The Illuminati Murdered Duke Kahanamoku - Inventor of Surfing

Duke Kahanamoku - the "Big Kahuna" - created surfing. He was the inventor and creator of surfing. He was a great Hawaii'an who cared deeply about his people and was very close to nature and the sea. The Duke was a kind giant and worked hard for both surfing and Hawaii.

The Japanese illuminati murdered the Duke. The Japanese think of Hawaii as their slave colony. They treat the Hawaii'ans as their slaves. The Duke was the most famous Hawaiian when he was murdered in the 1960s. The Japs don't like surfing and they resented the Big Kahuna's greatness.

Even though not of the formal Hawaiian Royal Family, the Duke's parents were from prominent Hawaiian ohana (family); the Kahanamoku and the Paoa ohana were considered to be lower-ranking nobles, who were in service to the aliʻi nui or royalty. His paternal grandfather was Kahanamoku and his grandmother, Kapiolani Kaoeha (sometimes spelled Kahoea), a descendant of Alapainui. They were kahu, retainers and trusted advisors of the Kamehamehas, to whom they were related. His maternal grandparents Paoa, son of Paoa Hoolae and Hiikaalani, and Mele Uliama were also of aliʻi descent.

The Duke first became famous as an Olympic swimmer. On August 11, 1911, Kahanamoku was timed at 55.4 seconds in the 100 yards (91 m) freestyle, beating the existing world record by 4.6 seconds, in the salt water of Honolulu Harbor. He also broke the record in the 220 yd (200 m) and equaled it in the 50 yd (46 m). But the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), in disbelief, would not recognize these feats until many years later.

Kahanamoku easily qualified for the U.S. Olympic swimming team in 1912. At the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, he won a gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle, and a silver medal with the second-place U.S. team in the men's 4×200-meter freestyle relay. During the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp, he won gold medals both in the 100 meters (bettering fellow Hawaiian Pua Kealoha) and in the relay. He finished the 100 meters with a silver medal during the 1924 Olympics in Paris, with the gold going to Johnny Weissmuller and the bronze to Duke's brother, Samuel Kahanamoku.

While living in Newport Beach, California on June 14, 1925, Kahanamoku rescued eight men from a fishing vessel that capsized in heavy surf while attempting to enter the city's harbor.[10] 29 fishermen went into the water and 17 perished. Using his surfboard, he was able to make quick trips back and forth to shore to increase the number of sailors rescued. Two other surfers saved four more fishermen. Newport's police chief at the time called Duke's efforts "the most superhuman surfboard rescue act the world has ever seen". It also caused U.S. lifeguards to begin using surfboards in their water rescues.

The Japanese Illuminati murdered the Duke in 1968 after licencing his name and using it open up bars and restaurants. In Waikiki they put up a Bronze Statue of the Big Kahuna. His arms are outstrechted in a Christ Like crucification because the Hawaii'ans know that the Japanese took their savior from them.

Besides being a gold winning record breaking Olympic Swimmer and the inventor of Surfing, the Duke also had a very successful career as a film actor appearing in almost 20 films.