In the late 1990s, Hip-Hop was gettting huge commercially. The bands that I had loved growing up Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul where considered the pioneers of hip-hop. Q-Tip in particular was positioned to become a massive commercial success. Q-Tip was cool, smart, his flow was unique and immediatley identifiable. He was being asked to guest on everyone's songs. Q-tip is also extremely good looking and has massive amounts of sex appeal. Q-Tip was ready to go massive.

Q-Tip's album in 1999 - Amplified - was poised to be his breakthrough solo album that made him a household name in America and internationally. Q-Tip was ready to amplify his messsage by going pop, by aiming for a mass market for his music. And then Jay-Z showed up at the record release party and stabbed Lance Un Rivera at the Kit Kat Club.

That night would eventually be remembered not because of Q-Tip’s incredible album, but the stabbing of Lance “Un” Rivera - the CEO and co-founder of Untertainment with Notorious B.I.G. The illuminati was not just attacking Q-Tip but also BIGGIE, who they later faked the death of and abducted.

Lance was suggesting to Biggie he should leave Puff Daddy as a producer and strike out on his own. Puff Daddy is another gay illuminati Jew who sucks. Without Biggie, Puffy would be nothing so Puffy helped set up the stabbing to try and keep Biggie in his corner.

This stabbing wasn't an accident, it was a pre-meditated plan on behalf of the illuminati to end Q-Tips career. The stabbing made Q-Tip, who had always been part of the non-violent Native Tonque crew, suddenly seem dangerous to white audiences. Q-Tip's album never became the huge cross over it should have been and his solo career never went anywhere.

That night in 1999 was a very important historical moment for Hip-Hop. It was like the Day the Music Died and Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Richie Valens died. The Illuminati killed the future of Hip-Hop that night - it was the night hip-hop died.

The groups who made Hip-Hop great, like Tribe, De La Soul, Run DMC, NWA, Biggie, Tupac would be pushed to the side while fake Hip-Hop people like Jay-Z and Kanye and all of the forgettable acts since took over hip-hop. Most of those losers would steal from me or others to pass off other people's music as there own.

Jay-Z is not African-American, he is a dark illuminati Jew. He named his record company "Rockafeller" after the Rockefellers - the american wing of the Rothschild family. Jay-Z had no talent at all, the illuminati created his entire career for him and the price of admission was to stab real hip-hop in the back and kill it.

15 years in prison is how much time Jay was facing. Looking back, they were truly staring down the barrel of a shotgun. But the illuminati made sure he never saw one day in prison. The Lawyer who got Jay-Z off publicly advertized himself as a mob lawyer of the 1970s and 1980s, who is now lending his talents to Rap artists.

Jay-Z's lawyer, who goes by the name "Don't Worry Murray," is known for his one-liners ("I love murder—always one less witness to worry about") as well as his courtroom antics. At one trial involving multiple defendants, Richman used the "sleeping defendant routine"—he had his client sleep through the entire trial—a tactic that made the seemingly drowsy defendant come across as an unlikely trigger man. He's also managed to convince a jury that a murder victim "accidentally" fell on his client's knife seven times. Obviously, the illuminati brought in their best mob attorney to help out Jay-Z. (the same attorney went on to work of Puff Daddy in the Shine )

Jay-Z didn't even really do the stabbing, it was his body guard who did the stabbing. Jay-Z just wanted to brag about stabbing someone. Jay Z is too big a pussy to stab anyone. Jay-Z is literally a dickless Jew with no balls. He is all talk, no substance.

Jay-Z said during the trial, "“Before I even realized what I was doing, I headed back over to him, but this time I was blacking out with anger. The next thing I knew, all hell had broken loose in the club.”

This statement reveals he's lying in a number of ways. First you don't black out with anger, that's ridiculous. You get angry and pissed but rage is not like not being able to remember something. The hell breaking lose is an illuminati reference. Jay-Z let all "hell loose" with the stabbing by letting the illuminati Satanic Jews take over Hip-Hop. In Decoded, Jay-Z also joked about how his clothing sales for the Jacket he wore when he was arrested spiked after the arrest. He said he made so much money on those coats three weeks before Christmas.

Jay Z is a massive pussy as we all saw when Solange beat the shit out of him in the elevator. Jay-Z beats on women and children, but he's afraid to hit a man. Here's Jay-Z slapping a woman:

Jay-Z is a dickless ball-less bitch. Solange wasn't mad at him because he cheated on Beyonce with a woman, it's because he cheated on Beyonce with Puff Daddy again. Jay had Puff fuck him with his strap-on (puff has no dick either). Solange told Jay Z, he had to stop being gay now that Beyonce was having a baby. Jay Z wanting to claim it was because he cheated on Beyonce with a Menage a Trois is all bullshit lies. The truth is Solange was telling Jay Z he couldn't act gay anymore now that he was about to be a father.