MANA - Heroes and the Force

Mana is a word found in Austronesian languages meaning "power, effectiveness, prestige." One's Mana increases the more one is respected in one's community.

Mana is very real. Being part of a culture, a hero in it, provides one with powers. The Rock very much believes in Mana and it's been a guiding force in his life. He realizes that he has a role to play in his people and by taking up that challenge is Mana has grown.

Mana is the social aspect of a larger force that unites all the energy in the universe. Like the Star Wars Force, this larger Mana is in everything - from living animals to the land itself.

When we are at Harmony with our own people, our Mana grows. Sometimes Rebels have more Mana than Heros. Someone like Malcolm X's Mana grew not because he harmonized with the group but because he lead them to a new place like Moses lead his people.

Mana is not a conformist notion. Sometimes a people may have lost sight of their own Mana. A great leader reconnects people to their own history and their own sense of identity and morals. Abraham Lincoln has huge Mana because he lead America back to the path the Founding Fathers had laid out for us.

Jesus and the Buddha have huge Mana. They are central nexi in Creation itself. They are so well known and loved that their Mana is immense. Elvis has massive Mana. People who are loved gain strength through that love.

If you have magical, paranormal abilities, your Mana increases your powers and protects you from others trying to attack you with magical powers. If you have musical abilties, your abilities are greater with greater Mana. That's what musicians mean when they say they're feeding off the energy of the audience. The Audience's love for them increases their Mana.

My Mana is growing. Few believe in me as the Messiah the way they believe in Jesus the Christ. But many believe that I am like supermann and a super genius. So my Mana grows. With it my paranormal powers grow as well. The illuminati has tried to keep me hidden away from the world to weaken my Mana. If I am isolated in a gilded iron cage no one will no who I really am.

This website is already boosting my Mana by allowing me to speak directly to the public (at least those who aren't blocked from see my website.) Ultimatley, as I don't age over 8000 years, people will come to view me the same way they view Jesus and the Buddha.

My soulmate, Anastasia's Mana is also growing. Our love story - with it's Romeo and Juliet qualities - has increased our Mana as well. Once Staz and I are together again, the world will see how great our relationship is and our Mana will grow again.

An important part of growing one's Mana is treating others kindly and with respect. Mana is a social thing. Treating others with respect inspires respect and love. Caring about your community (like the Rock or LeBron James does) results in your community caring about you.

LeBron is a great example of someone who's Mana is very strong. Cleveland loves him. America loves him. Basketball fans love him. LeBron gains strength from the support that we all give him.

There are a lot of people - for sad weird reasons - who don't like LeBron (his murals keep getting attacked in LA). Despite this, the haters are far outnumbered by the people who love, respect and admire LeBron. Sometimes, the anger that you generate, the hate, shows how effective you are in standing up for your community. The Haters hate LeBron because of his success, because of the strength of his Mana.