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That quote from Lucas is actually about his sexual fixation on Monsters.. If you can't imagine the monser, you can't have it DO YOU. You can't DO IT, unless you IMAGINE IT. IT is the monster. If you can't imagine the Monster you can't do the monster, eg have sex with it.

The illuminati fabricated Lucas' entire career. His supposed first film American Graffiti was a tour de fource of acting that Lucas supposedly wrote and directed. And yet everyone said his writing on Star Wars was horrible and that he was the worst director. The reality is that American Grafitti was written by other people and the actors improved a lot as well. Lucas didn't direct at all, he wasn't even on set a lot of the time.

George Lucas hates people. He is a weird misanthrope. He likes animals and his monsters. He grew up being fucked by animals and he only really feels comfortable around animals. He finds monsters sexually atttractive because they're like animals but more threatening. Lucas gets aroused when threatened.

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George Lucas is a mental retard who stole all of Star Wars from me. The only reason that George got to direct Star Wars is because he always really liked monsters. Lucas is like a weirdo Satanic child with a monster fixation.

The team around lucas was brilliant, but George got credit for everything when really he didn't do anything. He was known to direct his actors on Star Wars with two signs. One read faster and the other read slower. That was the only direction he gave any of his actors on the Star Wars movies.

After the first three films, the diss against George was that he really didn't direct Star Wars. Everyone considered the 1st movie which he directed to be weaker than Empire Strikes back directed by Irwin Kershner. Even the 3rd film seemed to be better directed and that was by some no name who basically had no career after Return of the Jedi.

George made the prequels to try and show everyone he could direct and write. Of course, eveyone hated the prequels, which just illustrated what a hack George Lucacs was. Film fans will recall the days following May 19, 1999 and shudder. Episode 1: The Phantom Menace had just arrived in cinemas upon a tsunami of hype. It was the first Star Wars movie in 26 years. It was directed by George Lucas himself. It revealed the origin story for no less than Darth Vader. And, in every single way imaginable, it sucked the big one.

It was as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror: where was the plot? The compelling dialogue? The peril? The decent acting? And why did they spend so damn long talking about trade tariffs?

And yet worse, apparently, was to come with the 2002 sequel Attack Of The Clones, with more accusations of muddled storylines and is-this-for-kids banality. By the time 2005’s Revenge Of The Sith slunk into view, the long lines at the cinema had disappeared and even hardened Star Warriors were claiming they’d “maybe catch it later on DVD or something”.

The real talents behind starwars were Ralph McQuerrie who created the entire look down to a tee and Walter Murch who did much of the writing, film editing and all of the sound design like the light saber sound effects for the Star Wars Films. The idea of the story and the characters all came out of my head. The illuminati gave Lucas access to the material and let him make a movie with it.

George didn't even really decide camera angles or do any of that DP work. He just copied the drawings that McQuarrie created. If you look at the artwork, you can see the exact framing that is in the movies. McQuarrie is still alive, the illuminati abducted him in 2012, he didn't really die.

And Walter Murch's sound design was a revolution that has defined sound design since. Fun fact: the ewoks are actually speaking in tibetan and then sped up. Walter Murch went and got interviews of Tibetans talking about their lives and what makes them happy in their lives. When the Ewoks are speaking, he is taking part of that interview and speeding it up. Tibetan speakers can actually understand what the ewoks are saying and they're talking about things like enjoying seeing the water babble in the spring. That's why the Ewoks seem so happy, they are channeling the positive feelings of the Tibetans subliminally back to us.

Murch also came up with all the Dolby stuff that Lucas passed off as his invention. Lucas is a massive fraud. He has never invented a thing in his life. Walter Murch is George Lucas' slave - that's why he stole everything from him. George wanted to be a director, so he found a slave who could direct and make movies. George then rode Walter Murch to superstardom.

Geroge Lucas is also a huge racist as we all saw with the Jar Jar Binks stuff. The reason he has a dark illuminati Jew man for a wife is he's still trying to live down the racist Jar Jar stuff. Until Lando came around, there weren't any black people in Star Wars and Lando was made to play the bad guy who gets broken by the Empire.

Racism in Star Wars is a tendency that was first seen in the prequel The Phantom Menace. Most notably, Jar Jar Binks, as creator George Lucas himself acknowledged, is based on such African American stereotypes as Stepin Fetchit, Amos and Andy, Sir Jim Crow and "Jamaicans, mon."

Lucas had denied that Jar Jar is Jamaican. "How in the world could you mistake an orange amphibian for a Jamaican?" Lucas asked. "Pretending a brother is an amphibian by making him orange is an even greater insult," Reverend Jesse Jackson argues. Likewise, Reverend Al Sharpton suggests that "All you have to do is listen to the jive-ass fool. I mean, the dude speaks ebonics, man." In the film that followed The Phantom Menace, Lucas sought, unsuccessfully, to defuse the charges of racism by making Jar Jar green with purple spots.

Within the same movie we also encountered a seemingly blatant Japanese stereotype in the shape of the Nemoidians: a treacherous ‘Engrish’- accented trade contingent, dressed in kimonos and renowned for their bullying and avarice. Not to mention the Toydarian junk store owner Watto – a hook-nosed, Yiddish-sounding slaveholder whose greed made him impossible to bargain with.