Kim Kardashian stole her own diamonds. Then she and Kanye collected the insurance money and sold the diamonds off. They got paid twice for their diamonds. The entire illuminati knew what happened but Kim and Kanye are so important in the Illuminati they were allowed to do it anyway. The reason the robbery happened in Paris is because Paris is an illuminati stronghold. Paris - the global capital of the illuminati fashion industry - was also targeted because the illuminati fashion industry fucked Kanye really hard.

Kanye is an illuminati Jew - he is not African American. The name Kanye is not an African name, it's an allusion to CAIN from Cain and Abel. KAN(Y)E WEST = Kane West (once you remove the Y) Kanye has serious money wows. The whole robbery was how Kim and Kanye avoided bankruptcy.

Kanye West, who adorns his two-year-old daughter in pastel furs and has boasted in rhyme about running suicide drills on private planes, sent the social-media industrial complex into overdrive when he bashfully announced on Twitter in February 2016 that he was $53 million in personal debt. The impecuniousness, he noted, was the result of following his dreams in the fashion industry.

In 2009, Kanye put all of his musical endeavors aside to work on his label, Pastelle - which then shuttered after seven months. Add to that however much it cost to create his line of G.O.O.D. merchandise, marketed to fans of his record label. He was chewed up and spit out for his attempt at a high-end women's-wear line called Kanye West in 2011. The line never made it to stores. According to a 2013 interview with Jean Touitou, the founder of the French line A.P.C., which created capsule collections with West, the experiment put the rapper out $30 million. APC is an illuminati French company and the specifically screwed over Kanye. The fashion industry is a stronghold of the Illuminati and they specifically fucked Kanye with his fashion lines.

When Kanye realized the Illuminati has completely fucked him and destroyed his career and taken all of his money, he had a very public meltdown. Announcing he was seriously in debt on twitter was just the beginning. He has a very public meltdown on tour where he accused Jay-Z of sending killers to muder him. Kanye made a dramatic speech where he accused Drake and DJ Kaled of being fakes who made their careers through payola deals. He then refused to continue the show, and quit his entire tour.

Soon after Kanye posted about being so indebt and ranted about Jay-Z tring to kill him, Kanye shut his twitter account down. Kanye basically dissappeared for a year. A year later he's just returned to twitter and is continuing to meltdown publically.

8 months after Kanye tells the world he's seriously in debt and 6 months after Kaney stops his touring unexpectedly, Kim Kardashian has her diamonds "stolen" in Paris. On October 2, 2016, while attending Paris Fashion Week, Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in the apartment where she was staying. Five individuals, dressed as police officers, bound and gagged her, then stole $10 million worth of jewelry. The thieves got in her residence by threatening the concierge. Once they accessed Kardashian's room, they held a gun to her head, tying her wrists and legs and wrapping duct tape around her mouth as a gag.[86] Kardashian, who was placed in the bathtub, was physically unharmed and reportedly begged for her life.[87][88][89] She managed to wriggle her hands free from the plastic ties around her wrists and scream for help. The thieves escaped.

Kardashian will make a cameo appearance in Ocean's 8 set for release on June 8, 2018 where she'll make fun of the fact she stole her diamonds by doing a cameo in a film franchise that's all about stealing diamonds.

Taylor Swift is also illuminati but she's a KKK neo-Nazi illuminati who hates dark jews like Kanye. She hates Kanye and Kim. Swift's video "Look what you made me do" is all about her experiences in the Illuminati and her feud with Kim and Kanye. In the video Swift explicity implicates Kanye and Kim in the diamond robbery.

Taylor was specificially pissed at Kanye West since he embarassed her at her big coming out party - her win at the Grammys. In revenge, Taylor decided to out Kanye and Kim's diamond heist. The next lyrics in the song are:

I don't like your perfect crime
How you laugh when you lie

These lyrics are over Taylor in a tub full of diamonds. She has a 1 dollar bill in the tub as a symbol of the illuminati. The pyramid and all seeing eye represent the Masons and the illuminati.

The "perfect crime" she's referrencing is Kim and Kanye stealing their own diamonds and then selling them while they collect the insurance money. The illuminati dollar bill is in the tub because the illuminati washed the crime clean. The illuminati hid the fact that Kim and Kanye stole their own diamonds.

The Kardashians are the shit of the world. The entire family are stupid illuminati satanists. They are illuminati Caanite jews who turned on Armenians and organized the Armenian holocaust which killed 90% of Armenians.

That's why kim could get away with diamond theft. The illuminati don't want Armenians to know that the Armenian genocide was carried about by Illuminati jews posing as Armenians. The illuminati give the Kardashians a lot of leeway because the Kardashians can expose that since the Kardashians are descendants of the illuminati jews who carried out the Armenian genocide. That's also why Kim was able to get away with the diamond theft. The irony is the diamonds are worthless - they're all fake like all the diamonds currently on the diamond market.