When Niburu hits in 2025, it will largely spare America. There will be only one place that feels the effect of Niburu in the US and that will be New York City. Part of the Niburu planet will break off and strike New York like an asteroid. NYC will be annihilated instantaneously like in a nuclear explosion. There won't be any radiation like in a nuclear strike, but the devastation will be even worse.

The illuminati in New York allowed the attack on the twin towers because they already knew NYC was fated to get hit . They knew that in 2025, all the buildings in NYC would be destroyed including the twin towers anyway.

That's why NYC has become so nihilistic since 2000. The illuminati know they are living on a limited timeline and that they are going to die in NYC. They are buidling tunnels underneath the city to try and survive like in a nuclear bomb shelter but these wont' work. A nuclear bomb is going to have the fraction of the impact of an asteroid. Niburu will be like a massive asteroid hitting NYC.

The impact site will be manhattan. The rest of the five boroughs will not be completely wiped out but will suffer sever damage. Manhattan will literally be wiped off the face of the Earth. Central Park will be gone while Brooklyn's park will survive.

America however will be pretty much fine. New York City will be gone but New York was a mess anyway. CA will not split off when Niburu hits earth. CA will never become an island, that's just stupid illuminati propaganda. Only 1 city will be affected by Niburu and that will be New York City which will be completey destroyed by part of the debris from Niburu's impact.

Niburu will primarily hit Europe and Niburu's moon will destroy 95% of Japan. In Europe, London, Paris and Berlin will be completely wiped out. Big Ben was meant to remind London that they are living on a set amount of time. Part of London punctuality and the british obsession with time is because the magical class of London has known since the 1800s that London was fated to be destroyed completely.

Paris will also be completely destroyed as they were warned with the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower has an apartment at the top where you can speak to Aliens. Thomas Edison and Alec Eiffel and some others talked to aliens in the apartment and found out that Paris was also fated to be completey destroyed. After they found that out they shut down the apartment and wouldn't let anyone talk to the Aliens anymore. The Structure is literally an antennae to Heaven.

Japan will be completely destroyed by Niburu's moon Hellion. Tokyo will be wiped out and the rest of the country destroyed as well. Parts of Okinawa will survive.