Fake Apostle Paul betrayed Jesus. Judas was actually Paul in the Bible. As is commonly accepted, Paul wrote 90% of the scriptures in the New Testament and yet he was not one of Jesus's Apostle's. Supposedly he never met Jesus directly, but only saw him resurrected.

Romans tried to Feed Jesus to the Lions. They would not eat or harm him even though they hadn't been fed in weeks.

They then crucified him but after 5 days he wouldn't die on the cross.

They then cut his head off, but his head and his body were still alive even though they were separated.

They then burned his head and body alive.

When Paul captured Jesus and Mary Magdelena's son who was concieved during Christ's resurrection and a night spent with Mary, he attemped to drink the child's blood to become "immortal."

The boy was 5 years old and he had him crucififed like his father. After 5 days bleeding on the cross the son still did not die. So Paul cut his throat and drank the blood out of his neck. This killed the son (though it woudl not have killed Christ). Paul thought that he would become immortal by drinking his blood. He also ate his entire body, using his dogs to break the 5 year old's bones and suck out the bone marrow.

These are the people all Rothschild's are descended from. This is also who the Yakuza are descended from. The devil people, the snake people, the lizard people, the people who are like reptiales - COLD BLOODED.

The Yapanzae snake people have murdered all the other Rothschild and Rockefeller snake pepole - as well as the snake people everywhere - israel, saudi arabia, russia, china,

Now there is only one sub-type of snake person left - the kind that has devil tails. The kind that is attempting to make all true humans on earth into slaves so they can eat their bodies and drink their blood - just as the Fake Apostle Paul did.