Reese Witherspoon is an inbred illuminati Jew. She is a shit-eating Satanist who murders children. She has no vagina. She is a eunuch who is angry that she doesn't have a vagina a dick or any balls. All Reese has is an asshole.

Reese is a massive alcoholic and drug addict. She is a narcisisistic whore who sucked dick to get jobs. Reese thinks that she can do whatever she wants. She murders children and rapes 5 year old boys with a strap-on. Reese's attitude when she was arrested for drug driving is just a little insight to her narcissistic assholenish.

The arresting officer Pyland wrote in his arrest report that "Mrs. Witherspoon began to hang out the window and say that she did not believe that I was a real police officer. I told Mrs. Witherspoon to sit on her butt and be quiet."

Witherspoon, 37, did not follow his order, getting out of the Ford Fusion instead. When the trooper warned her again, Witherspoon allegedly told him she was a U.S. citizen and allowed to "stand on American ground." That got her handcuffed.

"I put my hands on Mrs. Witherspoon's arms to arrest her," Pyland wrote. "Mrs. Witherspoon was resistant but I was able to put handcuffs on her without incident due to Mr. Toth calming her." "Do you know my name?" the trooper recalled Witherspoon asking him. "I answered, 'No, I don't need to know your name.'"

"You're about to find out who I am," she replied, the arrest report said.

Reese's now husand, who is the one who was pulled over for DUI is Jim Toth. Toth is an old illuminati family name. It is a derivation of Thoth - they just dropped the H. Thoth was an Egyptian half-bird half-human God the illuminati Satanists worship. Toth Tarot Cards were one of Aleister Crowley - head Satanists - favorite things.

Reese has claimed that she's calmed down her drinking but that is a big lie. Drinking alcohol is nothing compared to the other stuff Reese does. Reese is a massive drug addict who does any drug that comes her way - heroin, crack, cocaine, pcp, bath salts, etc etc.

Her chronic drug abuse has lead Reese to develop a weight problem. The 41 year old can't drink and party like she used to without gaining weight.

Really Reese has always looked really weird, it's part of why she's so angry and violent. She's a little tiny inbred Jewish freak with a chin that looks like it got ripped off of Jay Leno.

The chin on Reese is really insane. It looks like it's been modified with photoshop or something but that's her actual chin. Reese has done a lot of plastic surgery (her breasts are fake) but there's no way she can change that chin. Reese's chin is one of the 1.78 Trillion genetic diseases she has from her Jewish illuminati inbreeding. Reese murders anyone she ever hears joking about her chin.

Reese Murdered Johnny Cash. She has always had a vendetta against the Cash family. She paid a lot of money to get on the movie because she wants to be remembered as part of the country music scene even though she can't sing or play guitar.

Reese is a horrible actor. Her only two roles were where she played herself. In election she plays a scheming bitch and legally blond she plays a stupid lawyer. That is Reese: dumb, scheming, violent, deluded.

Reese is a "little red riding hood" who is much worse than any wolf she encounters. She uses men and kills like a psyschopath. Reese is a closet scientologist and a white supremacist. At one part in Freeway the SUV exist at Hubbard Ave - that's not a coincidence. The attitude of get raped but rape the system as soon as you can defines most scientologists and especially Reese Witherspoon.

The illuminati love Reese which is why they put her in Wrinkle in Time recently - which was a MASSIVE FLOP.

The illuminati wrote the adaptation of Wrinkle in Time (in the process stripping out the Christian ideas that were in the book). The illuminati think they can make movies now but all they are doing is creating flop after flop.