Madonna is a stupid illuminati fraud. She can't sing worth shit and usually has other people ghost her vocals on albums and at concerts. Her original act was a rip off of Cyndi Lauper. All Madonna did is take Cyndi's style and then make it more sexualized and slutty. Madonna has always whored herself to get ahead.

Madonna's later music was one different sound after another as she worked with different producers to create her albums. Madonna's music is meaningless and has nothing to with her. She likes to find hot producers, use them for street credibility and then fuck over their careers. That's what she did to Mirwais who helped her create one of her better albums of the last couple of decades before his career was destroyed.

Madonna is seriously mentally insane. She is a pathological narcisistic liar with delusions of grandeur. She is so crazy anal she makes everyone on tour eat the exact same meals she does. No one is allowed to deviate. She treats everyone as a slave and no is allowed to speak to her directly. I heard this through a stylist who worked with Madonna directly on some commercials.

Madonna is one of the most seriously mentally ill people in the public spotlight. She is schizophrenic, a sadist, has over 15 multiple personalities. She murders animals, children and gay men by the hundreds a day. She thinks she is a God an that everyone else are slaves that should bow to the greatness of Madonna. She thinks she's a bigger deal than the Pope.

Madonna is a big part of the Catholic Illuminati - which is why she chose the blasphemous name "Madonna" in the first place. Early on the Catholic Church helped raise Madonna's profile by launching protests against her for insulting the "Holy Mother." This was a frabricated plan by the illuminati and Madonna was one of many girls who were being chosen for how slutty they were and how much damage they could do to the image of the "Madonna".

When Madonna came about in the 1980s the cult of Madonna in the Catholic Church was very strong especially among Hispanics in South America. This was a threat to the Illuminati's male power structure so they wanted to discredit the very idea of a "Madonna." That's why they came up with the idea of Madonna and her sexualized whoring. It could have been any young woman - the illuminati Priests just wanted a "Madonna" who was super sexual so the could undermine the faithful's reverence for the actual Madonna.

Madonna's like a Virgin performance where she was pretending to masturbate herself on stage became the big story. Madonna's story became the big story and the Madonna wing of the Church dwindled away as people forgot about it. That was Madonna's first success in the illuminati and the reason they have supported her ever since.

Now Madonna is an old fat withc who men don't find attractive. She can't sing. She has lost her act and become so desparate that she has to go on the MTVs to remind everyone of who "Madonna" is and why "Madonna" is so great. That's why we ended up with her horrible tribute to Aretha Franklin.

No one appreciated Madonna's insulting tribute to Aretha Franklin. The Internet was having none of Madge the Bitch's bullshit.

She's getting old and fat and ugly now and can no longer whore herself to male audiences. Because Madonna's having an existential crisis, we end up with an Aretha Franklin VMA tribute which was all about Madonnna, Madonna, Madonna.

Madonna's "tribute" to Aretha Franklin was Madonna telling a story about how hard it was for Madonna to make it but thank god Madonna made it and there was one time where she sung an Aretha Franklin song to get an audition - that was a great day for Madonna. Literally, Aretha Franklins name comes up in passing and Madonna doesn't say a single sentence about the Queen of Soul. No comments on how great Aretha was, or what a difference she made to music. No the only thing Madonna talked about was Madonna.

Madonna's sole mention of Aretha Franklin's Natural Woman: 'Some skinny a** white girl is going to come up here and belt out a song by one of the greatest soul singers that ever lived? And a cappella … I said, 'B*tch, I'm Madonna.' No, I didn't, I didn't say that. 'Cause I wasn't Madonna yet. I don't know who I was. I don't know what I said, I don't know what came over me.'

Madonna went on to say: I walked to the edge of the pitch black stage, and started singing. When I was finished and drenched in nerve sweat. You know what that is, right nerve sweat? They said, "We will call you one day, maybe soon." Weeks went by and no phone call.'

'Finally, the phone rang, it was one of the producers, saying. "We don't think you are right for this job." I'm like, "Motherf****r, why are you calling me?" He replied, "We think you have great potential.

'You are rough around the edges, but there is good rawness. We want to bring you to Paris and make you a star. Well, we will put you in a studio, with the great Giorgio Moroder." And I had no idea who that was, and I wanted to live in Paris and I wanted to eat some food.'

'So, that was the beginning of my journey as a singer. I left for Paris, but I came back a few months later. Because I had not earned the life I was living. It felt wrong. They were good people, but wanted to write my own songs and be a musician, not a puppet. I needed to go home and learn to play guitar, and that's exactly what I did. And the rest is history.'

That's how despate Madonna is for attention. She is trying to steal the spotlight from Aretha Franklin's memorial. Madonna continued her meltdown by staging a forced kiss with Nicki Minaj backstage which was an obvious reference to one of her other greatest hits - her kissing Britney Spears on stage. The problem for Maddonna though is that people don't want to see Grandmother Lesbian sex. That's not doing Mad-dog-donna any favors.

Nicki Minaj is also a narcisist idiot desperate for attention. Minaj is a dark illuminati Jew without a vagina. She is a narcissistic retard with a tail. Nicki helped organize the acid attacks on Londoners for the illuminati, that's why they've given her a career. Nicki is a crazy mental retard witch like Madonna. The two idiots thought that having Madonna kiss a dark illuminati Jew would be as scandalous as Madonnna kissing Britney. Neither mental retard realized that no one wants to see an Old grandmother hag kiss an ugly darky monkey with a tail.

Here's Madonna with her upside down satanic cross on her head after kissing Nicki the devil monkey Minaj with claws.

Madonna is also a scientologist. She was raped by priests her whole life. She grew up as a child in the pedophile Catholic Church and the Detroid priests raped her weekly. She murders young girls and bites off the penises of young boys. The Scientologists blackmail her with all the dirt they have on her.

Madonna of coourse was so vain that she decided she would be a movie star as well as a recording star. The only problem was that no one wanted to see her movies.

Besides being a talent-less hack, Madonna is an evil evil witch who murders people daily. Madonna is a CONTROL FREAK. She murders children to feel in control. She does spells involving the blood letting of babies because it makes her feel in control. She worships Satan because she thinks Satan will give her what she wants. Madonna is a Jewish Kabbalah witch who has been murdering children since she moved to NYC.

Madonna is also a big racist. She didn't put a black man as Jesus becaus she likes black people. She only did it for shock value. Madonna hates black people. She is a super inbred Jewish white supremacist.

She used "nigga" in a racialized way about her own son. She implied that black men are strong and powerful and agressive -- all racist connotations. Her entire family were horrible racists.

This isn’t the first time Madonna has received backlash for honoring an icon. In 2016, people weren’t too happy with her tribute to the late and legendary Prince at the Billboard Awards. It's sad that the VMA's continutes to let Madonna denigrate massive legends like Prince and Aretha Franklin. Shame on the illuminati who run MTV and the the VMAs.

The next day, Madonna claimed that she wasn't doing a tribute to Aretha but that is a BALD FACED LIE. Aretha's Image was projected behind her while she was speaking - WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT IF MADONNA WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE DOING A TRIBUTE??? Madonna is a pathological liar narcissist as everyone saw on stage at the VMAs.