The children who are being separated from their families at the border as part of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions no tolerance for immigrant policy is a front for the illuminati's theft and molestation of children. The children who "dissappeared" were sold off into the illuminati's system of pedophilia, child slavery and child murder.

The parents who are being offered to reunite with their children are being offered imposter children to replace the children that were stolen. Those who are allowed to immigrate y are told if they don't take their new children, they won't be allowed to immigrate to the US.

The Trump administration is doing this in other cases besides the border issue. Trump is selling children throughout the United States now to pedophiles. This policy has been going on the whole time Trump has been in office. Families who want to immigrate to the US are having their children stolen.

In many cases the illuminati are using the theft of their children as a way to disenfrancise the children of US citzenship. In cases where children are born in the US (who automatically become US citizens) to people without US citizenship, the Trump government and GOP are stealing the children and using them as leverage over the immigrant family. The imposter children are not born in the us like their real children, so if anythign ever goes wrong the new imposter children can be deported.

This gives the GOP Trump administration leverage over any latino immigrant who is allowed in under the new system, the illuminati can exploit them because they have kidnapped their children their chidren meanwhile are sold to pedophiles and slave traders and some end up murdered.

Even without pedophilia and child slavery going on, the Trump administration's policy was aborhent and anti-american. The founding fathers did not think we should treat our would be immigrants as less than human. Our bill of rights flows from the fact that we are all people created by God, not because we are US citizens. America is just the place that honors the rights that God gave us all - including all the people who want to immigrate to the United States.

We are a rich country that should be able to handle our immigration problems. We should make sure that we have enough judges and courts to process our immigrant applications. And we should keep families together until the cases are decided. We can afford that. We should speed up the court process so these immigrant cases don't last 3 years. We have the ability to solve these problems, the Catholic Illuminati is creating our immigration problems intentionally. They are trying to create racial tension in America between blacks, whites and latinos.

The real solution to our immigration issues revolves around solving the economic problems in Mexico, central and south America that are created by the drug trade. A drug trade that largely services the demand of American citizens for things like marijuana, cocaine and heroin. Latino countries have been destroyed by the illuminati and the narco-drug terrorism they bring.

Latino immigrants make the dangerous journey to America because they are fleeing the collapse of their countries because of narco-terrorism that is fueled by American demand for illicit drugs. They are fleeing the illuminati's destruction of their countries.

If we were to legalize Marijuana (which seems pretty commonsensical considering 30 of US states have already legalized medicinal marijuana), we would severly damage the drug cartels south of the border. This would lead to a dramatic reduction in immigrants fleeing narco terrroism in south America.

If we were to legalize marijuana AND cocaine (which is not as fringe concept as it once seemed), then the drug cartels would be completely driven out of business.

Trump's wall is a stupid solution. Trump is a conman and the wall is a conman's solution. Trump said the Mexican's would pay for it intitially - WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THAT??? Trump knows he'll never be able to afford a wall. The reality is that we could use drones to monitor the border if we want to. The Catholic illuminatis know who they're letting immigrate down to the smallest kid. That's how they know who's children to steal.