Puff Daddy killed Tupac because Puff is gay and Tupac was bisexual and they had a thing. Puff was worried that Tupac would talk about it so he had Tupac killed.

The Illuminati also wanted Tupac killed because he was going to come out as bisexual and they wouldn't let that happen given his superstar status at the time. They did not want to normalize bisexual men - esp black bisexual men - and Tupac was in the best position to do that out of anyone - he was already a sex symbol.

The music mogul formerly known as Puff Daddy offered Crips member Duane Keith (Keffe D) Davis $1 million to whack Shakur and his manager Suge Knight, former LAPD detective Greg Kading alleges in a new documentary based on his 2011 book "Murder Rap."

Puff also had Biggie killed because he was tired of living in his shadow all the time. Puff never created anything. Even the sound he was known for was producers work that he took credit for. Puffy was just an illuminati Jew was supposed to take over hip hop and put a lid on it. He was a wanna be who rapped on Biggie's tracks because he desparately wanted to be an MC. Everyone knows Puffy sucks as an MC (when is the last time he's recorded anything?). Puff got upset he'd aways be a loser so he killed Biggie.