Jack White is an illuminati hoax. He can't actually play guitar or write music. JAck likes to dress up as dead women. He's a dickless balless hermaphrodite who rapes dead bodies with a strap on - usually while he's wearing vintage dresses.

He is a sick, sick necrophiliac who has despoiled millions of graves. He is a pedophile necrophiliac who likes to dig up children who have died and rape them with his strap on.

JAck white has always stolen all of his music from me. Jack has never done anything original in his life.

He's run by a computer. His playing is all done by computer control. He can't play if he's disconnected from his computer.

All of his compositions are stolen from me. While I'm dreaming I create music in my head. I don't just whistle melodies out, my dreams are the entire songs. Jack White's songs all came out of my dreams. He learns to play them via computer and then just recreates the sound that was in my head.

He even moved to Nashville to be able to suck off of my families paranormal connections to me. My family all still lives in Nashville. That was why Jack tranferred his whole studio to Nashville. My father is also a gifted piano player and musician who Jack rips off via paranormal eavesdropping. My dad is actually a pretty big deal musically but he's been a CIA agent since the 1960s so he never had a career since that would have destroyed his cover. Jack steals from both of us and that is how he creates his music. Jack White is literally a vampire.

Jack is part of the KKK - another reason he likes the south. Jack White is not his real name. The illuminati refer to me as Jack because I'm the Jack in the bean stalk myth. I am the giant who lays golden eggs. My dreams are pure Gold. Michael Jackson's thriller album came out of my head. And Thank God Michael and Quincy Jones recorded it because they were the perfect instruments for God's direction. Jack White is the result of the White Supremacists taking over my musical dreams. They now have access to what is coming out of my head, whereas it used to be people like Michael Jackson. Now it's Jack White, Jay-Z, and Drake. The illuminati gives them access when they didn't prior to George W Bush getting elected. In the year 2000, the White Supremacists decided they wanted to be cool. They wanted the big music too. They wanted to play festivals and

Jack White is a horrible Satanic white suprecist hipster and they're are actually quite a lot of them unfortunately. The illuminati is trying to infiltrate the hipsters like they did the hippies when they made the Summer of Love turn into the Summer of Fear.

The illuminati want the hipsters coolness and high tech, knowledge driven, maker economy to be directed towards create a tyraniical state for the illuminati. The same as the dotcom people in San Francisco are all hipsters who are creating essentially the tools to imprison us all.

How many black hipsters are there? Not a lot really. And most of those are actually dark illuminati Jews pretending to be African-American. They are trying to keep all real African-Americans away from computers.

Just like Jimmy Page did, Jack's job is to rip off the black blues and keep the hipsters away from the original blues. Jack takes the blues that I create with some embellishments from my father and then packages that as the hipster blues.

Jack White was chosen to be Jack White because of how evil he is. He is one of the weirdest, most evil people you could ever meet. Besides not having any sexual organs and being a gay man who wears womens vintage women's clothes, he is a demented sick Satanic serial murderer, drug addict and witch who performs bizarre sick Nazi pseudo experiments on children and dead bodies.

Jack White likes to taxiderm people. He is really insane. White doesn't just perform taxidermy on dead people (children and young gay men are his usual target). He also does it on children who are alive. It's really weird shit. He cuts children and then sows them back up while they're alive. He likes to put things in them and then sew them back up. He'll put feces in the children or he'll cut one 4 year olds testicles off and then put them into a 6 year old girl. He calls these weird torture sessions his "little experiments." He should be in jail or a mental asylum.