Any repression of any part of language or style of speaking is inherently fascist. There is no lead to restrict language. If you make a big deal out of a young child using a swear word, they only use it more - that's a sign from God that the word IS NOT THE PROBLEM. The parents FASCISM is the problem. A child knows there's no difference between that word and any other - it's the parents that make a big deal about it and create STIGMA around the word.

The reason the bible has injunctions against blasphemy was it was a way for the Priests to keep power of the flock. If you aren't allowed to insult God, you can't insult them. It was always a way of keeping power over people. IT was never about what God actually wanted. God doesn't care if you use his name in vain, why would he? HE'S GOD!!! IT WOULD BE INCREDIBLEY >> VAIN << TO WORRY ABOUT HIS PUNY CREATIONS INSULTS TO HIM. God has much better things to do. THat part of the Bible is a BIG LIE.

It's the same issue with "swear words". If you tell a politician "you're dissapointed in how he's governed" it's a lot less effective than saying "You're a fucking dissapointemnet asshole." Of course the polictdicans, priests and professors don't want us to tell them to fuck off - it challenges their authority. Swear words are some of the most inventive words in any culture. They are constantly innovating and coming up with effective ways to curse things. Heaven loves all the curses, all the Angels have collections of curse words they use frequently. Some people even like to learn swear phrases from ancient or foriegn cultures. Ancient Tibetan curses are a big deal in Heaven right now ;)_ Fuck is actually, the most useful word in the English language.

Magliens hate "bad language" because their langauge has no curses - it isn't complicated enough to. Their language is the most basic of any sentient being in the Universe. They can't curse, it's too hard for them. Humans are the best curses in the whole universe - that's also a reason the magliens hate us cursing so much. You can't even curse on TV in America - the land of the free and the home of brave. That's why they emphasized the religious hatred of swearing so much in every religion they infiltrated - which is ALL OF THEM.