There are 40 planets in the universe that God created for us to "colonize" though that's not really the right word for it. They are planets that are designed with humans in mind but their are no humans there, there are no humanoids there. There is no one to subjugate or steal the land from.

These planets are like variations of earth with one exception - no humans. So they have big animals and small animals. They have plants and new minerals. They also have things we are familiar with like Gold and water.

Their weather is the same as ours, though the geography is different. They are perfect adventures for humans. There are no diseases that people will catch because humans are not on these planets do our DNA and genetics are foreign to them.

By the way, Kepler 452 that Nasa claimed to find in 2015 is not one of these planets. Kepler 452 doesn't even exist, it's an illuminati hoax. None of the planets that we will find are bigger than Earth - Kepler was much larger. From a report: "There's new information that we can now quantify which tells us something that we didn't know before," says Fergal Mullally, who used to be an astronomer on the science team for NASA's Kepler Space Telescope. In 2015, NASA declared that Kepler-452b was the first near-Earth-sized planet orbiting in the "habitable" zone around a star very similar to our sun. The space agency called it Earth's "bigger, older cousin," and scientists were so enthusiastic that one began quoting poetry at a news conference. The original science wasn't shoddy, Mullally says. It's just that, since then, researchers have learned more about the telescope's imperfections. They are now not sure if Kepler event exists.

These new planets we find are actually not observable via telescope because they are hidden behind wormholes. In order to get to them, we have to travel via wormholes and wormholes suck in light and thus prevent the observation of light making telescopes useless. It is impossible to detect these planets via telescope. We have to be given maps to find them (star maps).

Earth is the largest planet set aside for humans, these new planets we will find are like Earth's children. God figured that if we could govern Eearth adequately then we could govern other smaller planets as well. Bigger planets lead to more complications, more variables, more potential for problems. So none of our new planets will be larger than Earth. One of them is like Waterworld, there isn't a lot of land. When we colonize that planet we'll be creating floating cities and people will sail between them.

New environments will lead to new innovations (but not radically new evolutionary features, eg people on waterworld don't become mermaids and mermen in thousands of years). God's intent is for the human mind and spirit to be placed in new contexts to see what we can come up with.

To get to these colonies we must get rid of the illuminati and the magliens. We are under quarantine because of the illuminati tyranny that is ruining the Earth. The Aliens who exist in our universe have known about these planets for thousands of years. We could have been colonizing them in the 1980s, if the world woud have gotten rid of the illuminati earlier.

The way you get to these colonies is through blackholes which are really wormholes - something that Stephen Hawking understood but wasn't allowed to write about. Blackholes lead to wormholes as Hawking has proven.

What Hawking didn't make as explicit but follows from his research is that blackholes are actually wormholes. People don't know what is on the other side of a black hole - what happens when you go in. What happens when you go in is you are going into a wormhole. Blackholes are just the mouths of wormholes. Wormholes are the tubes that criss cross the universe like underground rivers on Earth.

Wormholes allow you to travel anywhere in the universe (where the wormholes go to anyway) very, very quickly. Hyper drive is essentially being able to harness these wormholes to jump through space. They do NOT allow you to travel through time though, ONLY space in ways that don't obey time.

Notice how you travel in a tube when you jump to lightspeed in Star Wars. That's a wormhole that they're travelling through and then they pop out they just appear in another place in the galaxy. That's how these wormholes work.

The only way that's not accurate is that they don't show how you have to go through a black whole in order to get into a wormhole. You can't just hit a button and generate a wormhole to take you to point A. Instead the wormholes are like underground rivers that drop you at specific points if you get on them at specific points. And the only places you can get on are blackholes. The places where you get off are called white holes but they do not suck in light so they are invisible. You don't know a white hole is there until something comes through the wormhole and appears in space. So you'll never be able to see a white hole via telescope.

Wormholes are warps in the fabric of space-time that connect one place to another. If you imagine the universe as a two-dimensional sheet, you can picture a wormhole as a "throat" connecting two parts of the sheet to each other. That way of thinking doesn't obey our normal intutions about how two dimensionality works, the same way wormholes don't obey our expectations of how space and distance work in the universe.

Wormholes also only flow in one direction 99% of the time. So you can't go back the way you came. They are like a slide that lands you down at a specific place. You can find other wormholes to shoot you to other parts of the universe but it's a very complicated system that is akin to learning to sail a boat. These wormholes also move around and change direction at certain points so it is extremely complicated to navigate - like currents that are always shifting. In order to navigate wormholes, you have to have maps and computer systems designed to help guide your spaceship.

The aliens have maps of all these worm holes and will even show us where our planets are. They will also give us the ships that will enable us to travel to these planets that are set aside for us to colonize. Every country will be given a ship in exchange for something remarkable from their country. They may ask for 1000 baskets woven by an African Country or 10 Russian Faberge Eggs from Russia, it all depends on what they think is fair.

The other alien species in our universe are very kind and cool. They would never think of trying to take our planets from us. They know that God - the Architect of this universe put these planets out there for humans - for Earthlings.

God's idea is that humans spread out into new environments so that they evolve in different ways and get to find new types of plants and fruits and flowers. It's like an opening of a new chapter of creation for us humans. God has planned this since creation for us, but until we get rid of the Satanic illuminati we cannot go to these new Garden of Edens.

These colononies will be made up of a whole range of ethnicities and nationalities. As the Messiah, I will not let any country attempt to COLONIZE these planets like the Europeans did to the New World. The other Alien species in the universe would also never allow this to happen. Rather, each planet will have an identity as one thing. We'll use a lottery system to make sure that every human has the same chance to go to a colony of their first choice.

Eventually, earthlings will mean something more specific than a human. It will mean a human from Earth. There will be humans on 41 planets. Versus A "New Edean" - someone who comes from the colony New Eden.

Star Wars is this world. That's what the galatic council is - a collection of human colonies and Earth who make decisions together.

There is also a universe wide council that consists of two aliens from every Alien species. We have two spots at that table that have so far sat vacant.