Moses handed out 5 commandments, not 10. The illuminati has modified 95% of the Bible, the commandments are one very important area that they have distorted. Really there should be only 5 commandments - enough to remember on your hand. God intended for every human to obey the 5 commandments like the fingers on the right hand.

Over thousands of years the illuminati modified the Commandments. This process started right after the Illuminati murdered Moses. In the Bible, Moses tablets appear in two different places and the two stories are inconsistent with each other.

Moses was given the Tablets the first time in Exodus 31:18 and when he came down from the mountain the Israelites were breaking all the commandments so he threw the stone tablets down and broke them -- Exodus 32:19. Moses later went up on the mountain and received the re-written commandments in Exodus 34. Exodus 34:1 And the LORD said unto Moses, Hew thee two tables of stone like unto the first.

In the Bible it says both times Moses got two tables, but the quote above reveals that God first gave Moses one tablet. When he gives Moses the Tablets the same time, he says here's two like the first. This is all Kabbalah illuminati code for the illuminati breaking the first commandments and then coming up with 5 more "like unto the first." Eg, the illuminati got rid of the 5 and replaced them with 10 - 5 which were "like" the 5 God first gave Moses. Essentially, the Bible records the illuminati deciding that they know better than God and they'll add their own commandments.

The true commandments given to Moses by God are the last five:

You shall not murder.
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not steal.
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
You shall not covet.

Obviously, the most important commandment from God is not to commit murder. In terms of consequence, Murder is greater than another crime specified here. Murder is also the original crime of Cain and Able. It is the crime that cast mankind out of Eden.

Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery is a phrase that has been distorted over thousands of years by the illuminati Jews. Really what this means is that one shall not commit acts that are not like God's childlike innocent state. Adultery didn't just include affairs, it also included bestiality, cannibalism, necrophilia, pedophilia. Eating someone's flesh is another adult activitiy that children never think of on their own. All of these sins are unchildlike - children never think of necrophilia or pedophilia unless they learn it from adults.

So really the commandment to not commit Adultery includes a lot of other sins than just cheating on someone. Cheating on a relationship is definitely a sin, but it is the least of the Adulterous sins. Pedophilia and necrophilia are much worse.

Thou shall not steal, is pretty oncontroversial. Stealing is bad. If you're starving and you steal to eat, that's committing a sin that you didn't want to but that's necessary. The same as killing people in war is a sin, but it is necessary sometimes.

Thou shall not bear witness, is a fancy way of saying one shall not lie. Lying is a sin. That seems pretty straightforward to. Obviously, there are some cases where lying is not a sin - say if an SS officer asks you were the Jews are hidden in your house. All of these commandments were written as rules with exceptions. They are guidlines for life, not hard and fast rules.

Though shall not Covet is really a case of envy. Coveting is envying possessions of others. Really Covetting in the ancient world was much broader than just possessions. You could covet someone else's life. Covetting is envy - it's the wanting of something that someone else has. Coveting leads to stealing obviously, but it also leads to murder and other forms of sin.

Those 5 commandments are the guidelines for life that if everyone followed, the world would be like Heaven. Those easy to remember guidelines are designed to help us get to Heaven. If you can honor those commandments, you'll go to Heaven.

The false commandments are the first five:

You shall have no other gods before Me.
You shall not make idols.
You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
Honor your father and your mother.

The False commandments were all introduced by the illuminati Jews to help justify their own power and to justify war against other people.

The first Commandment - though shall have no other Gods - is a false commandment. God never asked for humans to not worship other Gods. If that was true, than no one else in History would have ever gotten to Heaven. The Greeks wouldn't have gone to Heaven, the Druids, the Chinese Buddhists. God does not demand complete loyalty, only that you obey the commandments and live a good life.

The illuminati Jews wanted a way to kick other people out of their tribe and to justify war against other peoples. Josiah the evil Jewish Illuminati King created the entire idea of a monotheistic religion in order to justify his constant land grabs and desire to form a Jewish Empire.

If you look carefully at how that Commandment is written, it's clear that God never asked for Monotheism. The Commandment literally means "though shall have no other Gods' BEFORE me". What does before mean? It means that you can worship other gods, but the Jewish God must be #1 on the list. The big Jewish God comes before all other Gods. Even the Commandment as written doesn't support Monotheism, and yet it's been used that way ever since.

Making Idols relates to thet "No other Gods before me" Commandment. Idols were visual represenations of Gods. So saying don't make Idols is like saying don't worship other gods.

Taking the name of the Lord in Vain has been used to outlaw swearing even though taking the lord's name in vein is a very specific category of swearing. This again is a way for the illuminati Jews to keep power. If no one is able to use God's name except for them. then they can't be overthrown by a religously inspired revolution. Even saying "the name of the LORD your God in Vain" emphasizes the power dynamics between layity and religious elite. God is described only as a LORD here in the Commandments. The message being, don't criticize the people in power.

Keeping the Sabbath Holy is a way of separating people. The Jews say Saturday is the Sabbath, Christians say Sunday is the Sabbath, the Muslims say Friday is the Sabbath. The truth is that God doesn't care whether you take time out to celebrate him or not. God sure as hell doesn't specify a day and time when he must be celebrated. These rules serve to divide people. Muslim, Christian and Jewish children can't play with each other on their Sabbaths. From the very beginning, religion is used as a way to separate people and isolate thems from each other.

Honor your mother and father is a another blatant generational power grab. What if your parents eat children and murder people to steal their money, are you still supposed to honor them? Honoring your parents is just a way of stopping cultural change. The young generation often has ideas that their parents can't understand. Really the parents should be honoring their children, not the other way around.