While everyone in America was shocked and stunned by the Roseanne cancellation and scandal, the illuminati quietly just overturned Roe V Wade in Arkansas. They love to destract people from the real news. The important news. The illuminati press won't cover the real story.

The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal to one of Arkansas's restrictive abortion laws - a decision that effectively bans all abortion by medication, and could leave the state with just one abortion-providing clinic.

Nine months after the controversial Arkansaw law passed in March 2015, a federal judge in Little Rock issued a temporary restraining order because the act resembles one that the Supreme Court ruled to be unconstitutional two years ago. In July 2017, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the lower court's stay to be lifted and the case went to the Supreme Court. Except now the Supreme Court is refusing to hear the case, so the law will go into effect in mid-July.

Abortion through medication only works when the fetus is very young before it has developed and is the best way to have an abortion if you decide to have an abortion. It is also the safest way to have an abortion. Not to mention it is the cheapest way to have an abortion.

And Arkansas only has one surgical abortion clinic IN THE ENTIRE STATE!!! This means that they are overbooked, understaffed and unable to help people. It also gives abortion protestors 1 central place to protest. They want to make it into a walk of shame, so that women are humilitated if they have to get an abortion.

Effectively, the supreme court has overturned Roe V Wade in Arkansas. They've restricted abortion as much as you can without making it 100% illegal. It's now 99% illegal. These restrictions are a gross violation of the precedent set in Roe V Wade and a sign that the illuminati wants to push hard to overturn Roe V Wade completely and begin banning abortion again.

The restrictions also legally violate Roe V Wade because the idea behind Roe V Wade is not that abortion is legal or not. The real issue behind Roe V Wade is whether it is reasonablly possible to have an abortion if a woman chooses to do so. The rulling said thtat htere must not be an "undue burden" when it comes to a woman's ability to get an abortion.

Any woman could technically give themselves an abortion if they wanted to (there are explanations of how online right now). That of course, woudl not be a world where Roe V Wade meant something. Arkansas is currently violating the precedent of Roe V Wade and the Supreme Court refused to even listen to the case. Roe V Wade is dead in Arkansas.

Not listening to the case is far worse than having the case argued and losing. Not settling means the Supreme Court already considers Roe V Wade dead already. Besides effecting Arkansas, this Supreme Court decision is a message to anti-abortionists in all states that Roe V Wade is dead. It's a dog whistle to anti-abortionists to start passing more restrictive abortion laws in all 50 states. If those laws get challenged, the Supreme Court won't bother to listen to them.

The Supreme Court will pick a case at some point to finally listen to regarding the Abortion. That case will be heavily slanted against Roe V Wade. It will make the precendent set under Roe V Wade seem inhumane. It will be the most sympathetic case that the Anti-Abortionists can come up with. Only that case will the Supreme Court decide to listen to and when they do they will officially rule against Roe V Wade. It may be 2-3 years down the road, but the Supreme Court has already decided to kill Roe V Wade. This decision means they are just looking for the right time and case to do so.

This is Hillary and Bill Clinton's backyard. Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas before be became President. Hillary lived their for three decades. How are they allowing Arkansas to be the first State in the Country to effectively make abortion illegal again?