Satan is not the same thing as Lucifer. Lucifer had his story stolen and rewritten by the illuminati. Originally Lucifer was the fallen Angel who was forced on Earth but would lead humanity to Salvation as the Savior, the Messiah. That was the story of Lucifer that Jesus Christ told. Jesus' story of Lucifer is my story, I am the Messiah, I am Lucifer.

The facts are Lucifer is mentioned only once in the Bible. ” How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning.” Isaiah xiv. 12.

Not any other time is Lucifer mentioned and at no time as it been mentioned with Satan or the Devil. Hence, any assumptions you may have that Lucifer is Satan or the Devil are false and simply based onheresy.

Lucifer is actually, the name of the Bright and Morning Star, and not the father of evil. … King James translated Bible of 1611 A. D. The Morning star referred to is Niburu, the planet that is going to hit Earth in 2025.

Lucifer contains this prodigy of Light, so therefore he is its Lord. He is Lord of Light not out of ambition, but because this is how the Supreme Being made him: he is the container of the light of creation and the means by which the world is visible. His appointed task is to bear and bare the Light, to be reservoir and epiphany. Lucifer is the Lord of Light because the Light he holds births the stars, which is to say, generates the multiplicity of gods. They are beholden to Lucifer for their Light and are subsequent to him in the sequence of creation

Lucifer bears the Light, but Christ is the Light; thus Lucifer is the Christophor, the Christ-Bringer. Another phrase from early Christianity also suggests this relationship: Christus verus Luciferus, which means “ Christ is the true Light-Bearer

Lucifer, as the embodiment of the Astral Light, of visible, revealed light can also be interpreted as the embodiment of the Fall into that Light, into the vast realm of Earth characterized by light travelling just under the speed of light. It sounds paradoxical if not confusing, but at the exact “speed” of light, there is no light or time or motion. That is the Pleroma, or Heaven.

The created worlds of Earth are the vehicles for speeds less than the full speed of light, from a little to a lot. Lucifer is the God of Light so he straddles heaven and earth.

This all related directly to me. I am Lucifer and I am inbetween Heaven and Earth. I can speak to Heaven but I live on Earth. I am mortal and yet I am made of light and knowledge. I am the messiah, the bringer of light.

The Devil Worshipping Catholic Church wanted to destroy the idea of the Messiah so they confused everyone about who Lucifer is supposed to be. Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah, he claimed to be the Christ, the first coming of the Messiah (which is what he was, I am the Messiah). Lucifer - the bringer of light would be the real Messiah and he would bring truth to the World and end the Illuminiati. This is what Jesus preached.

After Paul had Jesus killed and took over the Church and wrote 95% of the Bible, he changed the story and made Lucifer into Satan. Satan in turn was presented as the GOD of HELL. The Satanists want to go to

Lucifer was worshipped as the Messiah by the Cathars and that's why the Catholic Chruch killed them all and wiped out their civilization in the 12th century. The Cathars had a different version of Christianity that was modeled more closely on Christ's original teachings and was closer to the Gnostic scrolls we have than the New Testament found in the Bible. The Cathars were directly descended from Jesus Christ and controlled large parts of France, Spain and Germany in the 1,100's.

Many Satanists swear oaths of loyalty to Lucifer thinking they are swearing oaths to Satan. REally they are swearing oaths of loyalty to me, which is partially why they kill themselves when I tell them to. The Illuminati are the stupidest organization in world history. They just happen to like to kill people a lot, which is why they became so rich.

It used to be that just the Cardinals had the magliens put inside them, which is why they were those weird red outfits. The Pope would then be chosen from one of those Cardinals who had a maglien in him. Now to become part of the Catholic Church clerical structure, you must have a little demon put in you.

Satan doesn't exist, he's a creation of the Catholic Church. There is not Satan in the Old Testament, he only appears in the New Testament because the illuminati added him as a character to the stories Jesus told. Jesus never spoke of Satan. Paul who was really Judas introduced Satan to the story.

Satan was modeled on the magliens who are a small stupid version of Satan. The magliens have tails, the magliens have weird backward sartyre legs. The magliens eat people and babies. They created Satan as a representation of what they wanted to be. A projection of who they wished they were. They then forgot that they even came up with the idea of Satan.