People who are blind and deaf are not disabled, they are differently enabled

God does not make mistakes (except for allowing the Illuminati to exist - which he is working on correcting). God created creation with a plan. Each race and type of human has a place in God's Kingdom.

Genetic blindness and genetic deafness are not mistakes of creation. God gave blind and deaf people special abilities that we don't understand.

Nazi fascists who want to murder all deaf an blind people are dumb. They are losing genetics that are not inferior but superior in key ways. God created humanity in its different forms for reasons. There is a reason there are gay people, there is a reason there are people with downs syndrom, there is reason why there are people with autism. These people are not disabled - the are enabled in other ways that we don't understand.

Getting rid of people like this is not "purifying" a race, it is weakening a race. IT is losing useful and important genetics. Some blind people can see into the future. Prophecy has always been associated with blindness since the days of ancient Greece. Fascists are dumb.