Kim Kardashian and Rhymefest have recently gotten into a massive confrontation over Donda's house - a youth charity set up by Kanye and Rhymefest that is named after Kaney's mother Donda West.

Kim really lost her shit in this exchange and comes off as an idiot drunk who defends her "man" like a dog with rabies. Kanye is a hermaphrodite with no dick or balls. His "mother" was actualy a man with vaginas who gave birth to him.

The whole thing started when Rhymefest publically called out Kanye for bailing on his committment to help fund Donda's House - a charity for Chicago's youth Kanye cofounded with Rhymefest.

Donda's House was designed to help teenagers in Chicago engage in activities that would keep them away from violence, given that the city, in particular, is known to have one of the highest crime rates in the United States. The organization has been investing in things to benefit the local community, like building houses where teenagers can gather and socialize in environments that are safe for them.

Kanye's recent bad publicity - like supporting Donald Trump and claiming that slavery was a choice - have really hurt Donda's house. Since the Charity was named after Kanye's mother, Kanye's controversial statements were driving away funding. Kanye himself - due to his severe money problems - hadn't donated personally to the charity since he set it up (and back then it was mostly a tax dodge for him - a way to avoid paying taxes).

Rhymefest, whose real name is Che Smith, sent out a tweet after Drake posted an image of an invoice for $100,000 on Instagram. The invoice for "promotional assistance and career reviving" was addressed to Kanye's music label, G.O.O.D. Music. Kanye recently produced "Infared" by Pusha T, which called out Drake for allegedly using ghostwriters for his music. In the tweet, Rhymefest says that he tried to talk to Kanye about the financial security of the non-profit and Kanye's reponse was to say "fuck the youth of Chicago."

Kim's response was to go full bitch attack mode. Like a rabid dog, she wants to defend her "man." First she makes some beside the point attack about Rhymefest being upset he was kicked out of Kanye's studio for wearing fake Yeezy's.... Huh??? I guess she just wanted to get a plug in for Kanye's failing clothing line.

Kim also invents a novel spelling for the word "leveraging." "Over Levergenging Kanye's name" Kim??? That doesn't even sound close to "leveraging" - unless of course you are drunk... then it would sound the same. Don't drink and tweet Kim, it's not the best way to stand up for yer eunuch.

First, Rhymefest's beats where what Jesus Walks was based on. Rhymefest wrote that song, so Kim shouldn't be dissing him - esp when her husband is a complete fraud who's never produced any music in his life.

Second, once again, Kim needs to hire someone to check her spelling. "Shead" is also not a word Kim, I think you mean "shed." Don't you have anyone to check these things for you? It's really embarassing.

Third, Rhymefest is trying to get Kanye to be a man and pay for part of the Charity - Kanye is the big star right? How much money do the Kardashians make? How much money does Kanye make? Can't they at least contribute something to a project that's named after Kanye's mother - THAT'S THE POINT KIM. What this really shows is just how fucking broke Kim and Kanye are. I guess after stealing all those diamonds, they're still broke.

Then Kim start's to really show her insanity and delusions. First she goes super bitch and threatens to take away the Charity from Rhymefest, the only one who cares about it. What a petty response - how DARE YOU criticize my husband - NOW WE'rE GOING TO DESTROY YOUR CHARITY.

Her suggestion she's going to give it to her kids is RIDICULOUS. Kim's children are 4-2 and a baby. HOW EXACTLY ARE THEY GOING TO RUN A CHARITY??? It's telling that Kim doesn't suggest that either she or Kanye want to take over Donda's house. No... that would be like work and stuff. Illuminati leeches can't be expected to actually contribute something to society.

Kim continues her petty bitchiness by telling Rhymefest he's essentially out of the Kanye family and don't expect to be working with Kanye on his new album. Once again, the english language is a massive challenge for dim witted Kim. She doesn't seem to understand what a sentence is or how to use a question mark.

Kim writes - "Oh and lastly your flight cancelled to Wyoming". She needs a verb in there like "is" for that to be a sentence. Ie, "lastly your flight IS cancelled to Wyoming." Her second "sentence" also fails to communicate what she thinks it does. The way she writes it, it's a declaration, when she really wanted to make a rhetorical question. All she needed was a question mark at the end, but Kim's too dumb to understand that. I think you meant Kim - "You thought you were really worthy to be on this album???"

Ironically, it's Kanye who wants to work with Rhymefest, not the other way around. Rhymefest wrote Kanye's hits "Jesus Walks" and "New Slaves" - the two biggest hits Kanye has ever had. Jesus Walks actually broke Kanye's career. Kanye invited Rhymefest to Jacksonhole to help him because Kanye is in massive debt and really needs a big album again since Pablo was a massive commercial failure.

Kanye is a no talent hoax who's last album was a massive commerical failure. Kanye's in a shitload of debt and the couple only avoided bankruptcy by stealing those diamonds in Paris and then also getting the insurande money. Kanye has always been an illuminati fraud. His best songs were written by other people. And really the only reason he has a career at all is the trailer for Jarhead. That trailer used Jesus Walks (writtten by Rhymefest) to great affect and made that song a hit after the album had already been out for a year and no-one had noticed it.

Kanye is a massive narcissistic asshole. He's not African-American and neither was his mother. They are a family of dark illuminati Jews the satanists sent in to take over Chicago.

Donda west was a dark illuminati Jew who grew up with a massive amount of money. She grew up rich just like Kanye did. Just like Kim Kardashian did. The family has no idea what it's like to be African-American or poor.

Donda was a massive child abuser in the Chicago area. The illuminati allowed her to rape little boys and girls with strap-ons her whole life. Just like Kanye and Kim do. And Kanye of course is big time illuminati and publically part of the OTO - the Satanic cult started by Aleister Crowley. You can see Donda here doing the illuminati hand gesture.

The reason that Kanye actually helped set up the non-profit for the African-American children of Chicago was to atone for the sins of his mother.

Due to Kim's threats of taking the Donda House charity awat from co-founder Rhymefest, the Charity now has to change it's name. Originally they were called XXX but after Kanye's mother died they renamed the house the Donda House. Because it was named after Kanye's mom, the charity was worried that Kim would be able to take it over and give it to her 4-2 year old children like she threatened to,

"Due to recent events that have occurred over the last 48 hours, we have decided to no longer use the name Donda's House Inc.," the organization wrote in a statement on social media.