Jesus Christ was an Arab black man. Mary Magdelena was a Jewish Royal from the House of Benjamin.

Jesus Christ was the King of the Jews because Mary was the white Queen of the Jews. The House of Benjamin was the Royal Tribe of the Jews. Mary was the Queen without a king until she married Jesus Christ.

Together they had bi-racial children. Jesus had brown eyes and Mary had blue eyes. Of their 4 children, 2 had brown eyes and 1 had blue. The last child had green eyes and he was murdered before ever having any children by the illuminati.

The last child was born during Jesus' resurrection when he spent the night with Mary. He was born after Jesus Death and immediately taken by Judas/Paul who killed him and ate him believing that he would become a God if he ate Jesus' child's flesh - especially a child born from Jesus' resurrection. That's why the Catholic Church still celebrates eating Christ's body.

Christ's father was a famous war hero. While Jesus was mid toned with straight hair, his father was very dark and had curly hair. Jesus mother was pale white with raven black hair. Jesus and his father were from the house of Dan.

Despite winning a war for the Jews as a general Jesus' father was forced into poverty later in his life because of Jesus. The illuminati wrote him out of the Bible and when Jesus was 30 they murdered his father. Christ wasn't crucified until he was 52.

Jesus grew up as an outcast because he could kill people by looking at them. When he was younger he had "withered" people as they call it by getting angry and them and staring at them. His powers were so great he didn't know what to do with them. He was exceptionally smart but the illuminati flagged him early on as a rebel and a troublemaker. Spies watched him.

Jesus withdrew into himself and came to the gospel of love. He stopped withering people and began preaching. He also began his life as a carpenter a skill he had to learn from the greatest tradesmen of the ancient world. His father was a warrior but Jesus chose to build houses rather than burn them down.

The illuminati lied about Jesus age. He wasn't murdered at 30. He was murdered at 52 after he had had 4 children with Mary. They had been together for 19 years. Mary was 8 years younger than Jesus when they met. Jesus was 33 when he met Mary. She was 22. His father had been dead for 3 years.

When Mary met Jesus he was a poor carpenter who preached on Thursdays. He was a stoner and a ran his church with marijuana hash burning so that everyone was high while he preached,

He was noted for performing Miracles.. He was a bisexual man who had sexual relationships witih some of his apostles - 3 of them. Peter was one of his gay lovers. Peter was gay. James was bisexual and had relations with Christ. And simon was also gay and had sexual relations with Jesus. Jesus also had sex with other followers including women. He was known publicly to be bisexual.

Mary was not prostitute, that is an illuminati lie they put in the Bible. She was a Royal Escort only in the sense that she was dating other potential men. She never had sex with any of them. It was like a Queen being introduced to potential suitors. Different men would go out to her to different events such as dinners or musical recitals.

The House of Benjamin wanted to fix her up with a powerful house so that they could consolidate her power. Instead, Mary fell for Jesus a black Arab Jew from the House of Dan. The house of Dan were the lowest of hte Tribes.

When Mary met Jesus he was known as an oddball. He was a stoner carpenter who built beautiful houses and preached about love and the corruption of the Jewish faith by the snakes in the house of Judah.

Mary went to check him out to see if he could really perform Mircales. Mary didni't smoke Marijuana. Mary was bisexual. She and Jesus would have sex with some of the female apostles that have been written out of the Bible. There were really 38 apostles plus Jesus and Mary - the King and Queen of the Jews. 40 in total. Paul had all the women written out. Half of the apostles were women. The gnostics also practiced sex with the true masters of god's word. So did the Tantric Buddhism of the Dalai Lama.

Mary saw Jesuses miracles first hand and then became part of the Church. On first meeting they fell in love with each other immediatley. They started dating and had a concieved a child before they were married. After Jesus met Mary he didn't have sexual relations with any men. Jesus also stopped having sex with women until Mary had picked a group of women that she wanted to have sex with, with Jesus. These were all female apostles.

All the apostles had paranormal powers including Mary. They were all considered sorcerers of the time. They were each had special powers. It was like the X-men Xavier Academy or Hogwarts. That's part of why they had sex with each other, Apostle literaly means receptacle of semen. Not all of the male followers were literally receptacles of Jesus semen, but some where (3)) and all the female apostles were. Mary never had sex with any of the other apostles besides the women.

Having sex with people who have paranormal powers creates currents and connections between the partners. These connections last after the sex and also include other time spent together. The Apostles expected to be broken apart by the illuminati. They wanted to rely on ESP and their paranormal connections if they were spread far apart geographically.

The only apostle who didn't have paranormal powers was judas/paul. Judas/paul was a tax collector and very well connected in the byzantine tax collection schemes of the ancient Roman Empire. He was essentially Jesus and Mary's accountant for the Church. He was supposed to pay the bribes to the Romans that were typically paid but not others. The illuminati Romans had been watching Jesus for 20 years of his life at that point, since he had been a teenager. He was their public enemy #1,

Once Jesus was married to Mary, they were the King and Queen of the Jews. Some of the other tribes were being converted to Jesus new message. Some of the tribes were essentially evolving from Judaism to Christianity. But the house of Judah

When Jesus married Mary they became a very serious threat to Roman power in a giant region of what is now Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morroco and the rest of Northern Africa. Jesus was a black man leading a rebellion that could unseat Rome's power in all of those Areas. He could lead most of the Jewish Tribes and also all the African Berbers.

Jesus would have had an army of dark Africans and he could have taken them to Rome's doorstep and kill the emperor which is what he and Mary were planning.

Jesus and Mary fell in love and then had children together. Mary is Jesus soulmate. They are in Heaven together to this day.

Mary was a virgin until she had sex with Jesus. Jesus was not a virgin of course. Jesus was never fucked by a gay man, he always fucked the gay men. Altogether he had 5 homosexual relationships in his life. With all of them he put his penis inside of them and delivered his semen into them. That is why they were the apostles - they received Jesus.

Together Jesus and Mary had 4 children - 2 boys and 2 girls. They had a big royal wedding because Mary was royal and had a lot of money. All of the various houses came and the Romans came too. Jesus and Mary had a royal ball.

Mary ran the Church for Jesus. Mary was the richest Jew of all the Triibes. Her house was the richest house and she was the Queen. The only daughter of the King.

Jesus never had any other children with any of the apostles. This was because God wanted to keep Jesus family within Mary's bloodline. The other women simply did not concieve. Jesus children have had many many children over the course of 2 thousand years. Generations over time have been abotu 20 years since people used die much younger. So that's 100 generations. Population is exponential. You begin with 3 children but 2000 years later you're talking at least a billion people are descended from Jesus. Most don't even know it.

Paul was an apostle but he is only recorded in the Bible as such under the name Judas. Paul the fake apostle was really Judas. Paul betrayed Jesus with the help of the Romans, got him killed and then lobotomized Mary, killed one of their children and began raping Mary which he did for the next 7 years.

Paul was also a dark Jew - even blacker than Jesus. He was a roman tax collector who was set up by the illuminati as a spy. He infiltrated the apostles.

After JEsus died, Paul wrote a series of fake gospels that became the New Testament. Jesus' real words are recorded in the Gnostic Gospels found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. 5% of of the New Testament, Christ's testament is inaccurate and most of it is omitted.

Back in Jesus time they didn't write books. They created scrolls that were passed around and then read in different orders. It was like a book that could change at any time. The scrolls would be modified and people would try and improve upon them. So even the dead sea scrolls are not exactly accurate but they're a lot closer to Christ's original message than the Bible.

Paul wrote his own versions of the Gospels and created some entirely fake ones to justify the Illuminati's control of hte Jews. The Bible was really a book until Constantine in 325. Constantine created the idea of heterodoxy and orthodoxy. Before that the ancient world never had the idea of a heretic. All speech was permitted as long as you had enough money to record your words onto a scroll.

The scrolls didn't fall apart. They lasted forever because they were written on papyrus which doesn't fade or tear. The dead Sea scrolls were in good shape even though they were almost 2000 years old. Mary had enough money to record Jesus words. She paid for the scribes and the papyrus from Egypt to have Jesus gospels written down many times and passed out to people throughout Judaism and as far as east as Gaul and China. Jesus words were

Papayrus can be burned which the illuminati did to many of the scrolls. They tried to eliminate everyone of the scrolls that Mary created. They wanted to eliminate every scroll that contained Jesus's words. The dead sea scrolls themselves were buried because the Romans were going through another round of burning scrolls. They were buried in the desert in a jar and left for 2000 years because the Christians who owned them knew that the illuminati was trying to strike out Jesus words from the world.

Those scrolls are a gift from God. They are Jesus' true ideas that the illluminati tried to erase. 15% of the New Testament is accurate. 15% of the Old Testament is accurate. The common sense things like Thou Shall not Kill are real. The bullshit about not swearing and always doing what your parents tell you was added by the illuminati.

The whole story of the crucification has been completely changed in the Bible. The Romans didn't crucify Jesus, or they did but after 50 days he wasn't dead, so they gave up and pulled him down. The crucifix had on it, here stands the King of the Jews. It was to be a message to all the Jews that Jesus revolution was over.

He wouldn't die on the cross though. He also kept preaching while on the Cross. People came around the cross to hear Jesus preach while he was being crucified. Normally people crucified die in 5 days, Jesus didn't die after 50 days. People started to talk about it as a Miracle which really freaked the Romans out so they took him down.

Then they took his bloody body still alive and preaching and tried to feed it to their lions. They actually just carried Jesus on the Crucifix and then dumped him in a front of a bunch of lions who hadn't been fed for months. But the lions wouldn't eat Jesus.

They then behead him, but he kept talking. He kept preaching to them. By this point they were hiding what was happening from anyone because they didn't want people talking about miracles, and being able to survive dead.

Then they secretly desroyed his head and body with acid in a big cauldron pot like witches have. With this final death they were able to murder Jesus Christ.

When they crucified Jesus they also lobotomized Mary Magdalena. They put a rod through her brain so that she was still alive but she was essentially competely brain dead. Then Judas/Paul would rape her and try and get babies out of her. Paul thought that Jesus was immortal because he escaped death and refused to die. So Paul thought if he ate children from the same women as Jesus Christ had born his Children from, he would become immortal.

Before raping Mary, Judas/Paul murdered Mary and Jesus 1st born son. Paul sodomized the dead 13 year old boy's body and then ate him. Paul Raped Mary for 7 years. He ate her children. He was never immortal. He also started having sex with some of the children that Mary had from him. Paul was a pedophile and thought that if he ejaculated in the children he would become eternal.

Paul only had 3 children with Mary. He killed the 4th baby because it had downs syndrom which at that point was rare. He kept eating the children though that were miscarried.

Meanwhile Jesus children had their own children. Paul tried to track down all their children and murder them. Hundreds of years later the Illuminati continued to do the same thing. Since Christ's time the illuminati have been trying to murder all of Christ's descendants. This was the first genocide the illuminati carried out - against Jesus Christ's descendants themselves.

Constantine in 325 condified the Bible and rewrote it all.. The illuminati Jews changed all the stories again. It was like a re-editing of Paul's work with Constantine having other people write new stuff. Contantine carried out another round of killings as he tried to murder all of Christ's descendants.

Christ's desendants started their own churches in Spain around the Barcelona, Catalanio area. They also had children in Gaul and the Cathars were the strongest bastion of Christ's true church and his descendants.

In the 1300s the Catholic Church and the illuminati began another genocide program against the descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdelena. For the next 400 years they tried to wipe out the entire blood line of Christ. The inquisition was really about trying to kill off all the descendants of Jesus Christ still alive.