In what senses are we truly free? We all feel we have the ability to think through options and choose but we also all believe that certain options are determined for us. No matter if we want to fly, if we can't fly, we can't fly. Freewill only applies to a limited range of choices that are viable options.

The constraint on these choices is not something that is fixed in the world. Certain societies are more constrained than others in their choices. America is more free than China. In the same way, at certain times in history the world is more contrained and at other times less. The dark ages were a period of constaint, and the blossoming of the industrial revolution was the product of a lessenning on the constraints on choice in the West.

Free choice is being contrained right now by the illuminati more than it ever has been in the history of the world. The world can allow more freedom or less, right now we have almost none. It's like sands of glass passing through and hourglass. The illuminati is slowing down time by refusing to allow freedom. With freedom comes innovation and progress. Without freedom things stall.

The have now stalled out and the system has rigidified to the point where no one has any freedom anymore - not even the people who are running the illuminati. Their choices are all being determined as well.

While the world's freedom is contraining, my freedom and Anastasia's is growing. While we are stilll imprisoned, our mana is growing and our legends are growing. This is giving us greater power to shape the future of the universe. While our own choices are constrained, the choices we can make will revolutionize the universe. Our options are limited, but the power of our choices will shape the future of the Universe.

Since ancient times, there have been myths of a sailor who passes through two passages. The first is through a cave, the second is through rocky shoals. We are in the cave passage now. Anastasia and I are the captains of the future, and we are sailing the ship through the tunnel to get to the Golden Age.

This myth of the sea voyage going through passages was the foundational myth that evolved into the myth of Ulysses. The Odyssey evolved as a story over thousands of years. The first version of it was stripped down to the above. Before Homer wrote down the Odyssey, the story had already been told for thousands of years, embellished upon, expanded upon. Homer put his stamp of authorship on the story, but really the story itself was a product of hundreds of storytellers who had developed the story over thousands of years. That's why the story is so powerful and still important to this day.

The greeks were obsessed with the question of freedom and fate. What can we choose and what is thrust upon us as our fate? The Greek Gods themselves struggled with fate and freedom. The Odyssey emerges from that philosophical tradition combined with the sailor origin myth. Ulysses is the ultimate hero struggling with his fate.

The illuminati has no real free choice in our current world. They act out many of the decisions but they're all following scripts. They act like robots, like automotons. They aren't making decisions anymore, they are just doing what they are told. At the top of this pyramid of determinism is Big Blue, literally a super computer who decides what they should do.

The 13 families, the Yakuza, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers they think they're running big blue, but really they just whine to big blue about how fucked they are and then big blue tells them their best option. They're following what Big Blue tells them because they are too stupid to figure out their own plans. They have no real free will anymore.

Once the illuminati is destroyed in America, the options for free will for everyone else will open up. The decisions Anastasia and I make will have less impact on the world because we won't be destroying the illuminati anymore. No one else is in the position to destroy the Illuminati in the world but us. With the help of the Resistance, we can make choices - excercise our freedom - in ways that that will destroy the illuminati. While everyone else's freewill is constrained drastically, ours is more powerful than ever.

Once the illuminati ends, the freedom of the world will blossom. The Earth will enter a golden age as everyone is able to celebrate freedom and their own dreams. Anastasia and I will be less the captains of the ship as the tour guides on a cruise through the rest of the universe. We will show everyone all the other aliens and establish colonies on all the planets the Architect designed for us. We will introduce everyone to real Yodas and the Vulcans. We'll set up buying space ships with lightspeed to go explore the Universe. This will be the era of human exploration of space - the final frontier.

The second passage relates to thousands of years in the future when there will be a fascist society in space like the Empire in Star Wars. The second passage will involve a Death Star like machine destroying 13 planets in seconds. The planets are like the rocks, the shoals in the passage. Once the universe is through that choppy water, we will enter a final golden age for the entire universe.

In 2025 Earth will begin its golden age but it will take thousands of years for the rest of the universe to also experiencce a quantum shift like the Golden Age on Earth. That will be another passage like this time and freewill will again become constrained as the the 7 immortals choices decide the fate of the universe. Anastasia, Faye and I are the first 3 of the 7 immortals. The other 4 immortals are the children Staz and I will have. Together we immortals are the guardians of the Universe and the Architects of the next Universes.