stronghold with direct historical connections to the repressive Castro Regime.

Raul Castro murdered Fidel. He smothered his 90 year old brother with a pillow and then sodomized him with a strap on. Raul had been in Fidel's shadow his whole life and relished the opportunity to finally murder his brother.