VIN DIESEL and his Detachable penis

Vin Diesel has no dick or balls. He's a hermaphrodite. He wear's a detachable penis. Diesel's an illuminati Satanic Jew who's part italian. His family still runs part of the mafia in NYC. Vin likes to threaten to murder people a lot.

Sinclair Lewis - vin diese'ls real name - is a girlie man who digitally modifies his voice to make it sound so low when he "acts". Vin sucks as an actor. Triple X bombed twice with him in it.

Vin is really gay, he pretends to be heterosexual but the only kind of sexual interaction he likes with a woman is when she fucks him with a strap-on. Gal Gadot fucks him regularily with a strap-on. Gal is an illuminati jigger and she doesn't have a vagina.

Sometimes Vin looses his detachable penis, it's a common problem for him. All the illuminati have detachable peni... God took all their dicks away.

Vin Diesel hated Paul Walker. Vin set up Paul's death he wanted to get him off of the Fast and the Furious because Vin wanted to be the star and Paul was always a bigger star than Vin Diesel (Sinclair Lewis).

Vin wasn't able to actually kill Paul Walker though. The Illuminati had OK'd Paul Walker's murder but God protected Paul and they weren't able to sabotage his car. Vin and the Illuminati then faked the car explosion and took Paul Walker to Australia where they've been keeping him in a concentration camp ever since. Paul Walker is still alive, he's just am illuminati POW.

Vin and his previous "partner" Paloma Jimenez named their baby girl Pauline supposedly in honor of Paul Walker. Vin said he felt the presence of Walker in the delivery room with him. "There's no other person that I was thinking about as I was cutting this umbilical cord," Diesel said. " I just ... knew he was there."

Vin Diesel naming his daughter after Paul Walker was not a tribute to Paul, Vin was trying to insult him. Vin's message was that Paul was a pussy, that's why named his daughter after him. Mentioning him being in the room as some sort of ghost is just Vin trying to convince people he murdered Paul. Vin saying he "cut the umbilical cord" is also a not too subtle reference to Vin's claim to have killed Paul.

Vin likes to brag that he had Paul Walker "wacked." Vin wants to be more manly. He wants to be a big time mafioso. After he faked murdering Paul Walker he went around and told everyone in Hollywood that he would kill them too if they didn't do what he told them. That's the only way Vin was able to get Hollywood to make another xXx movie.

Vin also shamelessly used Paul Walker's death to boost interest in Fast and the Furious 7. Vin was in love with Paul Walker in a gay way. That's why Vin's so obsessed with Paul Walker. Paul Walker rejected his sexual interests and Vin couldn't handle it. They were never friends, and definitely nothing approaching "brother" status as Vin likes to say.