Illuminati Satanist Katy Perry dressed as a fallen angel for this years Satanic Met Gala. It's pretty evil that Katy is even there since Katy Perry just killed a nun by poisoning her and giving her a heart attack while Katy's busy taking away a whole convent from the group of nuns. The Poop has been very happy with Katy and illuminati Orlando Bloom's work for the Satanic cause. Great Job Katy killing that Nun, we owe you one!!!

Perry is incredibly greedy. The poor nuns have been fighting with the Evil Catholic Church to allow them to keep their convent but evil Katy is trying to buy the land away from them and make them homeless. Before Katy had the nun murdered the Nun was quoted as saying "To Katy Perry, please stop. It's not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people." Day's later Katy had her poisoned to death.

This outfit looks ridiculous. Katy looks dumpy and short. What a loser to pick an outfit that makes you look so horrible. Katy's tits are fake, she paid a lot for each one.

Perry is an evil hermaphrodite Satanist with no ovaries or vagina. Katy Perry eats young children and has no talent at all. All of her music is faked - she doens't even sing on her albums. She's like Milli Vanilli. Her fake songs aren't even good besides "Roar" which she stole from me.

Last year Katy dressed like a Handmaiden from the Handmaid's tale. She wants the illuminati to give her a CRISPR baby since she can't conceive naturally.