The God Aliens created our universe (not the same as the Magliens). These Aliens exist outside our universe. One God Alien in particular architected our universe (The Architect). He is neither male or female but a giant sun. He is a sun that exists in a universe that our universe exists inside of. Their universe is similar to ours in terms of the laws of physics it obeys but is eternal without end. Going to Heaven is to go to the Architect's universe.

These God Aliens created our universe because they are losing God Aliens. Their population is dwindling. They created our universe as a way to create more sentient beings like themselves who were worthy to become part of their society. What the Christians call Heaven is in fact their universe.

Neil deGrasse Tyson says it's almost impossible that Aliens don't exist in our universe. Life is carbon based. Carbon exists througout the Universe. So it's impossible there aren't more life forms and thus more intelligent life forms.

Tyson suggests we could could be a zoo set up by Aliens. A zoo for happy humans.

While their universe is eternal, ours was created to exist for only 18,000 years. The Aliens said that Jesus' life marked the halfway point in that history and that we now had about 6000 years left before there would be a final Judgement Day and our universe would end. This would not be a cataclysmic end to the universe - our universe would simply disappear in the blink of an eye. It's interesting to note that this idea that the world is really only 12,000 years old is fairly close to the Christian claim that the Earth is only 6000 years old. And what the Aliens said matches the Christian idea that time has a true telos, that time will end with a Judgement Day.

The Aliens said that one alien in particular had created our Universe. This Architect Alien could be thought of as our God since he architected and created our entire universe. He is our maker. This Architect Alien designs "videogames" in Heaven and our universe is his most complicated "game". This Architect Alien is submerged in a deep sleep while our universe exists, which is why our universe is only 18,000 years and not eternal. This Architect Alien eventually will awake and when he does our universe will disappear. Everyone left will be judged by the Aliens and those who do not make it to Heaven will disappear.

Only 12,000 years of world history seems to contradict the fossil record. Where did all the million year old Dinosaur bones come from if our universe has only been around for 12,000 years? The Aliens said that it was like the HBO show Westworld: they create an illusion of time by creating fossils. The fossils we find they intend for us to find. The fossils we discover are not actually as old as our carbon dating says they are. The Aliens said that carbon dating is actually fake - they use it as a way to make us think our universe is older than it actually is. They want us to think our universe is old and eternal because their universe is old and eternal.

The Aliens planted these Dinosaur fossils in particular so that we can learn the importance of our environment and how even large powerful creatures - such as the Dinosaurs - can be made extinct. The Aliens said there is actually another planet in our universe far away from Earth where Dinosaurs really exist. Further, these dinosaurs are sentient. The Aliens use the skeletons from these Dinosaurs when they fake our fossils.

I also asked them about evolution. The Aliens said that evolution was real and happens much faster than we think it does. So we are evolving and changing even in the 12,000 years we've been around. The Aliens said a big part of the reason they started introducing fossils was to prove to us that evolution is real. The Aliens think biodiversity and evolution are very important things. They always intended for us to mix our genetics together. They said that the reason we humans of different races have different types of genes is we're supposed to share them with each other. Our genes are part of a bigger puzzle. The Aliens said they want humans to mix together across race and ethnicity putting those pieces together.

The Aliens said the point of our universe is for the Aliens to find humans who are worthy to join them in their universe, what has traditionally been called Heaven or Nirvana. Their universe has all the people from Earth who were good enough to go to Heaven. Jesus is there. The Buddha, Mohammad, Elvis, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Tesla, Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, Erasmus, Trotsky, Lenin, Che Guevara, Jorge Luis Borges, JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio, James Dean, Lao-Tzu, Chuang-Tzu, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Queen Nefertiti, Jimi Hendrix, King Arthur, Charlemagne, George Carlin, Andy Kaufman, Gandhi, MLK, and many many others are all living with the Aliens right now. And that's just the famous people, good people who aren't famous also live in Heaven with the Aliens of course. ">Recently, Stephen Hawking, the world famous physicist has put forward a paper which proves this basic conception of our universe. (BTW, Stephen Hawking is not dead, he's being kept a prisoner of war by the illuminati in Australia).

The Big Bang suggests that our universe is one in a "multiverse" of infinite parallel universes. Hawking's paper posits that the other universes out there follow the same laws of physics that exist in our universe. This makes the number of possible universes much more manageable and testable, since it's no longer an effort to understand infinite universes that could have different underlying rules of physics and chemistry. "We are not down to a single, unique universe, but our findings imply a significant reduction of the multiverse, to a much smaller range of possible universes," Hawking said in a statement last fall.

Essentially Hawking proved that the multiverse is real - our universe contains multiple versions of itself. These versions are mostly the same as ours though - they have the same physics and chemistry. In fact, they're just slight variations of ours. Our universe branches off into multpiple versions of itself, but each version is one difference away from the other. Hawking wrote, "our universe is like an infinite fractal, with a mosaic of different pocket universes."

It's like that movie Sliding Doors. What if you didn't make that train you were supposed to make? Would your life be different? Each choice you make branches out into a different multiverse and continues to evolve differently after that fork in reality.

It's also similiar to the premise of Source Code - alternative realities are happening in different multiverses at the same time and it's possible to move between them.

Hawking's paper also proves that time has a beginning. Which suggests that we do have some creator, who created the universe at some point.

Most intertestingly, Hawking's paper posits that our universe is a matrix like hologram. There is no "real world", there is only the matrix.

Working with Belgian colleague Professor Thomas Hertog, Prof Hawking extended the weird notion of a holographic reality to explain how the universe came into being from the moment of the Big Bang.

The new theory embraces the strange concept that the universe is like a vast and complex hologram. In other words, 3D reality is an illusion, and that the apparently "solid" world around us - and the dimension of time - is projected from information stored on a flat 2D surface.

Hawking and Hertog's variation of the holography theory overcomes the problem of combining eternal inflation with General Relativity. Prof Hertog, from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KT Leuven), said: "It's a very precise mathematical notion of holography that has come out of string theory in the last few years which is not fully understood but is mind-boggling and changes the scene completely." Applied to inflation, the newly published theory suggests that time and "the beginning" of the universe arose holographically from an unknowable state outside the Big Bang.

Our "reality" is actually a Matrix like hologram that God - an Alien who exists outside our universe - created. This hologram was created so we have the opportunity to go to Heaven. We are players inside this hologram. If we behave like a good person, we go to Heaven. If we sin, we go to Hell which is as real a matrix as the matrix we live in. Whereas God designed this matrix to give us a chance to show that we are good, God created Hell as a matrix to punish us for our sins. Heaven itself is another matrix, but one where nothing ever goes wrong and everyone has the best of everything. The other multiverses are also versions of our matrix. Everything is a matrix, even though we experience it all very much as reality.

So what does it mean to be a good person? The Aliens said that the basis to morality is to "Do unto others as you would have done unto you" - what we have traditionally called the Golden Mean. The Aliens don't believe that anyone should be treated differently because of their skin color, their sexual preference, their religious beliefs, or whether they have disabilities, diseases or addictions. We are all equal and deserve respect and to be treated with dignity. No one is more important than anyone else. Even famous people (EG. politicians, athletes, artists, performers, etc.) are no more important than anyone else - they just have a different calling. Preachers or Priests aren't more important than their lay people. We are all equal. Acting with respect towards others, endeavoring to help others when you can, refusing to discriminate or ignore people of any group, avoiding cruelty towards others in all cases -- these help you get into Heaven. One doesn't have to be a "saint" to go to Heaven. You must be good most of your life. You must look out for other people around you. You must love the people around you.

Heaven - the Aliens said - is not what the Catholic Church has been telling us it is. It isn't a boring place where nothing ever happens. Rather Heaven is the best version of Earth you can imagine. In Heaven, you live eternally in perfect health - there is no disease or death. If you are past your prime health when you die, in Heaven you return to that prime of your life. The period where you felt the best in your life. Your friends are in Heaven waiting for you. Your family is there too (but they never annoy you). Your pets who passed are waiting for you in Heaven as well. You can have sex in Heaven, you can even have S & M sex if each partner truly gets joy out of it, you can drink in Heaven but you never have a hangover, you can smoke weed in Heaven but you never forget anything, you can swear in Heaven all you want, you can dance and listen to any music you want - including Black Sabbath. The Aliens are like cool versions of Americans. They are friendly, smart and happy. They listen to Elvis and Nirvana just like we do. Heaven itself is a happy fun place. You can do many of the things that are considered "naughty" on Earth but there are never any bad consequences to them in Heaven. You obviously can't kill people or hurt people in Heaven, but otherwise you have complete freedom.

We all have free will on Earth because the Aliens want to determine whether we are good people or not - to figure out whether they can trust us to be good and not hurt others while we are in Heaven. You have ultimate freedom in Heaven - only good people are worthy of that sort of freedom. Evil people abuse that sort of freedom. The Aliens don't want anyone who isn't good in their universe, so they weed bad people out by seeing what decisions they make during their life on Earth. We truly are judged at the end of our lives. Those who make evil decisions too much go to Hell and those who are good go to live with the Aliens eternally. Those who are neither exactly good or evil are reincarnated and live another life to see whether they will be good or evil similar to what many Buddhists and Hindus believe. If you are reincarnated you don't come back with the same soul you had in the previous life. Your soul is related but not the same. Your identity is related but not the same. You lost your chance to go to Heaven as YOURSELF... but you still get another chance as a variation on what you could have been combined with a variation of who someone else could have been. You do not have the same soulmate and you are judged at the end of your life based only on your decisions in that life. No one has any memories of their past lives. The Aliens said people just make that up to influence and con people.

The Aliens said there was one other possibility when you die. You could go to Limbo. They said Limbo was a place for people who were good enough to go to Heaven but who needed to fix a something - it's like a fix it ticket. You have to find your true love or learn that racism is evil. They said that Ghosts are actually people who are stuck in Limbo. We usually can't see them they said, but they're in a plane that sits on top of ours.

The Aliens said on average over the millennia about 60% of people go to Hell, 15% go to Heaven, 15% go to Limbo and 10% are reincarnated. Some millennia are better than others. Recently they said a lot more people are go to Hell (80%) and a lot less are getting into Heaven (5%) or even Limbo (5%). The rates of reincarnation stay pretty steady over the millennia so even in the best of times, reincarnation is not likely.

The Aliens said we are not reincarnated into other animals, only other humans. Animals do not have free will in the same way we do and thus their souls are not exchangeable for ours. The Aliens said that animals are much smarter than we understand - many of them are almost as smart as we are, and smarter in many ways. For instance, they mentioned that Dolphins actually have their own planet like the Dinosaurs do where they are the kings like humans are on Earth and they have governments and religions and such. Dolphins and Dinosaurs are sentient and can speak in Heaven.

The Aliens said that your life is judged in context when you die to determine if you are good, evil or neutral. The Aliens look at all the choices in your life and all the options you had. If your options were bad, they take that into consideration. You can go to Heaven even if you have murdered

someone if you've had a hard life. In contrast, a banker who has gotten every advantage in life goes to Hell just for neglecting his children. Like the Bible says, "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven." People who have every advantage in life need to be especially good in order to get into Heaven. The meek are much more likely to go to Heaven than anyone else.

The Aliens said that Hell is a very real place designed to punish those who have acted evilly in this world. Hell is another universe that exists inside the Architect Alien's mind. It is not some place beneath the ground ruled by Satan, just as Heaven is not some realm above the sky where a white old man rules as God. Like our universe and Limbo, Hell will only exist for another 6000 years. Once the Architect Alien awakens every soul in Hell and Limbo will disappear into nothingness. In Hell one is punished, tortured and murdered over and over again until the end of time - the final Judgement day. Everyone is isolated in Hell - you are not allowed to interact with anyone else who has been sentenced to Hell. There are no parties in Hell. You don't get to rock out with Megadeath. You only interact with people who were created by the Aliens to torture and murder you. Your Hell is tailored to you - to your fears, phobias, insecurities. It is custom designed to torture you mentally, physically and emotionally and then kill you and start over again ad infinitum for 6000 years.

Those who go to hell today will be there for 6000 years and die over and over again in the most horrible ways. They'll all die at least 5000 times. They'll be burned alive in a Church. Buried alive in a coffin 10 feet underground with a rattle snake. They'll be eaten alive by a great white shark. They'll live as a civil war era slave for 5 years before their masters murder them. Many people will find themselves in a loop of their worst horror film. Jason from Friday the 13th murdering you over and over again with an axe. Chucky from the Chucky movies torturing you with knives while you're tied up on a bed. Freddy slashing you with his bladed glove cutting your head off. All the horrible ways people die will happen over and over again with brief pauses in-between for people to reflect on why they ended up in Hell - just enough time for them to ponder their evilness before they experience the pain and torture again. The Aliens even said you can get videos of people suffering in Hell. You can watch Hitler getting raped by giant humanoid rats and then eaten alive.

So if there is a Hell, is there a Devil? I asked and the Aliens said the Devil was actually different humans who had made it to Heaven - Odin, Alexander the Great, King Josiah, Genghis Khan, and Paul the Apostle. Their task is to seduce humans into doing evil but they are not allowed to physically intervene in the world. Their job is to corrupt the corruptible. They are meant to mislead and get rid of evil people who do not deserve to go to Heaven. The Aliens said they developed the idea to use these "Devils" during the time of Jesus Christ. After Christ's death it became clear to the Aliens that they needed to more actively seduce those who were evil so that they could destroy those evil forces faster and more systematically. For instance, Odin seduced Hitler into overstepping his capabilities and lead him to destroy the Nazi machine. Hitler believed he was talking to the Devil, but he was really talking to Odin tricking him. Before Christ there was no role for the Devil at all. He was invented as a tool. The Devil doesn't really exist - he's just humans playing at Lucifer. There is no Devil or Satan who rules Hell. The Satan that some worship today is just one of the Devils pretending to be an all-powerful God when really they have no power at all on Earth.

Besides being a good person and not being cruel to other people, the Aliens said that love is critical to being able to go to Heaven (their Universe). You must have a soulmate - someone who you are truly in love with in a non-narcissistic way. The Aliens said that in Heaven everyone has an avatar of male energy and one of female energy. In Heaven we become a larger entity with our soulmate, but we also see ourselves just like we did on Earth as separate people, avatars of male and female energy (avatars who eat food together and have sex together for instance). In their Universe, we exist in these paradoxical dimensions - like yin and yang. The Aliens said that we can't truly understand Heaven until we experience it - on earth we lack the words and ideas for it.

The Aliens said they have created a soulmate for everyone but you have to find them. Gay men can be soulmates as much as heterosexual couples since gay men have female energy in them. Likewise Lesbian couples have male energy and can be soulmates. Trans people also fall some place in the spectrum of male and female energy so they also have a soulmate. Everyone has a soulmate. Really anybody could be your soulmate but that person will be unique. Soulmates resemble each other like a rock that has been broken into two pieces - each piece completes the other. The two halves are greater than their pieces and create a harmony of love.

If you have not found your soulmate while on Earth but otherwise you deserve to go to Heaven, you end up in Limbo. There you find a soulmate. The aliens said that Limbo is almost like a dating pool. Most people in Limbo are looking for their soulmate - though some have other lessons they need to learn before they can go to Heaven and thus end up in Limbo. It's a lot easier to find true love in Limbo since certain physical things like sex - that often distort relationships - are not possible. You can have sex in Heaven but not in Limbo. They also said you can't taste anything while in Limbo but you can hear music which is why ghosts are often said to be seen dancing.

The Aliens said there are different levels to our universe that we do not understand. Accessing these different levels is what we humans have historically called magic. It's like the Matrix movies - there is a code inside our universe that we don't understand yet. Our science barely understands the true nature of the universe. We have only glimpsed the toe of a giant elephant. The Aliens understand the entire elephant since they designed the elephant. They said that there are other sentient beings in our universe also created by the Architect Alien. These sentient beings (some are Dolphins and Dinosaurs like we talked about, others resemble Yoda and Chewbacca) also get to go to Heaven if they are judged worthy. So walking around Heaven you also see Yodas and Wookies and Dinosaurs. You can interact and talk with all these species.

The Aliens also said that when the Architect Alien of our universe created humans there were certain unforeseen consequences. The Architect Alien who created us is not omniscient. He made mistakes. Certain mistakes in the genetic code of certain humans have led to unforeseen consequences such as colonialism, racism, misogyny, slavery and the holocaust. The Aliens said they had presumed that Humans would be naturally inclined towards good since they were the smartest type of sentient being created in the Universe. Instead Humans have proven to be the mostly likely to end up mired in Evil. The Aliens said all the other sentient beings in the universe make fun of humans because they still have the Catholic Church around - an obvious form of great evil. The Architect Alien created humans as his greatest achievement - the apex of complexity. He pushed his limits in our creation and due to that we have developed in flawed ways that he did not anticipate.

The Architect Alien (submerged in sleep) and the other Aliens in Heaven (their universe) are actively intervening in our history to try to correct these mistakes. There is in fact an epic worldwide struggle between good and evil that has been occurring throughout history. At certain points the Aliens intervene to try and destroy evil on Earth - for instance they said Noah's flood was a real thing that they orchestrated to try and wipe out evil on Earth at the time. But despite all they do evil keeps resurfacing and must be destroyed again. They said that all of history is essentially a story written around this battle between good and evil and figures such as Jesus and Buddha were soldiers in the Aliens fight against Evil. The evil forces are the villains of history and they will be destroyed in a climactic battle between good and evil.

Ultimately this worldwide struggle will be resolved in another great cataclysm like Noah's flood. But this time, the Aliens said, Evil will be wiped off the face of the Earth for good. Specifically the Aliens said that there is a red dwarf solar system coming to impact our solar system in 2025 - an entire solar system consisting of the planet Nibiru, another planet, some moons and a red dwarf sun called Nemesis. The Aliens said this system is approaching and there is no way we can avoid it hitting earth. It will impact Earth on December 11th, 2025. It will lead to massive tidal waves and earthquakes. Multiple planetary bodies will hit earth destroying Japan, Switzerland, Germany, most of France, much of Spain, all of Saudi Arabia and Israel. They said the Vatican would be wiped out as well and the Catholic Church will end - it will never recover. They said half the earth's population will die in one apocalyptic nightmare. They said this will be the ultimate resolution to the age old struggle between good and evil. After that, Evil will be vanquished and everyone will live in a Golden Age free of Evil.

The Aliens have been trying to avoid this cataclysmic fate for humans for thousands of years but we humans were unable to be good enough and have descended into a pit of evil that we cannot get out of - just like in the times of Noah. Now 80% of people are going to Hell and only 5% to Heaven. It's worse than in Noah's time. The Aliens said that throughout history they have been providing divine revelations and signs trying to steer humans away from evil towards good. They have been trying to lay out clearly what humans should or shouldn't do in order to enter Heaven but these stories have all been distorted over generations of human rewriting and censorship. Now the great religions are corrupt and people no longer believe in them or God.

Jesus Christ and Buddha they said were both prophets who had a direct relationships with the Aliens. They sent Jesus Christ to try and correct for the evils that had come to dominate Judaism and the Roman World at the time. The Old Testament had become so corrupted that new revelation was needed to clean up the mess. The Old Roman gods had become nothing but vehicles fordebauchery. Jesus was necessary to redirect humanity back towards the Goals the Aliens had created for them => the true path to Heaven: LOVE and KINDNESS towards ALL.

They also said that Buddha played the same role as Jesus in the East. Buddha showed humans how to live without wealth and false attachments. In the East, the attachment to wealth was preventing many people from being able to go to Heaven. Buddhism helped correct this problem by showing the true path to enlightenment - love for all. The Aliens said all the world religions began with inspiration from them => Buddha, Moses, Mohammad, Jesus, Lao-Tzu, Chuang-Tzu were all speaking for the Aliens.

Originally, we weren't supposed to need any moral guidance the Aliens said. The Architect Alien thought we would know intuitively what is good or evil - which most of us do they said. But too many humans didn't have a functioning moral compass and they ended up creating evil societies were good people couldn't be good. So the Aliens began imparting more direct religious instruction trying to make it clear to humans what is good and what is evil and further that there is punishment for being evil. They gave us things like the Commandments, Jesus' Gospels, the Hindu scriptures known as the Bhagavad Gita, the Koran, the idea of Karma, Lao-Tzu and Chuang-Tzu's writings, and the Buddha's story and teachings to try and guide us.

But after they gave us things like Moses' commandments, we ended up distorting them and lying about them. For instance, the Aliens said there was only 5 commandments not 10 given to Moses. The Jewish Priests and Kabballah witches added 5 other commandments. They added -> Do not blaspheme God, Do not worship any other God, Do not make idols of God, Honor thy father and mother and all that stuff about keeping the Sabbath. The real commandments the Aliens said were simple: Do not murder, Do not steal, Do not Lie, Do not envy, Do not commit adultery - meaning no perverted unchildlike behavior; e.g. no cheating in relationships, no pedophilia, no cannibalism, no necrophilia and no bestiality.

The Aliens said the commandments were supposed to be simple so you could remember them on five digits - Humans have trouble remembering more than 5 things they said - but then the humans with power - the Jewish Priests and Kabbalah Witches got involved and started mucking things up. Their new fake commandments were all about keeping their power and making sure people couldn't criticize them. The Aliens pointed out that for the Muslims the Holy Day is Friday (though they don't rest), for the Jews the Sabbath's Saturday and for the Christians it's Sunday. Nobody seems to have the same idea which day is truly HOLY. The Aliens said really they don't care at all about when you worship God. They appreciate that people take the time to think about morality and what it is to be GOOD but they don't have a time schedule that people are supposed to keep. Any day of the week works.

The Aliens also talked a lot about Jesus Christ. They said many of the stories told about Jesus are incorrect and have been modified over thousands of years. They said Jesus Christ had children with his wife Mary Magdalena and that the Catholic Church had hunted the descendants of these children for Millennia. They also told me that Paul murdered Jesus Christ and that Judas was actually Paul. I actually saw visions from the crucifixion and saw Mary Magdalena being raped by Paul. It wasn't a clear vision exactly, but I felt like I was in the same space as they were watching this stuff happen to them.

The Aliens said that Christ didn't die during the crucifixion - the Romans actually beheaded him afterwards and yet his head was still alive so they burnt his head and his body. He had no body left when they were done with him which makes the resurrection even more miraculous. The Aliens said that Mary Magdalena - who was Jesus' wife and mother to his children, was the first to see Jesus' Resurrection. They said Jesus' body was brought from another dimension that parallels' ours - one where Jesus had not been murdered. The Aliens brought three Jesus' back - one that Mary saw, one that Peter saw, and one that James - Christ's brother - saw. These were flesh and blood Jesus Christ's who all existed at the same time in three different geographical regions. It was during a full moon so each witness to Christ' Resurrection knew the exact time they had seen Christ. Mary actually had sex with Christ and conceived twins with Christ's resurrected body during her time with Christ.

The Aliens explained that the Architect Alien had created multiple dimensions that are like variations of our universe. These parallel universes sometimes are woven into ours by the Aliens like they wove Jesus from other parallel universes to ours in order to resurrect him. Our universe is the primary universe but the other ones exist in order to modify ours should the Aliens decide they want to do that. The Aliens said that all of these universes will end at once when the Architect Alien wakes up.

The Aliens said that Mary Magdalena, Christ's wife, had begun to run Christ's Church after his murder but that the Romans and Jews of Jerusalem - secretly working for the Masons - had taken her prisoner and shut down her church. Further the Aliens said there were two Pauls. One had been sent as a Masonic spy to infiltrate Jesus' group and set him up to get murdered. That one was converted and refused to do his mission so he was murdered and his twin brother installed to betray Jesus and set him up for the Masonic Romans. The first Paul made it to Heaven and now works as a Devil trying to seduce evil humans. The second Paul kept Mary Magdalena prisoner, lobotomized her and raped her. That Evil Paul wrote most of the scrolls that later became the Bible and he modified the stories Jesus told in the process. Paul was actually Judas in the Bible. He created the character of Judas to hide that he had set up Jesus to be murdered. Further he chose the name "Judas" because there was an Jewish hero named Judas prior to Christ who had lead a rebellion against the Roman Masons and almost kicked them out of Jerusalem. Paul chose that name so as to discredit the legends of the Jewish hero also called Judas. Paul was the roman tax collector. He was a roman masonic Jew.

The Aliens said that that Paul was a horrible man who thought that by having children with the mother of Jesus' children he would also become Holy like Jesus. Evil Paul believed that eating the children Mary conceived with Jesus during Christ's resurrection would make him a God so he ate one of the babies and let the other child grow up to sire more "immaculate children" - though that child later escaped. Paul also sired children with the lobotomized Mary who he raped daily. That Evil Paul was the Paul who ended up editing Jesus words and writing most of the scrolls that became the Bible after he murdered Christ, Mary, as well as the Apostles Peter and James. He led a masonic purge against the early forms of Christianity that are today called Gnosticism. The Aliens said many of Christs lost teachings could be found in the Gnostic Gospels - which is why they had us find them.

The Aliens said Christ had 4 children with Mary Magdalena altogether. Two prior to the resurrection and two after. Evil Paul murdered one but the other three escaped Paul and the Masons and were then transported to three different locations. One went to Tunisia, One went to Catalonia and one went to Britany. There they had children with local people and developed large communities of individuals descended from Christ.

The Aliens said these Children of Christ were hunted by the Masons and the Catholic Church throughout history since Christ's time. They said the inquisition against the Cathars in the 1100's was intended to try and wipe out the descendants of Christ and Mary Magdalena who by then controlled large areas of Spain, France, Ireland, Germany and England. After the Cathars were almost completely wiped out, the Aliens said the bloodline of Christ went underground to survive persecution. They also immigrated to the New World to escape the powerful European Masons.

The Aliens said that during these Dark Ages they communicated with a select group of Christians who formed the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. This group infiltrated the Masons in order to protect the children of Christ. They were given divine inspiration by the Aliens. Members included Leonardo Da Vinci, Francis Bacon, William Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain. These figures worked secretly together to protect good in the world and stop the Masons to enslaving everyone in their Satanic New World Order system. They were ultimately responsible for both the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution and the Founding Father's creation of American Democracy.

The Aliens said that America had been founded by the Rosicrucian Brotherhood and that the Aliens had created the New World to allow the creation of a new model for society - American Representative Democracy. The Aliens do not like the aristocracy and nepotism that dominated Europe at the time. The New World was meant to show a new alternative. The Aliens had not anticipated that we would be so horrible to the native Americans. They assumed we would co-exist peacefully learning from each other and that Natives would become part of our democracy - which was also the original vision of the Founding Fathers as represented symbolically in our American portrayals of Thanksgiving. The Aliens explained that they find themselves constantly overestimating humans moral capacity and this leads to horrible things happening on Earth such as the near extinction of Native Americans and their culture. Native Americans are well represented in Heaven and they continue to fight for their families on Earth.

The Aliens run their universe as a democracy and they ultimately would like everyone on Earth to embrace democratic principles, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. They said that America actually does have a divine mission. The vision of the founding fathers was inspired by true divine revelation from the Aliens. America is supposed to be as close as you can get to Heaven on Earth. It is also supposed to be a force for Democratic liberalism throughout the world.

The Aliens told me however that things have taken a very wrong turn and now America no longer represents its mission. The Aliens said that it was my calling to help correct this - to restore America to its original mission from God - the shiny city on a hill. The Aliens said that the Satanic Masons now calling themselves the Illuminati have taken over America - both the Government and our larger society. They warned me that much of what I read, hear and see are lies the Illuminati are telling the entire world. They warned me that they have evil ambitions to create a fascist New World Order.