The Buddha who was born around the same time as Jesus Christ was the Eastern Analog to the Christ. Jesus Christ was not Jesus' name. Jesus was Jesus from the House of Dan. That's all you needed as a name in the ancient world. The Christ is an appellation like the Messiah. Jesus was not the Messiah, he was the Christ. The Christ was the first coming of the Messiah. The Buddha was the 7th reincarnation of Vishnu. (I am the 8th and final).

The Buddha is Jesus' brother because they are both the sons of God. They were both given to the earth is a gift of God. God gave one son to the west and one son to the east. They were both preachers of love and tolerance. They were both marked by comets on their birth.

Our creator gave the western world the Christ, Jesus and he gave the eastern world the Buddha. Sidhartha from the Kingdom of Saktermun was a Prince from a royal house. He was next in line to take the thrown when his father passed.

The Buddha was a white blond aryan looking man like his father. He was tall and attractive. His Kingdom was on the Eastern Periphery of what is now India closer to Europe than China. The Buddha's life story and very image was rewritten in the 2nd century by the illuminati satanic Buddhist priests who hijacked Sidhartha's message and church that he had built with his wife.

The Buddha was ostracized from his Kingdom by his father for a period before his father died and the Buddha became King. He became an outcast because he fell in love with a poor woman who was dark amd an immigrant to the Buddha's Kingdom. She was a roma woman (gypsy) who had travelled to his Kingdom with her family. The girl was actually a Princess in the Roma Kingdom which since the Roma are nomadic is a Nomadic Kingdom. Despite being a Princess she was poor relative to the other people in Buddha's Kingdom who were all very rich.

Buddha's Kingdom was known as a center of culture and learning at the time straddling the East and West. It had a huge library of learning that the Buddha had access to which is why his teachings and writings were so philosophically nuanced. The Buddha had read the Greek philosophers and the Old Testament. The Buddha's father was a wise King in general and ran the Kingdom justly.

Buddha and his Roma Princess fell in love against the Buddha's father's desires and the Roma Princess' parents desires. Both Kingdoms saw the intermarriage as a problem for the sucession of their individual kingdoms. They both looked down the other group and the situation was like a Romeo and Juliet situation where neither family would assent to the union and the Lovers were forced out of the Kingdom and both ostracized by their families.

The couple left Buddha's father's Kingdom and travelled througout India. They were married and had their first and second child while they were travelling. While travelling the Buddha began preaching on the road. He would earn a living by speaking. Since he was super well educated he brought enlightenment to villages wherever he travelled.

Jesus father had a heart attack 5 years after he had banished the Buddha and his wife. At that point word reached the Buddha that he was now officially King of the Kingdom. He and his wife returned to the Kingdom and lived as King and Queen for 15 years. They had 5 more children together and the Kingdom was peaceful and everyone was happy.

Jesus and his wife unified the Buddha's Kingdom of Saktermun with the nomadic Roma Kingdom leading to increases in trade throughout the world as the Roma network had extended from Asia into Europe as well as the Middle East.

The Buddha's kingdom did not trade in coins. They did not use money, and they did not trade in money. They only traded based on barter (they did not trade Gold since they already had so much.) So they'd trade 100 cows from India for 100 sheets of paper from China. This lead to less corruption because people couldn't skim off a transanction.

Like Jesus, the Buddha's Kingdom was a direct threat to the illuminati and the Kingdom's neighbors conspired to let the mongel hordes to the Northwest swoop in and destroy them. The mongols came back 300 years later and stayed for 400 years. They then came again in the 1200s as part of Ghengis Kahn's empire. The Kahn was a good Mongol and is in Heaven. He like Kubla Kahn lead good lives. The mongols prior to them and after them however were the evil barbarians who gave the mongel horde it's connotation.

Like Jesus, Sidhartha suffered a cruel fate when the Mongols took over his Kingdom and killed most of his family and murdered his subjects. Like Jesus, Sidhartha was resurrected in multiple places walking on the roads he used to. His wife was with him and their three children who the Satanic Mongols had murdered.

Sidhartha's wife was raped and murdered by the Mongol illuminatis who invaded it from the Northwest. 3 of 7 of their children were murdered by the Illuminati. 4 survived and were smuggled via the Roma network to various parts of the Roma Nomadic Empire.

Like Jesus, the 4 descendants of the Buddha and his wife escaped and their are millions of people walking the earth today that are descended from the Buddha. Unlike the case of many of the descendants of Jesus Christ, these people have no idea they share the Buddha's blood for the most part.

The Nazis actually knew that Sidhartha the Buddha was a white guy with blond hair. That's a big part of their fascination with Buddhism, Tibet and India. The Nazis sent expeditions to Tibet in the 1930s looking for Shangri-La - the legendary hidden empire in Tibet.

The Nazis also targetted Roma in the Holocaust because they are afraid of these descendants of the Buddha. Part of the reason the Jews were targetted is that many of them had blood from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalena - both Jews genetically. The Holocaust was among other things an attempt to wipe out all of the descendants of Jesus Christ and the Buddha (Jews and Roma).

Just like in the 1930s the Nazi Illuminati who run Italy today are making lists of Roma and murdering them in hidden concentration camps. When Italy's interior minister recommended creating a "registry" of Roma, his remark was merely the latest addition to a long list of anti-Roma statements by senior European leaders.

In March, Janos Lazar, the right-hand man for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, said: "Once we let them in, they will take over."

In 2010, Traian Basescu, the president of Romania at the time, said at a news conference about the nomadic ethnic group also known as Gypsies that "very few of them want to work" and "traditionally many of them live off stealing."

The remark this week by the interior minister, Matteo Salvini, about a Roma database generated a far greater international outcry, especially from several Jewish groups across Europe. Both the Union of Italian Jewish Communities and the Board of Deputies of British Jews condemned it as reminiscent of the Nazi policies inspired by Italy's fascist movement.

Like Jesus, a meteorite accompanied the BUddha's birth. These metereorites are actually an alien technology that harmonizes human emotion. The Holy Grail - the metereorite Jesus received from the creator - spreads peace, tolerance and understanding when people are near it. Buddha also recieved a holy stone that his being hidden away in Shangri-La right now.

Shangri-La is a real place in the Tibetan Himalayas. It's where the Tibetan Empire retreated to when the Illuminati took over Asia. They are holding the Buddha Holy Grail.

Jesus Christ had his life story radically altered in history by the illuminati people who murdered him. The Buddha suffered the same fate but to an even greater extent. Asia has always been more fluid in terms of belief structures. All it takes is scrolls to be burned and teachings banned for a couple of generations and Buddha's life story was easily washed away. Buddha's Kingdom had been absorbed and his people all murdered by the Mongols - there was no one left to tell his story.

The Mongols who took over Buddhism created an Asian more Chinese image of Buddha because that's where they were coming from. The Mongols were the ones who rewrote most of Buddhism. They of course wanted the Buddha to look like them and they didn't care about the Buddha's personal love story.

The Mongols also introduced the basic perversion of Buddhism - the idea of buddhist reincarnation. The Buddha preached that people are not reincarnated as other animals ever. He said that most people either go to Nirvana who go to Samsara - which is not this earth but far closer to the Christian concept of Hell. Our earth for the Buddha was inbetween Nirvana and Samsara. We are the place the two meet. The Mongols took that part of the story out and introduced a stupid idea of people ending up as flies in the next life if they are bad in this life.

The Buddha's actual teaching was that we lived in a plane between Nirvana (heaven) and Samasara (hell). If we act as if we live in Nirvana throughout our lives we will end up going to Nirvana (heaven). If we act evil throughout our lives we go to Samasara (hell). If we act neutral our whole lives we are reincarnated on this plane - the half way point between Heaven and Hell. We are reincarnated into a human form to give ourselves another chance to leave this plane and go to Nirvana (heaven). Those who go to Samsara however are trapped in that plane and never get a chance at Nirvana.

The Mongols also introduced vegatarianism into buddhism as a way to control the indian populations they wanted to control. People who don't eat meat are weaker physically and thus easier to control physically. They are more easily subjugated.

Buddha was a meat eater. So was his wife. They ate vegetables too, but they were not vegetarian. They believed that this world was a gift from Nirvana and those should be enjoyed. All animals were then were a gift from Heaven for us humans to eat.