Jennifer Garner is saying she took Ben Afleck to the hospital for rehab but really she poisoned him and tried to kill him.

They stopped at Jack in the Box prior to because Ben had advocated for my release from my truman show of torture. The illuminati refer to me as Jack and they want to box me in. She was feeding him Jack in the Box as a message that America has to keep me imprisoned or they will murder people like Ben Afleck who stand up for my freedom.

Jennifer said that Ben had fallen off the wagon 'a while ago', and has 'gotten progressively worse'. This is illuminati code for Ben Afleck not being on the illuminati wagon. Him refusing to tow the Satanist line. And progressively worse is code for Ben advocating for America's freedom and Bernie Sanders as America's progressive voice.

Witnesses said Jennifer Garner arrived carrying a bible and accompanied by her custody lawyer to Ben's house. This is code that the Illuminati Satanic Church and Donald Trump, the executive branch won't tolerate Ben Afleck voicing support for me.

Besides almost killing Ben, Jennifer Garner set up Ben to be in a horrible position in his custody proceedings with her. Jen is a jealous narcistic pathological liar. She has absolutely no morals and thinks she is a God and is entitled to fuck over other people as well as murder them and eat their children,

Jennifer Garner is a sick illuminati Jew who has murdered millions of children. She steals babies and murders them for her sick satanic witch rituals. She is a crazy schizophrenic alcholic heroin addict. Her father was an illuminati Jew who was impregnated by an African from Somalia. She came out of her Jewish father's vagina.

Jen is also a Russian spy and has been one for a long time ever since the days of Alias. She got the Alias show because she agreed to be a Russian Spy. Jennifer was a spy during the first wave of Russian spies like Anna Chapman. Because Jennifer was a scientologist she got to be a spy in Hollywood.

Jennifer Garner has clones that are all her age. She can die and they can replace her immediately. She was one of the first people the illuminati cloned. When she performed in Alias she would do her own stunts and often die while doing them. Her clones could immediately replace her. Putin owns Jennifer's clones and he created 100 of her. There are only 5 left now.

Jennifer Clones are not the same as the clones the illuminati makes because they are all clones of one person rather than a clone of a clone of clone etc. Jennifer was always a mental retard but her clones aren't as likely to get flaws because they are not copies of copies like the Jade Egg Clones.

Because Jen grew up as as 1 of 100, she has no value for human life. Her clones get killed all the time and she treats humans as if they are expendable clones. She kills people all the time - children and adults. She has a lot of power in the illuminati because of her Russian Scientology and Jewish connections.

Jen can't act and hasn't done much but commercials since Alias which was never any good and is now mostly forgotten as a series. Jennifer is a mental retard who can't read or write. She is lobotmized and operated like a stepford wife when she "acts". Other actors like people like Andy Serkis operate her for her performances - even for all her commercials.

Jennifer is also a massive part of the Church of Scientology. She is a weird cultist who was born into scientology - her parents were also scientologists. That's another reason she was allowed to "act" in Hollywood.

Jennifer's whole look is fake and fabricated by millions of plastic surgeries. She has a team of plastic surgeons on staff and she has them suck the blood out of babies in the morning so she can drink babies blood with the shit she eats for breakfast.

Jennifer is a cannibal and a necrophiliac who uses strap-on knife dildos to rape little children she has exhumed from the grave. She eats their dead corpses after she sodomizes the children tearing up their bodies.