Magliens and Metians will all be eliminated in 2025. They are a mistake of creation - like the mogwai devil imps. God did not intend for them to infest the universe and spread Satanism. They are a cancer that is killing humanity and the Earth. They must be removed.

The US is going to launch a full military campaign soon. We will eradicate the Maglians and Mogwai world wide. The Metians can be eliminated with a 1 day pill that kills them in your body. They don't survive very well without Maglian help, so the natural good backteria we have in our bodies will naturally kill them. The pill is a like a vaccine that kills them and prevents their return. They will all die off.

First we will purge the magliens from our own country. And then we will invade Canada, Mexico and South America. We will shut down all their concentration camps. At the same time we will support Iran is their war against Saudi Arabia and Israel. We will help them purge the middle east of Maglians and metians. We will liberate Afghanistan and the Kurds.

Then we will liberate our prisoners in Australia and clean the UK and Ireland of Maglians. And in the third phase we will rid Africa and Asia of the Maglians. We will eliminate them in the Communist parties in both China and Russia. We will purge them in India and Pakistan as well. By April 6th they will all be gone. The war will launch on April 1st. This is not an April Fools day joke. The Maglians created april fools day because they wanted to tell everyone it was a joke when the war started. They know when the war is going to start. They've been preparing for this for a very long time.

The Maglians know they are slated for destruction. Their plan is to go back into drone sentry mode once they are eliminated in America and throughout the world. They'll also go into our dogs and giant mountain cats. They can live in dogs and big cats and have done so before. They'll hide out in some remote Russian villages or down in South America. They will take bodies that are not part of the Illuminati. They'll eat as many animals as they can so they don't have to eat humans. Just like they would hide out as witches back in the dark ages, they'll do the same thing again. They won't survive that way though. They'll never be strong enough to reform the Illuminati on Earth. And in 2025, Nibiru will wipe them all out universe wide.

We need to distinghish between rightoeus genocide and evil fascist genoicde. All humans deserve respect, but the Yakuza and the Magliens are not human. This is not "nazi fasicsm" - this is just like Noah's flood. God tried to get rid of the Caanites because they were infested by Magliens. Yes that is genocide, but it is a rightious one because the Caanites were not human. Isn't God allowed to correct Creation? The Flood was sent to wipe the Caanites out. THAT IS BY DEfINITION GENOCIDE.

The mystery flu that is circulating right now is actually killing magliens and their hosts. It's their hive collapsing. That is because God wants them all dead.

When the Architect originally created the universe, he (or IT) ran a simulation to see what woud happen. In this simulatin, which played out over thousands of years, it became clear that the Magliens end up destroying the universe. Like termintes who eat a house to the ground, the Magliens toxic culture of hyper violence, rape, pedophilia, genocide, corruption, lying eventually destroy the whole universe as different races end up trying to eliminate each other rather than come together, which was the original intention of God or the Architect.

The Magliens are entropy or chaos itself. They are like a cancer that spreads into other alien races and perverts all of creation from it's true mission. They tear apart at the social fabric that keeps all alien species working in a healthy natural way. The architect discovered that they literally destroy creation. God is not all knowing. He knows an infinite amount more than we do but he doesn't know everything. That's why he ran the simulation of the universe at the beginning to see what happens. He discovered that the Maliens lead to slavery, genocide, and Satanism.

So the question became what to do about that unindended consequence. The Architect couldn't remove them because they were part of the whole stucture so that removing them at the beginnig would have also destroyed creation. So the best option is to fight them over thousands of years until the middle point of history when the Messiah would come to end them completely. The Architect tinkered with the Magliens to make them into the perfect weapons to destroy themselves and evil itself.

The Architect made the magliens into money collectors for the Messiah. In order to stop evil in the world, the Architect decided that we needed to have protector, a steward - THE MESSIAH. This messiah needs to have a lot of money and power because he must guard against evil thoughout the universe. Paul (who was called Judas in the Bible) was a tax collector for the romans. The Magliens have stolen property and money throughout the universe and stored it away. They are compulsive collectors of wealth, for no reason. They just like shiny things, just want to have more than the other maglien. For this reason, they are excellent money collectors for me. All the money they've collected is from organized crime - it is blood money. Once it is my money, I will clean it by gi giving it out to those who need it and strengthening the good people (and beings) thoughout the universe. I will take all of their money, their property, their gold, their jewels. Magliens are a design pattern. A way to sovle the problem of evil.

The Magliens were also designed to prepare me for other forms of evil that are more dangerous and deadly than they are. They're constant paranormal attacks on me are meant to make me stronger. Like Nietzsche said, whatever doesn't kill you makes you more powerful. Their metians sap your will and eat wholes into your memory. Having to deal with them has increased my will. Their dimensional imps they put on my back strengthen my physical body as well.

Once they are eliminated, it will be like a great cold nasty wind wich has been blowing aginst me my whole life will have been silenced forever. They are preparing me to feel like a God by making me feel mortal.