I can speak through TVs. If I speak, my voice can be heard by the people inside the TV. This power is unique to me the Messiah. No one else has this ability. It's kinda like Mike Teavee who can travel through a TV. I can't travel through a TV but I can talk through one.

If people have ESP, they can also communicate back to me through the TV via ESP. So I can have conversations over time with people who have ESP. For instance, Elvis had ESP and I can speak to him through old footage of his performances.

This ability works for all media - Films, video, records, even digital mediums. I can speak to people who are recording an album as they are recording. My ability works best through audio-visual mediums like film and TV because both audio and picture are present. Just audio or just video is not as effective but still roughly works.

Part of this ability is the ability to talk through time. If I'm talking to a recording from the 1950s, I'm talking to people in the 1050s. When I speak to people like JFK, MLK and Elvis they can hear me.

Martin Luther King directed part of his famous I have a dream speach directly to me. When MLK says he's seen the promised land, he turns and looks directly at camera. MLK didn't break the 4th wall in other speaches, he did it in that one because he understood me as God's representative who would lead America to the promise land.

Elvis was one of the first recorded musicians. He was one of the first people to hear me and when he filmed his live performances, people in the crowd could also hear me. Often I would whistle along to his performances. Elvis actually told people that they would be able to hear me when he was recorded on live TV.

Elvis played Hound Dog on the Steve Allen show in 1956. Steve Allen was a big illuminati jew and he hated Elvis and didn't believe him that God played along when he sang (which is how Elvis put it.) Allen wanted to embarass Elvis by revealing him to be a fraud. To Allen's surprise, the audience heard me during the show and Elvis was vindicated.

Steve Allen made Elvis sing to a dog with a top hat because he was trying to insult God. Dog is God backwards, so Steve Allen was saying that Elvis was backwards and stupid. The Hound Dog in the song is actually a reference to the illuminati itself - a negative one. The lyrics go:

You ain't nothing but a hound dog
Been snoopin' 'round my door
You can wag your tail
But I ain't gonna feed you no more

You told me you was high-class
But I could see through that
And daddy, I know
You ain't no real cool cat

The Hound Dog is the illuminati who comes into America and says they're high class but then just loafs off of American hard work. That's how Americans in the South looked at the illuminati. Steve Allen wanted to turn that around by giving the Hound Dog the top hat and making Elvis sing to him.

I can talk to people on the TV today as well. I watch newsccasters all the time and verbally comment on the news. If I don't think the broadcaster is doing a good job, I'll let them know. Most of the time the TV Talking heads try and pretend that I'm not there. When I first discovered this power (which I only gained on my 42nd birthday), I heard one station say "he knows" before starting a segment of the news.

Some people can't handle me talking over them and commenting on them. Lawrence O'Donnell is one of those people. Lawrence had a meltdown last year because he coudln't get my voice out of his head.

When Lawrence is saying "will someone please stop the jack hammering" and "who do I have to talk to to turn this voice off" he's talking about me. The illuminati often refer to me as Jack as code because I'm jack in the beanstalk who gets the Golden Eggs. Jack hammering is Lawrence complaining about me.

Lawrence O'Donnell is an illuminati Jew. He is an inbred Rothschild with trillions of genetic diseases - which is why he's so stupid. Lawrence is literally a moron. He is a closeted gay man without a dick or balls.

Lawrence is a fake progressive. He grew up a rich spoiled brat who murdered children along with his family. Lawrence owns slaves. Chris Cuomo on CNN is one of his slaves.