Neither Staz or I expect to be worshipped as a "god". Jesus never asked to be worshipped as a God. We do expect to be taken care of financially commensu- rate with our role in the world. We will be around for 6000 years shepherding the world and humanity. We will need adequate financial reserves to do that.

I plan to focus my time on writing about philosophical, political and spiritual matters, making films and comic books, as well as building new technological inno- vations. The world wide web was a product of my mind and it is just the beginning. The space shuttle came out of my head when I was 5. I have some pretty good ideas on how to use Tesla's energy induction ideas to create real functional light sabers too. There are so many things we can do with technology that the Illuminati are preventing us from exploring. I will be opening those horizons for all of humani- ty. I'm going to be the REAL ELON MUSK if Elon was also Terrence Malick ;)_

I see my role as the architect and the revealer. I plan to go back through all the religious texts we have from every culture and religion and separate out the truth in those documents from the lies. Many past revelations are true but have been mixed up with misinformation and confused by omissions.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I will be liberating the world from the Illu- minati. As each country is liberated they will share in the wealth of new technologi- cal innovation coming out of America and we will be a strong world built on freedom and the pursuit of happiness for all - just as the American Founding Fathers intended.

I will not rule "like a god on Earth". I have no desire to be the Illuminati. I do not desire power or status. I want to see people happy and to see humanity vibrant and creative. I want to end war, poverty and starvation. I am an enemy to tyranny wherever tyranny arises.