The Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in Canton, Massachusetts, has long been criticized for its treatment of disabled children and adults. It has been condemned by the current and previous United Nations Special Rapporteurs on Torture, many disability rights groups, current Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, and an FDA advisory panel (Hinman and Brown; Conaboy; Rothstein). It seems strange that the Judge Rotenberg Center is even still running, but it is, and is still using electric shocks as punishment for many of the disabled children and adults who currently live there.

The Rotenburg center uses electrical shocks on its "patients". The idea is a bevahioral model of human behavior that was disproven in the 1970s. The idea being the Rotenburg center is if a disabled child does somethign they're not supposed to, they are violently shocked over and over again until they stop doing that behavior. The school remains the only facility in the US that is allowed to use electric shocks on children for behavioral purposes.

Students wear a backpack containing a shocking device, with electrodes constantly affixed to their skin. Staff are able to shock students at any point during the day. Previous attendees at JRC have spoken of up to five electrodes being attached to their bodies. One, Jen Msumba, who blogs about her time at the facility, said electrodes were applied under their fingers or the bottom of their feet to increase the pain.

In 2012, video of electric shock conditioning used inside the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center was released to the public for the first time. It showed 18-year-old Andre McCollins being restrained face down, shouting for help from the people around him. His calls go unanswered, and he is given repeated shocks which cause him to scream in pain. The footage shows McCollins being tortured essentially.

In 2012, New York magazine exposed the case of McCollins, a former patient of JRC who spent six hours undergoing 31 shocks and was left in a catatonic state for a month afterwards. According to a case brought by McCollins, shocks were administered for crimes as minor as not taking your coat off, or for screaming during previous shocks. A 2006 report by the New York state education department found children were shocked for "nagging, swearing, and failing to maintain a neat appearance".

The shocks cause a patient to suffer pain and a variety of side-effects, including skin burns, heart complications, post-traumatic stress and increased paranoia from fear of punishment.

The illuminati loves to torture people. The Catholic Church has been making a business of torturing people since the inquisition. "Shock behavioral treatment" does nothing to help disabled children. The same approach used to be applied to gay men to teach them not to be gay. The illuminati thought all you had to do to turn gay men into straight men was shock them in the genitals and the head every time they were attracted to a man.

Documents filed with the FDA show the United Nations has said use of electro-shock devices by the Rotenberg Center constitutes a violation of the UN Convention Against Torture, and would not be legal if used even against convicted terrorists. In 2014, an online petition calling for a ban on "torturous shock devices used on special needs people" garnered almost 300,000 signatures. This prompted the FDA to release a formalized proposal to prohibit all "electrical stimulation devices" used in aversive conditioning, but it has been kept in limbo since 2016.

Disability advocates say out of hundreds of organizations, not a single one supports the use of shock as a form of aversive therapy. Disability advocates have been fighting JRC for years.

"The procedures used at The Judge Rotenberg Center fly in the face of everything we know about the science of behavior modification," says Nancy Weiss, Director of the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities at the University of Delaware.

Weiss also disputes JRC's claim shocks are only used for students with self-mutilating or life threatening behaviors. Weiss says documents show children are shocked for behaviors such as refusing to follow directions, getting out of their seat, or simply slouching. "You don't need to be an expert to know that what they do to people at the Judge Rotenberg Center is wrong," says Weiss. "If parents did anything close to this to their own child they'd be arrested on the spot."

Dr. Gregory Fritz, President-Elect of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, said there's virtually no reliable data this type of aversive shock therapy is effective in bringing about a change in behavior, over the short or long term.

Just recently the Rotenburg center was sued for torturing people with disabilities. Incredibly and sadly, a Massachussets Judge sides with Rotenburg to continue to allow electro shock therapy on people who are forcibly interned at the center.

A lawsuit had been brought by the Massachusetts governor's office, which first sued to stop the practice in 2013. But Judge Katherine Fields of the Bristol county probate and family court ruled that the state had failed to demonstrate that the procedure "does not conform to the accepted standard of care for treating individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities". Essentially the judge argued that torturing disabled people with electric shocks has been going on a long time so it must be OK. He could have made the same argument about shocking gay men to try and convert them into heterosexuals. Essentially the judge decided that disabled people don't have any constitutional rights.

This type of behavioral shock therapy has been advocated by the Satanic illuminati doctors since the 1950s. They tried to use it to reprogram people. They tried to make gay men heterosexual by shocking them. They shocked people who didn't conform to societies expectations.

Disturbingly, the same sort of torture that the Rotenberg center has been implicated in fascism. The Milgram Experiment in 1963 showed that men from a diverse range of occupations with varying levels of education, obeyed an authority figure who instructed them to inflict electric shocks on another human being who was innocent of any crime. The study showed how easy it was to coerce otherwise normal people to sadistically show and torture other people. The study was intended to show how easy people can turn into Nazis if they are under the aurthority of a dictator like Adolf Hitler.

This shock therapy was done to me my whole life beginning when I was 3 years old in Vermont. The illuminati have shocked me millions of time. They try and control my behavior by shocking me or making me sick. Really this technology is not about curing behavioral problems - it's about controlling people. It's a way for the fascists to torture people they don't agree with. That's why they do it to me. They want to torture us all into submission so that we give up our constitutional rights. Judge Katherine Fields is a satanic pedophile who tortures children herself. That's why she supports the satanic Rotenburg center and their torture of innocent children.