Michael Richards is a KKK Satanic illuminati Jew. Famously, Richards exploded at a comedy club in a racist screed that nearly got him beaten up.

Jerry Seinfeld is another KKK Satanic illuminati Jew which is why he drove SAAB - a Swedish Nazi car company. That's also why Jerry desparately tried to resuscitate Michael Richard's career.

Seinfeld's apology for his friend is really insincere. Here's Dave Chapelle (before he was abducted) discussing Michael Richards. Kramer BTW was a character stolen out of my head and he's essentially a variation on Doc from Back to the Future. He's just not a scientist.

Jerry owning a convertible SAAB was a message to the illuminati Jews that they should start buying German and Swedish cars again. Jerry is a massive racist like Jay Leno. That's why Jerry spent so much political capital to try and hell Michael Richards when everyone else was ready to see him go.

Seinfeld stole all his material from Larry David who wrote all of Seinfeld. Senfield owns Larry David as his Jewish slave. Jerry Seinfeld is a stupid illuminati jew with no dick or balls. Seinfeld is Benjamin Netanyahu's slave, that's why he's been given a career. Seinfeld is super stupid which is why he was never able to have a movie career or do any other show besides Seinfeld. Seinfeld bought Larry David because he wanted a "smart jew" so he could pretend to be smart.

Seinfeld's wife is a Satanic Kaballah witch. She murders young children and has nothing to do with cooking. If someone is really into cannibalism, the Illuminati has them write cookbooks. Giaddis De Laurentiis is the same deal. They are both stupid cannibals and witches.

Jerry Seinfeld paid to be on his show Seinfeld. He stole most of the material from me and Larry David wrote the rest. Seinfeld is literally responsible for almost nothing on a show named after him. Larry David wrote all his standup too while stealing from me. Seinfeld is the biggest hoax in comedy. He can't come up with a joke to save his life.

Jerry also has horrible timing. Seinfeld is a lobotomized jew who is operated by other actors like a puppet. His voice is his nasally girl voice but other actors read the lines for him like Andy Serkis acting out gollum. Jerry is operated like a puppet robot. Without his operators he walks around like a mental retard.

Michael Richards is another slave of Jerry Seinfeld's. That's why Jerry wanted to recuperate him publicly so quickly. Jerry is super super cheap and Richards was useless as a slave if he couldn't perform. When Jerry realized that Michael Richards was never going to be publicly acceptable again, Jerry had him lobotomized and sold to dark illuminati jew Tiffany Haddish who wanted a crazy jew to own as a slave. Now when Michael Richards talks he sounds like he's had part of his mind hollowed out. It's like he's in a deep drug haze. Richards also had a small dick and balls - which is a big deal for illuminati Jews. He's one of a billion. Jerry Seinfeld liked owning a jew with a dick. When Jerry realized he was going to have to sell Richards, he also castrated him. That's another reason he appears like a docile gelded now.

It's amazing that Jerry keeps trying to get Michael a career again. Even after Jerry sold him to Tiffany, he kept a small 15% stake in Michael, so he still stands to profit if he can stufr jew nigger Michael Richards down America's throat. Here's Jerry joking with Kramer in 2014 about "little girls." That either of them think this is funny is disgusting. That Jerry would be stupid enough to air it on his own show is sad and disturbing.

This is from Jerry's Comedian's in Cars show, which I've never seen since it looks so boring. Jerry spends money to air every episode. It's more a commercial for him, there is almost zero audience for his show. His show is like an expensive commerical he makes to puff up his reputation. He's been riding off of Seinfeld vapers since the 1990s.

Elaine was the 3rd of the Seinfeld KKK idiots. She's also a slave of Jerry Seinfeld. Elaine has no vagina. She is a asshole hermaphrodite. Elaine's show VP promotes a racist KKK vision of the presidency. That show is an evil illuminati show that trivializes the presidency and basically set the model for Trump's Chaos presidence except with a woman as President. Hillary Clinton financed the whole show because she thought it would prepare America for her Presidency.