America has a horrible problem with homelessness. We need to build enough housing to house everyone in modest but fair way. We need to create shelters that are beautiful - that have gardens, that allow people a place to fall back if they lose their jobs or go bankrupt or are bankrupted by medical emergencies or unable to work because of becoming invalid.

Housing is a universal human right just like a free medical system. Both of these investments in our communities will generate economic growth in the term. It's not economically rational to bankrupt people because of medical expenses. It's also not economically rational to allow people who could contribute to our economy go down the drain simply because they lose their housing.

Thomas Paine's logic in regards to basic income is the same rational for making housing a human right. We used to build our houses together and everyone had one. All early societies gave housing out to everyone in the tribe.

Illuminati Europeans laugh at the homeless problem in America, even though they created it for us. FDR was fixing the homeless problem with his public works projects in the 1930s and 1940s - that's a big part of why the 1950s and 1960s were boom times for the American Economy.

The Homeless problem in America is tragic, giant and no longer invisible. I see tent cities in my neighborhood all the time and I live in CA - which is the 4th biggest economy in the World. The GDP of America is an astronomical $18 trillion. To put it in perspective, if California seceded from the United States, it would have the 3rd largest GDP of all the countries in the world (beating out Italy and Japan Germany).

When you start to consider just how much money exists in America, it makes the fact that we even have homelessness seems all the more absurd. The only reason America has a homeless problem is because of the illuminati.

This crisis started in the 1870s when the Illuminati create it and it's continued to pervade our society into the present day. On a single night in January 2015, for example, 564,708 people were considered homelessness in America, according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness. That's over half a million people without a roof over their heads.

In a single night in California in 2016, 21.48% of the population experienced homelessness. In New York, 15.7%. That's over 100,000 people in California and 80,000 people in New York. Meanwhile, the national rate has skyrocketed since the illuminati took over everything in 2000.

All of these numbers by the way are lies. The real numbers are far far worse - at least twice as many people are actually homeless. In some cities the real numbers are 3 times as worse. In NYC they're 4 times as worse. In CA they're 5 times as worse. The illuminati always lies about their statistics. All the economic numbers the japanese illuminati release are fake. They are all massively inflated. China's economy is much stronger than Japans. Brazil's economy is much stronger than Japan.

Recently, Jeff Bezos and Amazon fought against paying a tax in Seattle to help solve the homeless problem in Seattle.