Televangalism and the "Prosperity Gospel"

Televangalism is a very dangerous thing. Most of the people who preach on TV are corrupt and evil. Whereas the evil, corrupt Pope was the medieval face of the Catholic Christian Church, Televangalists have become the face of God for many of their watchers and believers in America. This separates people from a real relationship with God and often leads to them to donate money they can't afford to donate to Televangalists who are just opportunists looking to get rich. Just as the Pope is an impediment to true spiritual understanding, so are all these televangalists.

Most of the Televangelists preach a version of the "prosperity gospel," the idea being that the richer you are the more likely you are to go to Heaven. In this religious view, being religious is not how many people you help, it's not how many good works you can do for others, but it's a matter of how rich you are. They believe God rewards those who are good with financial riches. In turn, the preachers say if you make them rich, they'll do minor miracles for you - they'll cure you of cancer, they'll get you a job, they'll make sure that you can get a new car.

Many of the "preachers" on TV speak about "seeds of donation." The more money you donate, the bigger your seed, the more likely God will help you - or rather more likely the Tevelangist will be abel to get God to help you. This form of confusion is very popular in America because of American's connection to the TV, materialism and capitalism. Many Americans think of Heaven like a vacation that you're saving up for your whole life -- when really, money is meaningless and non-existent in Heaven and we don't need to save on earth so much as try and help others on Earth.

Sometimes you may need to save in order to help others the best. I saved for my comic book because I viewed my comic and the story I was telling as the best way for me to contribute to humanity. I could have given to a food bank with that money, but my gifts from God are related to story telling and mythology and my money has a better impact going into my comic book than into buying food. Lawyers and doctors are rich enough that they should be donating their money to feed people rather than spending it on buying themselves things like fancy cars and expensive trips.

John Oliver had a recent expose on Televangalism which shows that many of these TV Preachers now are so rich they have their own private airplanes paid for by their congregations. These people are not men of God, they have no respect for Christ's message -- they are simply opportunists who have realized that by preaching the "prosperity gospel" they themselves can become rich. They are a variation on the politician who tells you whatever lie he needs in order to keep the donations coming in so he can embezzle from the people who support him.

Of course, the richer you are does not help getting into Heaven. The only way it helps is if you use your money to help others. God believes that we should all use our gifts to the best advantage. In some ways, this corresponds to money - eg a singer whose gift from God makes other people happy is supposed to be rich. They are supposed to be rich so they can produce as much music as possible for everyone else so they can bring happiness to others. They are not made rich because God decided they are better than other people and thus should be richer than others, they are made rich so they can be secure enough financially to make music for all of us.

The confusion about the prosperity Gospel came about because of the parts of the Bible where Jesus says that you shall know the goodness of the Christian path by amount of fruit that the tree bears. Christ's message was that if a society acts as a Christian society, they will receive gifts from God, they will receive fruit on the tree. Good societies create fruit for their people, while evil societies destroy the tree that bears fruit. The illuminati - because they are the enemies of God and Creation - in particular destroy the tree that bears fruit.

This has been twisted around over 2000 years by opportunistic preachers to mean that the rich are going to heaven, while the poor are not. This false conclusion contradicts the spirit of Christ, the spirit of God but it also contradicts numerous passages in the bible such as Christ's saying that a rich man is as likely to get to Heaven as a camel getting through the eye of a needle. Jesus makes it very clear that prosperity actually makes it harder to get into Heaven; not easier.

To get into Heaven as a rich person, you must give back to everyone especially the needy. Hoarding your money to only become more and more rich, is a form of egotism and a denial of the rules of Heaven's kingdom. Money has no use in Heaven or Hell - to hoard money on Earth then is just to deny money to other people on Earth. IE, to be rich, others must be poor. This inequality is in tension with Heaven, God and Christ's message. Heaven is a place of equality where money is meaningless because everyone has whatever they want. There are no rich or poor in Heaven, the very categories don't make sense.

Max Weber wrote in the Capitalist Ethic that the reason America was such a success was not just our hardwork and capitalist desire to acquire (greed), but because of the underyling morality of American culture was so strong compared to Europe. Americans didn't lie. Americans charged what they thought was fair. Americans didn't use banks to start their businesses but saved for themseles to create capital with which to create their own businesses. This moral fabric of America was the reason that capitalism was so successful here. Unfortunately, that morality has been severly eroded by the illuminati since our founding 250 years ago.

The illuminati stands against all these moral virtues. The illuminati lies routineley. The illuminati charge whatever they can get in their monopoly markets. The illuminati are owned by the big banks that are now planning out our economy. The illuminati is profoundly anti-capitalist. They are based on the Catholic Church - the longest model of central planning in the world. Before the soviets were communists, the Catholic Church was communist. The Catholic Church is the definition in top down planning. They are also an example of how socialist values can be used to create an aristocracy of elites who have all the control in a society (eg the Catholic Priests, Cardinals and Pope).

Unlike America which is based upon grassroots civil participation and the public market of good and ideas, the illuminati is based upon dictatorship, and a destruction of the marketplace for both goods and ideas. Ideas are censored, goods are sold by right, rather than competitiveness. The italian mafia controls italian agriculture, they water down their olive oil and sell fake truffles. If there is no honesty or fairness, the marketplace quickly becomes a tool for the illuminati elites to control everyone else and force them to buy the products the illuminati wants to sell at the prices the illuminati wants to sell for.

This is why there is so much anger against the illumianti in America. America is a like a great engine that has so much mud thrown upon it that they engine isn't working properly anymore. The car won't start. The Catholic Church, no run and controlled by the Japanese and Koreans, has destroyed the principles of America and created a cage of greed and nihilism that restrict America's ability to see its own rational self interest. Without a great return to morality in America, we will be trapped in this cage.

Fortunately, there has already been a great movement towards morality, principles and humanitarianism in America that ironically is propably best represented by the younger evangelists in America. They younger millenials value morality in a way that we haven't seen since the 1980s ushered in the me generation, which became the bling bling generation of the 1990s. Ever since the year 2000, there has been a clear turn away from materialism towards spirituality, however spirituality may be defined.

What's clear is that the younger generation, much like the hippies in the 1960s, have looked at their parents and seen that materialism did not bring them happiness. Having more than others does not make you happier than others. In fact, there's often an inverse relationship where the more money and power you have, the less happy you are.

America was founded on "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." We all see that we have the right to live, we all agree we should be free, but we neglect happiness in America too often. What is happiness? Few have even asked that question, even though the "pursuit of happiness" is the foundation of our Constitution. The younger generation realizes that happiness is not wealth, happiness is not power. Under the illuminati, the younger generation of Americans have come to realize that liberty and happiness should be our highest ideals. In many ways, they have come full circle back to the realization of the foudning fathers and mothers of America.