We have a huge problem with prison's in America. Black and Brown people are disproportianately represented in our prisons. Essentially, the US is using prisons like the Nazi's used concentration camps. People in the ghettos are moved to Prison Concentration camps - often for small time drug crimes.

Illuminati Kim Kardashian - of all people - just met with Trump to discuss this issue. Kim being an adocate for prison reform is like if a drunk homeless drag lady suddenlly decided she was going to be the adocate for education in America. it's just a massive PR stunt for Kim and Kanye who are getting a lot of heat from the African American community since Kanye told them Slavery was a "choice."

Supposedly, Kim discovered this new prison reform passion of hers when she found a tweet by Alice Johnson - who is a grandmother being held in prison for a small time drug charge. "Happy Birthday Alice Marie Johnson. Today is for you," Kardashian tweeted before leaving for the White House.

In reality this is all an illuminati smoke screen. Alice Johnson is an illuminati dark Jew, she isn't African American. Kim referencing her illuminati "birthday" shows that freeing Alice is because she's an illuminati Jew not because she was unfairly tried. Supposely Kim wants to raise awareness that " people are sentenced to die in prison." But the real issue should be people being sentenced to prison for petty drug crimes like smoking marijuana.

Kim doesn't give a shit about prison reform and her pea brain doesn't understand anything about policy or governing. Donald Trump of course doesn't give a shit either. And Jared Kushner looks at prisons like a business opportunity. After the meeting, Kardashian headed to Ivanka and Jared's DC home for a private dinner.

Jared Kushner is actually trying to make more money off the prison system. Kim knows Jared though her illuminati friend Ivanka Trump who isn't exactly a bastion of progressive values. Ivanka is busy running her sweat shops like prisons. Nothing came out of Kim Kardashian's meeting with Trump. The meeting was hollow PR for both of them.

Which is too bad since we really do have a horrible problem with our prison system, our police departments and our justice system. It's a shame that our prisons have become for profit businesses. The illuminati have made imprisoning people into a business. We have more people in jail than any other country on earth, including Communist China, an authoritarian country four times our size. The U.S. has less than five percent of the world's population, yet we incarcerate about a quarter of its prisoners.

Kushner claims to be a passionate advocate for criminal justice reform because his father is currently in white collar prison for fraud. Little Trans Jared who used to be a woman wouldn't know what a prison looks like if it bit him. He's never even visited his father in prison because he's so scared of prison. That's probably why self-entitled silver spoon up her ass Jared doesn't realize that white collar prison is not like going to San Quentin.

No one should be allowed to profit from putting more people behind bars - whether they're inmates in jail or immigrants held in detention centers. For profit prisons are the worst aspect of a very evil system. They promote the abuse of inmates either thorugh cost cutting or because they are unnaccountable to government. As the ACLU notes, the bidding process for private immigration centers provides "incentives that keep facilities overcrowded and place excessive numbers of prisoners in isolated confinement." It also reports inadequate medical care, abusive treatment, and "severely overcrowded and squalid living conditions."

The horror stories from for-profit prisons are plentiful. Here are a few examples:

- Rat-infested food was served to inmates by a private vendor in Michigan, and other rotten or spoiled food items were served in that state and elsewhere. The same vendor reportedly underfed Michigan inmates.
- Privately-run prisons in Mississippi reportedly have two to three times the rate of violent assault as publicly run facilities.
- A private prison vendor has reportedly used juvenile offenders in Florida to subdue other young prisoners. "It's the Lord of the Flies," said Broward County's chief assistant public defender. "The children are used by staff members to inflict harm on other children."
- Nurses at a private prison chain in California threatened to strike over the inadequate health care, which one described as "unsafe," and there have even been reported incidents of patient abuse.

Immigrants have also been victimized by corporate prison greed. As the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) notes in in an in-depth report, "The criminalization of immigration ... enriches the private prison industry" by segregating most of the resulting inmates into one of thirteen privately-run "Criminal Alien Requirement" (CAR) prisons. Another report, from Grassroots Leadership, found that 62 percent of all ICE beds are now privately owned.

The prison industry is highly profitable. The two biggest prison corporations in the country made $3.3 billion in 2012 - profiting from government payments and prison laborers, who were forced to work for pennies on behalf of illuminati companies like Boeing and McDonald's.

With so much money at stake, it's not surprising that the for-profit prison industry is corrupting our political process. According to National Institute on Money in Politics just one such company, the GEO Group, has given more than $6 million to Republican, Democratic, and independent candidates over the past 13 years.

Jared and Ivanka deserve each other. They are both heartless miserable exploiters. Jared wants to exploit the prison systems as much as possible while Ivanka exploits people in lesser developed countries with her sweatshop businesses. Bernie Sanders is one of the few politicians to try and wake America up about the horrors of our for profit prison system.

Trump and Jared are on the wrong side of prison reform. Trump reversed an Obama decision to begin phasing out for profit federal prisons. The decision to keep for profit prisons was made in February 2018, that's only months ago. It's not like Trump or Jared have had a huge change of heart on this. Trump and Jared are business people. They look at for profit prisons as a business. A business that makes a lot of money. Why get rid of a cash cow? The illuminati has no heart, they don't care about people. They only care about money.

Following Trump's directive in February 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed federal prison officials to keep using the private prisons. He also withdrew a policy set out last August by Sally Q. Yates, then the deputy attorney general, who had ordered prison officials to phase out the use of the private facilities.

Ms. Yates's order had followed a report from the Justice Department inspector general about safety and security concerns with the operations at private prisons, along with other issues. The private prisons "compare poorly to our own bureau facilities" in a number of areas and do not save much money, Ms. Yates wrote as she ordered them phased out.

The biggest shame is that the people in prison don't deserve to be there. Our justice system is not about justice anymore, it's about controlling people for the illuminati satanists. The system works to imprison people the illuminati don't like like African-Americans, latinos and poor whites.

Most people in prison are there for small time drug offences - mostly marijuana offences which should be legal federally anyway. Officially, 12.4 percent of federal and state inmates incarcerated for drug violations are serving time for marijuana offenses. The real number is 52 percent. And most are there for smoking marijuana. Smoking marijuana is one of the easiest crimes to catch becaues marijuana smoke is really pungent - like a skunk. So cops can bust people really easily for smoking weed. Cops are lazy, they look for the easy work, and busting African-American kids for weed is easy.

Forty-seven percent (81,900) of sentenced federal prisoners on September 30, 2016 (the most recent date for which federal offense data are available) were serving time for a drug offense (table 14; table 15). More than a third (38% or 65,900 prisoners) of federal prisoners were imprisoned for a public order offense, including 17% (28,800 federal prisoners) for a weapons offense and 8% (13,300) for an adjudicated immigration offense. More than half (56% or 6,300) of female federal prisoners were serving sentences for a drug offense, compared to 47% of males (75,600). If current trends persist, one in four black males born today can expect to be imprisoned during their lifetime. Tragically, 69 percent of African-American men who drop out of high school will end up in jail, according to the most recent statistics.

As we can see from all the black men getting shot by police for no reason and even the beating of black women by police, our police departments are incedibly racist. They are all run by racist illuminati Satanists now. The Department of Justice found that black motorists were three times more likely than their white counterparts to be searched during a traffic stop. African Americans are twice as likely to be arrested, and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with police.

Once in prison, convicts are subject to abuse from their wardens and other prisoners. The illuminati doesn't just control the 1% elites, it also controls the low level gangsters. All the MS-13 are illuminati members. People who are not already part of the illuminati are subject to the worst abuse. They are raped and beaten in prison. They are told that the only way to stop the abuse is to join the illuminati. You have to join one of the gangs who are all just different parts of the illuminati.

People who are sent to prison for a minor crime like smoking marijuana are forced to join gangs and become real criminals. The only way to get protection in prison is to be part of the illuminati satanists. Anyone who wants to avoid the abuse of prison, is forced to become part of the illuminati. Once they get out of prison they are now part of a gang and become a creal criminal. That's why so many people say prisons create criminals. Prisons are like a social network. You have people from different spectrums of criminal activity. People who are in prison for selling weed with people who commit armed robbery. By putting them all together, relationships are formed which later manifest when they are out of jail. How many times have you seen a movie where a convict gets out of jail and starts looking for their friend who got out a couple years back. Prisons create criminal networks. The make minor criminals into major criminals.

While prison will never dissappear - some people will always break serious laws - it will become much much smaller. We shouldn't be sending people who merely smoke marijuana to prison. Prison should be a place for serious, real crimes such as murder and fraud.

And prison should be focused on trying to help these people. It should be focused on making them productive citizens. Teaching them to read and write. How to interview for a job. Everyone should have the chance to get a degree in prison. And we should give convicts back the right to vote. Just because you made a mistake doesn't mean you no longer have the right to participate in our democracy. Jefferson never would have agreed to taking away a convicts right to vote. Our rights are inalienable, even if we have sinned.

The current American prison system and police system is a much more evil version of the system you see in Night, the HBO series. It is geared towards entrapping people, abusing them and turning them into illuminati gang members.

Sending people to prison for drug use does nothing to decrease drug use. Tennessee imprisons drug offenders at more than three times the rate of New Jersey, but the states' rates of self-reported drug use are virtually the same. Putting more drug-law violators behind bars for longer periods of time has generated enormous costs for taxpayers, but it has not yielded a convincing public safety return on those investments. Instead, more imprisonment for drug offenders has meant limited funds are siphoned away from programs, practices, and policies that have been proved to reduce drug use and crime.

The effects of the system are to target black and brown people for prison slavery. African Americans now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population. African Americans are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites. Together, African American and Hispanics comprised 58% of all prisoners in 2008, even though African Americans and Hispanics make up only one quarter of the US population.

95% of people charged with a crime now don't even get a trial. The whole system is so stacked against them they opt for plea bargains rather than face a judge who could arbitrarily send them to prison for the rest of their lives. Even in cases where they think they are innocent, lawyers now advise people charged with a crime to accept a plea bargain to avoid a trial. So even if you're innocent, your lawyer advises you to plead guilty. Otherwise your jail sentence will be higher when you lose. And you're guranteed to lose because the cops, the lawyers, the judges are all corrupt illuminati satanists.

The illuminati controls our court system. All the public defenders are part of the illuminati satanic cult. The whole system is designed by the illuminati to send African Americans, latinos and poor whites into prison. This is part of their NWO. They began creating this system after WWII to try and keep African-Americans disenfranchized even though they had the right to vote. Once you have a prison record, you aren't allowed to vote any longer. Effectively, it was their way to take the vote away from African-Americans again.

Since Donald Trump took office, these illuminati prisons are also sending inmates to concentration camps in Mexico to be murdered. That's the reason Jared Kushner wants to get invovled in the prison business. Kushner wants to help mastermand the new holocaust that has already begun. The illuminati Satanists have already started murdering inmates, native Americans, African-Americans, latinos, gays, children, immigrants, dissidents, blind people, deaf people and people with mental retardation or illness.

Their plan is to expand the concentration camps. They want to put everyone who is not an illuminati Satanist into a concentration camp and steal all their money. From the concentration camps, they will murder us on an industrial scale the same as the Holocaust. Just like illuminati Jew Hitler stole all the Jews money during the Holocaust, they will steal our money and businesses.

Ultimately, the Illuminati wants to make America into Hitler's Germany. The next stage will be to send every man with a penis to a concentration camp. Then finally they will send all the women too. Their ultimate goal is to send every American to a concentration camp and then create a new breed of slaves from our DNA.

These new slaves will have slavery encoded into our DNA. The illuminati are already using CRISPR to create glands in people that release Jellyfish poison at the press of a button. Our illuminati slave masters will be able to press a button and make you sick if you try and fight back.

They want to raise this new generation with no knowlege of America's past. All records of the US constiution will be removed. No one will know about WWII anymore. Like Pol Pot attempted to rewrite the collective consciousness of his people by murdering anyone older than 30, the illuminati will try and wipe us all out and then breed babies from our DNA that are a permanent slave class. Effectively they want to wipe the American democratic project and the notion of human rights out of history itself.