John Lennon's death was faked. The illuminati don't like to kill superstars like John Lennon, Elvis, Robin Williams or Michael Jackson. Instead they fake their deaths and then move them to a concentration camp or prison. Elvis is kept in a prison in Japan, John Lennon is kept in a Russian Gulag in bitterly cold siberia.

The Gulag is a specially designed prison for Putin's enemies with paranormal powers. John Lennon had telepath and the power of prophecy. He had magical abilities. This gulag is set up with people with magical abilities so they can't communicate via telepathy to other parts of the world.

Otherwise, people would learn eventually that John Lennon was still alive. So the Russians keep him in a prison where they are treated like dehumanized dogs and forced to eat gruel. There are no instruments and they're not aloud to sing.

John Lennon has been in this concentration camp for 38 years now. Lennon is 79 years old now.

The Japanese ordered his kidnapping. The Russians were the one's picked to keep Lennon prisoner. Part of that choice was based on Lenin and Russia. The Illuminati thought it was cute that they were imprisoning Lennon in the land of Lenin.

The Russians occasionally make him perform for Putin and his evil satanic friends but Lennon has spit on Putin's face before which was a big catastrophe for the illuminati so Putin doesn't do that anymore.

Putin was so shocked at being spat at that he immediatley ordered John Lennon's execution only to find out that people very close to him in his entourage all work for the Japanese who don't want John Lennon shot, even if he spit's in their little monkey Putin's face.

Putin was so insulted he cried for days and went into a drug fueled bing of orgies with African men. He was in a haze of heroin, meth and cocaine for 3 months afterwards and the Japanese thought it was hilarious. They told Lennon afterwards to spit on him whenever Putin demanded a performance. So Putin hasn't visited Lennon since.

Yoko ONO was always a Japanese spy sent to entrap John Lennon in a relationship. The Japanese have long been fixated on John Lennon. They think his eyes look asian and that he's buddhist like. They also fear Lennon because of his strong advocation for love and unity. They sent Yoko over to watch him. Yoko was meant to break up theBeatles and keep John from writing as much.

Yoko was also part of the conspiracy to have John Lennon stolen from America and moved to a Russian Concentration Camp. She set him up and coordinated the abduction. Yoko is also a Japanese witch of the worst sort.

Yoko has done hundreds of thousands of spells involving child mutiliation and murder. She cuts babies up into pieces and reads their entrails. She bathes in young girls blood because she thinks it will make her skin stay younger. She is schizophrenic, with multiple personalities as well as a pathological liar and narcissist. She is a stupid slut and an evil user temptress.