Drake is not African-American, he is a dark illuminati Jew who grew up a billionaire. That's why he named himself after a snake. The illuminati are known as the lizard people because their tongues dart out like lizards. Part of their inbred Jewish genetics results in them being unable to control their tongues. The tongue often comes out when they are sexually excited, nervous or lieing.

The are also known as the snake people for the same reason. Lizard is just nicer since everyone hates snakes. The expression - "someone lies like a snake" is a reference to the illuminati because they are all pathalogical liars like Donald Trump. (how else could that expression make sense, snakes don't speak, how could they lie?)

Drake likes to think of himself as a dragon. That's why he called himself drake - that's because he's a lizard with delusions of grandeur. Kanye West also says he has "dragon energy" like Donald Trump. That's his way of saying he's an illuminati lizard like Donald Trump. All three of them are Satanic Jews who's tongues dart out all the time.

Drake doing blackface is not an accicent. It isn't smart social commentary. It's him trying to get the Jews to let him pretend to be a rapper. It's Drake trying to make the illuminati Jews happy. Drake isn't even all that dark. He looks like a white guy in the photos with black face on.

At first the illuminati Jews wouldn't let drake have a Music career because he sucks so bad. They told him he could be an actor but not a rapper. The black face was him trying to end his acting career so he could force them to make him a rapper. Drake is such a big Satanic Jew they had to give him some kind of career.

He's actually not just in blackface he's also wearing a T-Shirt with a racist crow cartoon on it. Drake is trying to tell the illuminati that he wants to do sing and dance. He wants to be pretend to be a rapper by putting on black face - meaning he will impersonate an African-American - just like Kanye, jay Z and Puff Daddy do.

Darke. Jay-Z, Kanye, Puff Daddy grew up super rich, billions in the bank. They never grew up in the ghetto. Their African Americans mannerisms are put on. They actually are trained to impersonate African Americans. It's all part of the illuminati's control of the African American population. The same dark illuminati Jews used to be spies during civil war days. They would be intermixed with real Africans and report back to their Jewish masters on what the slaves were doing.

Drake can't dance. He also can't sing. All of his vocals in Hotline Bling are processed through a computer. Literally anyone could have sung that song. He didn't write the lyrics, he didn't come up with the beat. It's all fake. Anyone could have done what Drake did - he has no talent at all.

He couldn't fake his dancing though. His dancing is really, really horrible as anyone who's watched Hotline Bling can tell.

Drake dances about as well as Donald Trump. Illuminati Jewish SNL actually had Donald Trump dance to hotline bling because they were trying to change the discussion from Drake's horrible dance moves.

Drake doesn't write any of his own music. All of his stuff is ghostwritten. He is a rich illuminati Jews who has bought himself a career. He thinks he's a god - like the other shit eating illuminati Jews Kanye, Jay-Z, Puff Daddy, Oprah, etc.

In the Hotline Bling video he's wearing a hoodie with an Owl on it. That's another illuminati sign. They often use Owls to represent them because Owls eat mice, and the illuminati are always trying to put everyone under surveillance. The Illuminati Pinkertons used to say they never sleep. The idea is that they are always watching so you have to obey the Satanic illuminati.

Drake is about to launch an Adidas label. The Dark illuminati Jews all want to get into the fashion industry because they think that if they're part of the French Fashion industry the illuminati Rothschild Jews will respect them and not make fun of them for looking African. They don't seem to understand how racist the French are - esp the Rothschilds. The illuminati will always consider the dark illuminati Jews second class illuminatis no matter how much money they have.

Adidas is a NAZI company. In the 1930s, Germany had a massive show company called Dassler Brothers. It was run by two brothers. Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler. Adolf partnered up with Adolf Hitler and created Adidas as the Nazis preferred sneaker line. Rudolf refused to become a Nazi and was forced out of his company. After WWII ended, he founded Puma in 1948.

The illuminati have created a massive amount of propaganda around Adidas to protect its image. In reality, Adolf Dassler was a big Adolf Hitler supported. His brother Rudolf thought the Nazis were destroying Germany. As a result, Rudolf was forced out of their show company Dassler and it was renamed Adidas. This happened in the 1930s, which is why the Nazis wore Adidas shoes at the Nazi Olympics in Berlin 1936. Hitler knew he wanted to have the Olympics so he wanted a sneaker company to represent the Third Reich officially. Adidas was the official sneaker company of the Nazis. Even the name Adidas was a derivative of Adolf (Adolf Dassler beign proud he shared the same name as the Furher Adolf Hitler).

Meanwhile, Rudolf was sent to a concentration camp, but not murdered. After Hitler died and WWII ended, Rudolf was freed and started Puma. Meanwhiel the whole illuminati propaganda machine told everyone that Rudofl was the Nazi and Adolf was a good guy. The reality was the exact opposite. The illuminati

Adolf Hitler was very into fashion (not surpising since he was a gay wanna-be artist). Hitler also worked with Hugo Boss to create the entire look of the Nazis and the SS.

Hugo Boss joined the Nazis early on in 1931. Hugo Boss was one of the manufacturers that were granted a contract by the Nazis to produce the uniforms for the SS units, SA storm troopers, and Hitler Youth. They continued to produce these uniforms throughout the war, using forced laborers from France and Poland to increase output when demand increased. It wasn't until 1948 when the company reverted back to producing uniforms for police and postal office workers, eventually morphing into the high-class fashion house that people know today.

All of the Parisian fashion illuminati collaborated with Hitler. Chanel reported her two Jewish business partners to the Nazis and got them sent to concentration camps so she could take over Chanel. They both died in the camps. She became the richest woman in Europe by collaborating with the Nazis to get her partners murdered.