Ellen Degenerate murders babies and then has the memories erased.  That's why she did the voice of Dory. It's an inside illuminati joke about how Ellen can't remember her own evil crimes.

Ellen actually pays the illuminati to wipe her memory of all the children and babies she murders and tortures. She likes torturing and killing, but she doesn't like remembering what she did the next day. So the Illuminati (for a fee) erases Ellen's memories of the horrible things she does while she's sleeping. Titanpoint is used by the Illuminati to accomplish this brain washing which they do to Americans all over in order to manipulate us.

Ellen really isn't all that funny. She pays a team of people to operate her like a puppet. They are a group of people who act through her like Andy Serkis did Gollum. Ellen's really slow witted in reality and never makes any smart jokes. All of her act is from other people. Ellen's brain is partially lobotomized so that she can have other people act and perform through her. She is a ghost in a shell.

Ellen hates Tig Notaro. Ellen stole Tig's act basically. There is a lot of theft in Comedy. People steal jokes a lot and some people make their careers completely on stealing other people's acts. That's what Ellen did to Tig. She stole her act.

Because Ellen had illuminati support she then has used Tig's act to become the darling Lesbian of America. A Lesbian that is so accepted she can do main stream day time talk shows. America's favorite Lesbian.

Meanwhile Ellen tried to force Tig out of comedy. Ellen didn't think there was enough room in America for two Lesbian comics with short hair. That's how the Illuminati looked at it as well. They didn't believe Tig could exist if Ellen was going to be ELLEN!... So it took Tig along time to get her career going. Really Tig is the true talent and America should be paying more attention to her work.

Ellen has only allowed Tig to start working more recently because Ellen is all geared up to become a Game Show Host now. Ellen just launched her crazy game show where people are put through all these horrible situations and the audience laughs in shadenfreude. Ellen's show is modeled on Japanese game shows.

Japanese game shows ARE INSANE. They began out of torture games that the Japanese used to have. They'd torture people and make them play stupid games while torturing them. This evolved into their cruel game shows which are all about embarasssing people or inflicting pain on them. Japanese Game shows evolved from TORTURE PORN.

Now Illuminati Ellen wants to bring crazy Japanese game shows to America. Ellen loves torturing people. She kills people by dropping them from high places all the time. She thinks it's hilarious.