Malala Yousafzai did not survive the attack against her in 2012. She was murdered. She was not murdered by the Taliban as the Illuminati claims, she was murdered by Pakistani Illuminati who executed her because of her beliefs and activism.

The Taliban are good people not bad people. They are conservative but honorable. They used to be called the Muhahadeen when they fought with US against the soviets in the 1980s. Historically they were America's ally. George Bush began the war against the Mujahadeen because the Illuminati wanted to blame 911 - a catastrophe they organized planned and executed - on an escape goat. Osama Bin Laden was not Taliban or Mujahadeen, he was a Royal Illuminati Saudi Jew. The whole attack was carried out by Illuminati Saudis. And where was Osama fiinally found and assinated (by me I might add)? --> PAKISTAN.

Pakistan is run by the rigid Saudi Illuminati. They are the ones who wanted Malala dead. She was shot in Pakistan not Afghanistan. The entire Taliban blogging campaign that followed Malala was actually an Illuminati hoax that had nothing to do with the Taliban (Mujahadeen). The Illuminati planned out the whole thing and set it up to use the Taliban as the escape goat.

Malala was shot with more than one bullet. The Illuminati say she was hit with one bullet, which went through her head, neck, and ended in her shoulder next to her spinal cord. That bullet trajectory is not possible and also not survivable. You don't survive a point blank gun shot that goes into your head, through your neck and into your shoulder and then lodges in your spine. That kind of gun shot is simply not survivable. Especially since the attack was carried out by trained killers who aren't paid if they failed to murder their target. Why would assassins only shoot once?

Supposedly after a five-hour operation, doctors successfully removed the bullet from Malala. 5 is a sign of the Illuminati. They call themselves the HAND because the hand has 5 digits. A pentagram has 5 corners. This type of surgery wouldn't be possible in 5 hours. The fact that they chose 5 to tell everyone is a sign that the whole thing is the work of the Illuminati. They faked they operation because they wanted to bring out an imposter they had already prepared to replace Malala. Her parents were forced to go along with it. Everyone she knew was forced to go along with it. Otherwise they would have also been murdered.

After she was murdered, the Illuminati decided that setting up an imposter would be useful to them. The woman who has recieved the Nobel Peace Prize and speaks on behalf of women throughout the world is not Malala. She is a puppet the Illuminati uses to try and control women in Pakistan, India, the Middle East as well as the west.

The Nobel Comitttee is all Illuminati and their awards are designed to further the Illuminati's goals. Look at how one of their "Peace Prize" winners Aung San Suu Kyi is currently leading a genocidal campaign to wipe the Rohingya in Myanmar. The Royhingya are another muslim group like the Mujahadeen that the Illuminati want to eliminate. You know the Nobel Peace Prize is meaningless when a winner later commits war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Part of the reason she hasn't gone back to Pakistan since the shooting until now is because she's likely to get exposed as an imposter is she interacts with too many people. The Illuminati don't want her in her own neighborhood where people actually know her.