The Illuminati pedophilia in England is EXTREME. They seek out young kids with musical abilitlies to sexually abuse. The illuminative believes they get some sort of magical power by abusing these children and murdering them. That's why Jimmy Savile was so important in England. He was the gate keeper to musical success and he used that position to abuse, rape and murder millions.

He also murdered millions of children and people who were in hospitals. He is a horrid piece of shit.

Jimmy Saville was best buds with Prince Charles himself. They're all part of the OTO. Crowley himself was a spy for the Queen. It's all just a big cover for pedophilia and Satanism.

When Charles was thinking about divorcing Diana the first person he talked to was Jimmy Saville. They were both raped with umbrellas together by Charles' mom, they have a deep bond.

Saville is a sadistic sick Satanist who abused people at hospitals. He got away with so much evil pubically because he was so high up in the OTO and the Illuminati. Seville would even brag about doing things like stealing eyeballs from corpses at the hospital. He took one persons eye and encased it in glass and then wore it as a ring and a necklace. On his last Top of the Pops show he wored the necklace and groped a young child while on TV. Mick Jagger was abused by Jimmy Savile as well.

Mick Jagger was abused by the Royal Family his whole life. He was sodomized with a carrot by the Queen when he was 3. He was raped by her with an umbrella when he was 5. Mick has always been an evil asshole who was happy to be used by the Illuminati and the OTO. He has always been a Satanist. Keith Richards in contrast is a great guy who was abused but does not abuse and never has -- though he has had an expensive heroin habit to maintain at times. The Illuminati likes to combine musicians who have been abused in their pedofilia system. They tell them that's the reward for being horiffically sexually abused for decades - you get to be a pop star now! They like to make sure they have sexual abusers and child murderers in their bands -- people like Mick Jagger, Thom Yorke and Ringo Starr.