After Shakespeare in Love, Joseph Fienes was abducted by the illuminati and take to a concentration camp. He is still there 20 years later.

The Fiennes brothers are like the Franco brothers, they are not brothers but clones who came out differently. Joseph and Ralph aren't brothers so much as the same person who looks different. Joseph was the best looking out of all the clones and Ralph was the meanest. The Fiennes surname comes from the French village of Fiennes, Pas-de-Calais.

All the Fiennes clones are illuminati Jews. They are the Queen's slaves and the product of her French slave program. Officially, Fiennes is an eighth cousin of Charles, Prince of Wales but he's still a slave.

Joseph's clone Ralph knew that Joseph got abucted. Ralph helped set up the abduction. Ralph was upset that Joseph was becoming such a big star. Not only had Joseph just done Shakespeare in love he had also just done Elizabeth. Both movies came out in 1998.

Joseph Fiennes already had another "brother" who was so close to to Joseph that he was his official twin brother Jacob. After the illuminati abducted Joseph they replaced him with Jacob Fiennes. Ever since Jopeph's career fell off the rails and he never became a big star while Ralph became bigger and bigger.

Ralph is a big Satanist and child murderer which is why he played the Satan character in Harry Potter. His dedication to the illuminati has allowed him to have a big career. Ralph is really stupid, he uses big blue to seem like he's intelligent. Like all the Fiennes inbred jewish family, Ralph is a mental retard.

Joseph wasn't a Satanist though he was raised as one. He rejected the illuminati and started advocating for my release. Because of that the illuminati took him prisoner and have kept him in Japan all this time. They abducted in him 1999 right before the year 2000 when they thought that their world was going to end (they were off by 25 years.)

Joseph was advocating for my release at an important point for them and the Japanese couldn't handle the pressure. They abducted him and then after the year 2000 when they realized Niburu wasn't coming, they couldn't bring him back because Jacob had already taken over his life.

Ralph Fiennes is gay. He made hired that stewardess to make up the whole thing about having sex in the airplane because he wanted to put to bed the rumors of him being gay. The whole story was fake.