Jimmy Kimmel is a an illuminati inbred Jew and a big part of the NWO. He is a Satanist who murders children. A dickless balless hermaphrodite, Jimmy rapes little children with a strap-on.

Jimmy's children are all artificially created in the CRISPR machine and he only cares about them the way a narcissist cares about his children. The illuminati are completely dependent on CRISPR for their children. They can't have children normally, not even with in vitro. They don't have eggs, They just have vaginas without ovaries. They don't have any semen either.

So now they are making children out of combining genetics. Take two bits of DNA and intercut them into a half clone of each parent. It is not possible to create a viable fetus this way. That's why all their CRISPR children are dying.

Kimmel like Bill Maher is a fake illuminati Jewish progresive. Both of them are slave owning Satanists who murder children. They think they are Gods and meant to rule America. They are part of the shit eating hermaphrodite gay club who think they are Gods and we should all be their slaves.

Jimmy started on the Man Show and that's where he should have ended. He's just not good at his job. His openings are boring. He delivers his shtick way too fast. Even if he gets good writers, he can't deliver the jokes properly. The entire thing is punctuated with laugh tracks that feel eery and forced.

Jimmy has a fast high pitched NY whiney Jew delivery. Contrasting him to Stephen Colbert is like light and dark. Stephen is really funny, knows how to communicate. When Stephen is doing politics it's interesting and funny. When Jimmy does the same stuff, it's boring and whiney.

Jimmy's use of Guillermo is really racist and yet everyone laughs along like it's not big deal. If a black person was playing the same role as Guillermo, everyone would scream RACIST from the tops of their l lungs but because it's a latino everyone just laughs along.

Jimmy is just a giant ASSHOLE. That's why he named his company jackHOLE. Particularily he wants to be an asshole to America.

Jimmy's whole show is designed to sell illuminati racism to us while Jimmy gets progressive about issues when the illuminati to sympathize themselves. Jimmy's children are dying because they're CRISPR children and they will never be genetically able to survive.

Steven didn't work the week of Memorial Day as a protest to my continued imprisonment and torture. Members of the resistance are already beginning to protest the illuminati's control of America. Stephen won't work in a country run by the illuminati. He won't work in a country where I am still a prisoner and being tortured. He is not quiting yet, but this work stoppage was a strike to illustrate to the illuminati that he can walk away from the Late show at any point if the illuminati does not get out of America.

Kimmel shouldn't even have his job. His ratings are horrible. He pays ABC to have the job. ABC is a NAZI channel. It's 100% illuminati, that's why Disney owns it. Kimmel is the illuminati NY Jew they think should be the face of late night television in America.

The illuminati would demand a Jew in Jimmy's job but it could have been any of a certain group of Jews. They could have picked Seth Meyers or Jimmy Fallon, but Jimmy had the most money. Jimmy pays the illuminati to be on the show. Dark illuminati Jew Steve Harvey pays to be on his show too. Just like the illuminati basketball players don't get money from their teams, they actually pay to be on them.

Steph Curry doesn't get paid any money from the NBA, he pays them to be a basketball player. He also pays to be in the commercials. No one ever came to him and asked him to be in a Nissan Commercial, no Steph paid trillions to be in the Commercial so he can say, look I'm in this commercial, aren't I cool?

The illuminati has become so much richer than the rest of us they've inverted the entire economy. Now the illuminati Jews are paying to take certain jobs like Jimmy Kimmel and Steph Curry. Even Donald Trump paid the illuminati so he could be President. Hillary would have had to pay as well if she wanted to be President. President is now a figurehead position in the NWO and the illuminati Jews desire to have that position and are willing to spend trillions of dollars to the NWO who then decide who gets the Job.

A lot of News Casters on CNN, most of the ones on Fox and almost all the ones on ABC, NBC and MSNBC pay to be on their shows now. Rachel Maddow pays to be on her show. Chris Hayes pays to be on his show. Even Anderson Cooper pays to be on his show. In reality, Anderson is not popular in America, the Illuminati pay trillions every night to try and brainswash people into thinking they like him. Even then his ratings are far lower than CNN will admit. That's why Anderson pays to be Anderson Cooper - lead anchor on CNN.

Wolf Blitzer is what Anderson should be. Anderson is a ghostly vampire who never really says much. He's vapid and light weight. He doesn't seem grounded or insightful. That's what an anchor is supposed to be, a bit grim but insightful and at times funny. That's Wolf Blitzer, who's great at his job. Anderson is none of those things.

These illuminati want to be on TV and they have the money to buy the positions. They're just robots reading illuminati propaganda anyway, it doesn't matter if they're any good at their jobs. The jobs have become things that are forsale in the illumninati, but you have to be part of the club to buy them. You have to have enough money to buy them.

All these illuminati also are slave owners, which gives them vastly more wealth than regular Americans in the illuminati world we live in. The illuminati has specific values determined for each slave. Jimmy Kimmel has millions of slaves, these are worth a lot of money. He pays for his job in slaves.

The slave economy is off the books so no one pays taxes on it. Really the 1% gap that everyone talks about in America - the vast chasm between the rich and everyone else is much, much, much vaster than anyone even realizes or talks about. When you factor in the slaves, the Illuminati 1% have TRILLIONS MORE IN WEALTH and they're using all that money to buy our government and invert our entire economy.

Getting the illuminati and Slavery out of America will help to restore the balance between rich and poor in America. It is just a first step, but it would have a massive effect on the actual disparity between rich and poor.